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Oscar - Pianist levant

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Oscar - Award for 'braveheart' Oscar - Cousin of a golden globe Oscar - Pianist levant Oscar - Grouchy muppet Oscar - Gold statue Oscar - 1996 award for 'the english patient' Oscar - Baseball hall-of-famer charleston Oscar - Reason for a spring ceremony Oscar - Director's dream Oscar - Star's statuette Oscar - Gold statuette Oscar - Hollywood treasure Oscar - Screenwriter's dream Oscar - Prize for page or cage Oscar - Award for judi dench Oscar - A good player might get one Oscar - With 63-across, author of the quip starting at 17-across Oscar - Noted trash can resident Oscar - 'platoon' prize Oscar - Award for 'crouching tiger, hidden dragon' Oscar - Movie trophy Oscar - Robertson, the "big o" Oscar - ___ mayer (wiener maker) Oscar - Prestigious award Oscar - 8 1/2-pound statue Oscar - Witty wilde Oscar - 114-across component Oscar - Recognition from 'the academy' Oscar - Golden globe rival Oscar - Hollywood's holy grail Oscar - Levant of levity Oscar - Picture prize Oscar - Screen award Oscar - Prize awarded at the kodak theatre Oscar - Wayne won one in 1969 Oscar - Felix's roomie Oscar - One went to washington in 2002 Oscar - Designer de la renta Oscar - "odd" name of classic tv Oscar - It's sought-after in hollywood Oscar - Designer ___ de la renta Oscar - It's an honor Oscar - 8.5-pound trophy Oscar - Felix's foil Oscar - ___ fever (annual february/march phenomenon) Oscar - Golden boy of film Oscar - Award since 1927 Oscar - "the odd couple" role Oscar - Thespian's prize Oscar - Coveted statue Oscar - Basketball's robertson Oscar - Sought-after statuette Oscar - Tinseltown statuette Oscar - ___ night (annual event) Oscar - Prize that, surprisingly, contains a large amount of tin Oscar - See 15-across Oscar - Award for sofia coppola Oscar - Coveted acting award Oscar - Actor's award Oscar - Golden globe kin Oscar - Academy award Oscar - Film idol? Oscar - Felix's roommate Oscar - 'the odd couple' role Oscar - Hollywood award Oscar - People assume different roles for it Oscar - He's statuesque? Oscar - With 19-across, author of this puzzle's quote Oscar - Hollywood honor Oscar - Sesame street name Oscar - Coveted award Oscar - Crowe won one for "gladiator" Oscar - Tinseltown trophy Oscar - It's given for the best score Oscar - Star-filled night in late winter Oscar - Golden boy? Oscar - 'and the ___ goes to …' Oscar - Award richard burton never won Oscar - "sesame street" character Oscar - "crash" prize Oscar - Actor's dream Oscar - Pianist peterson Oscar - Neil's slob Oscar - Neil simon slob Oscar - With 126-across, author of the quip starting at 27-across Oscar - Coveted statuette Oscar - Hollywood statuette Oscar - Golden award Oscar - Sesame street denizen Oscar - Aim for a star Oscar - Crowe's "gladiator" prize Oscar - With 56-down, start of eight answers in this puzzle Oscar - See 17-across Oscar - High hollywood honor Oscar - One of a katharine hepburn quartet Oscar - Actor's quest Oscar - Muppet who lives in a trash can Oscar - Musician/wit levant Oscar - Crab in a can? Oscar - 13.5-inch-high trophy Oscar - "midnight cowboy" prize Oscar - Prestigious statuette Oscar - Jazzman peterson Oscar - Writer wilde Oscar - Sesame street grouch Oscar - "sesame street" misanthrope Oscar - Jazz pianist peterson Oscar - Odd name of classic tv Oscar - Jazz's peterson Oscar - Hollywood prize Oscar - Five-letter film #3* Oscar - Tinseltown idol Oscar - Film award Oscar - He's statuesque Oscar - Actor homolka Oscar - Muppet in a garbage can Oscar - Golden globe alternative Oscar - 'sesame street' grouch Oscar - Highly sought statue Oscar - Star's goal, perhaps Oscar - Scorer's award, perhaps Oscar - 'and the ___ goes to ...' Oscar - Trophy of a sort Oscar - Muppet with a pet worm Oscar - Show biz award Oscar - Madison who said "you don't have to cook. i have enough potato chips to last me a year" Oscar - Award won by lead actors in this puzzle's starred films: the winners' names are hidden "word search"-style in the grid (across, down or diagonally, and forward or backward) Oscar - Role for walter and jack Oscar - 13â½-inch-high award Oscar - Ampas statuette Oscar - (with 13-across) 'my wallpaper and i are fighting a duel to the death. one or the other of us has to go' Oscar - Crowe's feat? Oscar - Trash-talking muppet? Oscar - Muppet in a can Oscar - Streep's sophie trophy Oscar - 'sesame street' curmudgeon Oscar - Statuette with a sword Oscar - Academy offering Oscar - See 24- and 48-across Oscar - Prize since 1929 Oscar - Muppet who lives in a garbage can Oscar - 'the odd couple' slob Oscar - Green grouch Oscar - He gives canned responses Oscar - Sandra bullock won one in 2010 Oscar - Award of which al pacino has just one Oscar - Award for 12-down Oscar - "titanic" trophy Oscar - Award for 24-across Oscar - Tv grouch Oscar - Academy award statuette Oscar - Statuette for stars Oscar - 2010 honor for "up" Oscar - Acting award Oscar - "and the ___ goes to ..." Oscar - "sesame street" grouch Oscar - Wilde man? Oscar - Nunez of "the office" Oscar - Grumpy muppet Oscar - Trash can-dwelling muppet Oscar - Film trophy Oscar - Cinema statuette Oscar - Boxer de la hoya Oscar - Film statue Oscar - Statuette for streep Oscar - Ampas bestowal Oscar - 1991 stallone movie Oscar - Ampas trophy Oscar - Pbs curmudgeon Oscar - Hollywood trophy Oscar - Tinseltown bestowal Oscar - Prize for sandra bullock Oscar - Actor's trophy Oscar - Wit wilde Oscar - -- mayer Oscar - Acting prize Oscar - Helen hunt grabbed one in 1998 Oscar - Nunez of 'the office' Oscar - Film prize Oscar - One may be awarded this, so it's up to transport Oscar - One may be present when an envelope is opened Oscar - Title of hollywood academy award Oscar - An academy award Oscar - Certain gold statuette Oscar - Hollywood statuette given as annual award Oscar - The familiar mr wilde, playwright Oscar - Green trash-dweller of children's tv Oscar - Statuette awarded by hollywood academy Oscar - Wildean film award? Oscar - Thespian's trophy Oscar - Annual film award Oscar - That sounds a wild sort of award Oscar - Muppet grouch Oscar - Nato alphabet vowel Oscar - Ampas award Oscar - Announcement that comes from an envelope Oscar - First name in bologna Oscar - 13½-inch-tall gold-plated knight Oscar - 0 for ___ ; or role for walter Oscar - Wilde who's often quoted Oscar - Coveted hollywood prize Oscar - Almost half 9 rash infects one heartless writer Oscar - Very big vehicle may be what film actor is after Oscar - He's very up on basis for calculating interest Oscar - Figurine for a large vehicle? Oscar - Award for 4x4? Oscar - Writer of alice with words that are extraordinary Oscar - Prize for 4x4? Oscar - Small statue one might get from cast Oscar - Award for papa's predecessor Oscar - Academy's recognition for picture from kokoschka, say Oscar - Zero - the mark needed for special award! Oscar - Man of 10 soon improvised around layers? Oscar - Award received by domenico scarlatti Oscar - Writer taking very great pains to hide being very angry Oscar - Award unblemished? Oscar - Cinema award Oscar - Movie award Oscar - Phonetic code for o Oscar - Tinseltown award Oscar - ___ the grouch Oscar - Reason for a february thank-you speech Oscar - Testy muppet Oscar - Trash-talker on daytime tv? Oscar - Thespian honor Oscar - Basketball hall of famer robertson Oscar - "sesame street" curmudgeon Oscar - "sesame street" regular Oscar - Hollywood success means nothing to mark Oscar - Player's trophy Oscar - Statuette for a screenwriter Oscar - Mr wilde - film award Oscar - Blade runner film award is the peak, pope claims Oscar - "sesame street" crank Oscar - Ring cliff to get trophy Oscar - When said three times, frequent line on 'the odd couple' Oscar - Thespian's dream Oscar - 'argo' award Oscar - First name in wieners Oscar - Nato alphabet word after november Oscar - Bluth twin Oscar - Prize from ampas Oscar - 'the odd couple' character Oscar - Award by the academy of motion picture arts and sciences Oscar - With 87-down, academy award hopefuls Oscar - Academy of motion picture arts and sciences award Oscar - Coveted annual honor Oscar - Wheat bread pitt almost took away for 2011 Oscar - Comms code for 'o' Oscar - Trash can dweller Oscar - Statue of screendom Oscar - Letter after november Oscar - Award for 60-across for her role in 'two women' Oscar - Golden statuette Oscar - Nato alphabet letter Oscar - Playwright's first annual award Oscar - Award for "argo" Oscar - Actor's prize Oscar - Mostly-tin statuette Oscar - Nba legend robertson Oscar - "sesame street" dweller Oscar - __ nod: acting honor Oscar - Film award; --- hammerstein Oscar - Film statuette Oscar - Statuette awarded by very big wheels Oscar - Film acting award Oscar - Ford, perhaps chasing very big film award Oscar - Wilde's letter read out on radio Oscar - Film-prize statuette Oscar - Award to wit involved in row Oscar - Sade's surname Oscar - One involved in row about special constable's award Oscar - Earlier style: to err badly Oscar - Award for film, so scary it can't be shown in full Oscar - Huge limo for winner of this? Oscar - Film industry award Oscar - Bonavena, argentine heavyweight champion who challenged frazier Oscar - Enormous limousine bringing one to this ceremony? Oscar - De la hoya, who lost a big gamble in las vegas against hopkins Oscar - Delahoya, a true prize fighter Oscar - Man with old skin blemish Oscar - Stretch limo a feature of award ceremony Oscar - "we all assume that –– said it" (dorothy parker) Oscar - Award zero mark Oscar - Eg hammerstein's vast estate? Oscar - One of several given to chicago, but nothing to the faceless capone? Oscar - - wilde, author Oscar - Evidence of perfect job by plastic surgeon leading to award Oscar - First name in b-o-l-o-g-n-a Oscar - 17 across won one Oscar - Us film award Oscar - "the odd couple" slob Oscar - Award for hunt and peck Oscar - 2012 award for 20-across Oscar - Trophy prized by actors Oscar - Very large vehicle gets award for performance Oscar - - - wilde Oscar - Statuette taken from very large vehicle Oscar - Ring cliff for award Oscar - Award for an old injury Oscar - Award Oscar - Award he's often given to actors Oscar - - - hammerstein (musicals) Oscar - - - peterson, pianist Oscar - Large limousine indicating hollywood success Oscar - What may follow november's spelling award? Oscar - Poor caruso losing fourth film award Oscar - Self-contained during row at annual award ceremony Oscar - Row about sect regularly missing award Oscar - Award coming after november Oscar - Row about science gets award Oscar - Love to make a permanent mark, getting award Oscar - -- peterson, canadian jazz pianist Oscar - Very large limo, say, as prize Oscar - Small statue given zero mark after fight Oscar - Zero mark, one of many 28 got Oscar - Code word used by radio's 'caroline'? Oscar - Statuette Oscar - Award for boys regularly on wheels Oscar - Row about viz getting award Oscar - -- the grouch, a 'sesame street' character Oscar - "a little grouch music" singer Oscar - Acting honor Oscar - Thespians quest Oscar - Grouch of children's tv Oscar - Word before nod or buzz Oscar - Screendom statuette Oscar - Often-quoted wilde Oscar - Academy award for film acting Oscar - "sesame street" resident Oscar - Coveted art deco knight Oscar - Grouch in a can Oscar - "one of the biggest slobs in the world," per the play Oscar - Description of limousine getting award? Oscar - Prize you might get for scoring Oscar - Walter's "odd couple" role Oscar - Walter's tony-winning role in 'the odd couple' Oscar - Representation of a knight atop a reel of film Oscar - Develop again Oscar - Nothing to mark film award Oscar - Prize for a picture Oscar - Eg hammerstein's very large estate? Oscar - Grouchy sesame street denizen Oscar - You might get one for scoring Oscar - Felix's sloppy friend Oscar - *to get one, act now! Oscar - One of nearly 3,000 awarded since 1929 Oscar - Prized statuette Oscar - Half of the odd couple Oscar - One is a prize for scoring Oscar - Emmy's cousin Oscar - One of four for katharine hepburn Oscar - Grouchy sesame street resident Oscar - 124 across winner hammerstein Oscar - Award declined by george c. scott Oscar - Wilde with wit Oscar - ___ mayer (wienermobile company) Oscar - Annual award for old school dodge Oscar - Award won by 'm*a*s*h' Oscar - Grouchy "sesame street" regular Oscar - Supreme acting prize Oscar - Award that comes after november, as heard on radio Oscar - Dorian's creator Oscar - Récompense cinématographique Oscar - Letter between november and papa Oscar - His first line was 'don't bang on my can!' Oscar - Prize mistakenly awarded to "la la land" Oscar - Code word for o Oscar - ___ nod (phrase which usually means someone didn't get it) Oscar - 13 1/2' gold-plated figure Oscar - Award for ben or casey affleck Oscar - Movie award, popularly called Oscar - Award refused by brando Oscar - Award refused by marlon brando and george c. scott Oscar - Nato's last award? Oscar - Muppet who loves this puzzle's four longest answers? Oscar - One of composer john williams' five Oscar - Fellow's stretch limo, might one say? Oscar - Statuette d'hollywood Oscar - One letter of 'nato' in the nato alphabet Oscar - Its official name is academy award of merit Oscar - Grouch of kids' tv Oscar - ... and first name Oscar - Cinema award which, in australia and new zealand, is a colloquial word for money Oscar - Mark after oslo's top man Oscar - Récompense d'acteur Oscar - 2017 award for emma stone Oscar - Celebrated irish author or jazzman peterson