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Ads - Pitches Ads - Clio winners Ads - Personals, e.g Ads - They might be zapped Ads - Personal things? Ads - Want ___ Ads - Spots Ads - Catalogue contents Ads - Come-ons Ads - Show stoppers Ads - Tv breaks Ads - Commercials Ads - Print ___ Ads - Components of some campaigns Ads - Consumer reports lack Ads - Most junk mail, essentially Ads - Spots before your eyes Ads - Classifieds, e.g Ads - Television plugs Ads - The junk of junk mail Ads - Magazine income producers Ads - Banners on the internet Ads - Words from sponsors Ads - Circulars, basically Ads - Infomercials, e.g Ads - Job listings, e.g Ads - Some spots Ads - Classified fodder Ads - Blurbs Ads - Some web site features Ads - Attack ___ Ads - Spots on tv Ads - They're supposed to sell stuff Ads - Magazine features Ads - What consumer reports lacks Ads - They can get personal or be televised Ads - Televised spots Ads - When they're personal, you may find a date Ads - Much spam Ads - Madison ave output Ads - Media solicitations Ads - Madison avenue products Ads - Tv's lifeblood Ads - Words from the sponsor Ads - *tv ... want ... clutter Ads - Some newspaper inserts Ads - Web page pop-ups Ads - Many are classified Ads - Madison ave. output Ads - They may be flipped past Ads - Pitches between innings Ads - Sale notices? Ads - Promos Ads - Paper rectangles Ads - Plugs, of a sort Ads - Classifieds Ads - Magazine revenue source Ads - Consumer bait Ads - Tv interruptions Ads - Program interruptions Ads - Pitched messages Ads - Some are personal Ads - Internet pop-ups, e.g Ads - Show stoppers? Ads - A lot of the paper Ads - Product pitches Ads - Clio contenders Ads - Pop-ups, e.g Ads - Madison ave. fodder Ads - They hope to sell things Ads - Classified information? Ads - Commercial pitches Ads - Company come-ons Ads - Some mag pages Ads - Much of the paper Ads - Marketing tools Ads - Newspaper moneymakers Ads - Classified info? Ads - Paid notices Ads - Magazine income Ads - Plugs Ads - Some of the paper Ads - Places to find steals Ads - Public promotions Ads - Madison avenue offerings Ads - Computer pop-ups Ads - Newspaper income source Ads - Commercial blurbs Ads - Some classified material Ads - Seller's postings Ads - Personal items? Ads - Billboard displays Ads - Sponsors' words Ads - Back covers, often Ads - What 20-across lacks Ads - Magazine filler Ads - Consumer enticements Ads - Some paper rectangles Ads - Revenue sources Ads - Many are personal Ads - Web pop-ups, e.g Ads - Spots on the tube Ads - Classified items Ads - Thirty-second spots Ads - What some pitches are Ads - Candidates for clio awards Ads - Personals Ads - Super bowl clips Ads - Mag's money-makers Ads - Zapper's targets Ads - They may contain classified info Ads - They may be personal Ads - See 23-down Ads - Yellow pages displays Ads - They can get personal Ads - Radio plugs Ads - They may be classified or personal Ads - Google income sources Ads - Pc pop-ups Ads - They may blink on websites Ads - Spots on the air Ads - They may pop up while you browse Ads - They can be personal Ads - Tv spots Ads - Web-site pop-ups Ads - Some teasers Ads - Sun spots in baltimore? Ads - Word with want or personal Ads - Show interrupters Ads - Most junk mail Ads - Money's money source Ads - Words from the sponsors Ads - Public notices Ads - Tv show stoppers Ads - Paid-for pages Ads - Help-wanteds, e.g Ads - Tv commercials Ads - Newspapers, largely Ads - 18 minutes of a tv hour, typically Ads - Spam, mostly Ads - Magazine revenue sources Ads - Commercials, for short Ads - They have sponsors Ads - Tv plugs Ads - Some spots before your eyes? Ads - Newspaper revenue source Ads - You can zap them using tivo Ads - Commercials, for example Ads - Want __ Ads - Flyer contents Ads - Classified ___ Ads - Screen pop-ups Ads - Bus. placements Ads - Pc pop-ups, e.g Ads - Product placements, e.g Ads - Sponsored messages Ads - Paid spots Ads - Spots on-screen Ads - Circular staples Ads - Some pitches at baseball stadiums Ads - They often pop up Ads - Cyberpage pop-ups Ads - Spots on your tv Ads - Pages that aren't editorial matter Ads - Some pop-ups Ads - They're often classified Ads - Much of magazines Ads - Spots on the tv Ads - Some inserts Ads - Super bowl showpieces Ads - Praises for products Ads - Coupon sites Ads - Much of bulk mail Ads - They may pop up nowadays Ads - Commercials, e.g Ads - Spots that can be pricey Ads - Magazine parts Ads - Classifieds, for example Ads - Oft-zapped spots Ads - Newspaper revenue sources Ads - Online revenue sources Ads - Infomercials, for example Ads - "classified" listings Ads - Some web site banners Ads - Magazine come-ons Ads - Adds to or subtracts from Ads - Classified listings Ads - Online clutter Ads - Zappers' targets Ads - Airtime filler Ads - Magazine fillers Ads - Web site revenue sources Ads - You see them after they're taken out Ads - Most newspaper circulars Ads - Pitches in print Ads - Want things? Ads - Clio awards foci Ads - 30% of the average one-hour tv show Ads - Personal items Ads - You see them only after they're taken out Ads - Web-page banners Ads - They might pop up while browsing Ads - Magazine moneymakers Ads - Spam filler Ads - Annoying pop-ups Ads - Super bowl highlights? Ads - Mag revenue source Ads - Trailers and mailers Ads - Persuasive devices Ads - Super bowl premieres, often Ads - Some spots before your eyes Ads - They take up space in the newspaper Ads - Super bowl purchases Ads - They get taken out Ads - Some super bowl sunday highlights Ads - Trailers, essentially Ads - Some spreads Ads - Broadcast breaks Ads - Trailers, e.g Ads - Pitches between innings? Ads - Craigslist postings Ads - Many mag pages Ads - Drama breakers Ads - Halftime features Ads - Public tv's lack Ads - Mag features Ads - Billboards, for instance Ads - Sunday paper inserts Ads - Web site banners Ads - Newspapers need 'em Ads - Promotions Ads - Commercial spots Ads - Spots of a sort Ads - Billboards Ads - Billboards, essentially Ads - Blogger's revenue source Ads - Classified info Ads - They're sometimes classified Ads - A lot of junk mail Ads - Things to zap Ads - Blog revenue sources Ads - Many run during the super bowl Ads - Trailers and mailers, essentially Ads - Word with "want" Ads - Magazine income source Ads - Google moneymakers Ads - Expensive pages Ads - They may have jingles or slogans Ads - Paid promos Ads - Inserts, often Ads - They're sometimes blocked Ads - Commercial pieces Ads - Some quick pitches Ads - ___ by google Ads - Junk mail, often Ads - Infomercials Ads - Spots before one's eyes? Ads - Billboard stuff Ads - Some computer pop-ups Ads - They're paid for promotions Ads - Announcements that sell Ads - There are none in consumer reports Ads - Tv commercials, e.g Ads - They may include jingles or slogans Ads - Website revenue sources Ads - Sponsors' spots Ads - Campaign creations Ads - Brief commercials? Ads - Things that pop up annoyingly Ads - They're sometimes personal Ads - They frequently pop up Ads - Attack ___ (campaign tactic) Ads - Craigslist posts Ads - Items often measured in column inches Ads - Campaign expense Ads - Super bowl features Ads - Many magazine pages Ads - Spots before your eyes? Ads - They're seen on passing buses Ads - Some pitches Ads - Paid pitches Ads - Banners on buses Ads - Spots on a screen? Ads - They play during many a bathroom break Ads - Paid space Ads - Dvrs get rid of them Ads - Tv break fillers Ads - Tivo users may skip them Ads - Modern-day pop-ups Ads - Paper back items? Ads - Tv station revenue sources Ads - Pop-ups, perhaps Ads - Some magazine pages Ads - Online pop-ups Ads - Madison avenue output Ads - Billboards, e.g Ads - Classified material Ads - Super bowl highlights Ads - Some are classified Ads - They may be classified Ads - Some fliers Ads - Tv pitches Ads - Printed pitches Ads - Product plugs Ads - Classifieds or personals Ads - Spam, most often Ads - Print pitches Ads - Circular contents Ads - Spots with slogans Ads - Pitches of a sort Ads - Some space fillers Ads - Some classified items Ads - Program breaks Ads - Magazine staples Ads - Only reason to watch the super bowl, some say Ads - Much e-mail Ads - "personal" postings Ads - Net surfer's annoyances Ads - Many pop-ups Ads - Clio award honorees Ads - Side jobs for actors Ads - Some banners Ads - Much of the daily paper Ads - Much junk mail Ads - Super bowl highlights, for many Ads - Things that may be 65-downed Ads - 30-second spots Ads - Agency's spots Ads - Things often zapped Ads - Episode interruptions Ads - Some super bowl highlights Ads - Some mag spreads Ads - Some plugs Ads - Halftime staples Ads - Internet popups Ads - Radio spots Ads - Many craigslist postings Ads - Consumer reports lacks them Ads - Parts of some campaigns Ads - Lead-ins to many youtube videos Ads - Sponsor's spots Ads - Back cover contents, often Ads - They push things Ads - Some trailers Ads - Words from our sponsor Ads - Highlights of some super bowls? Ads - Infomercials, essentially Ads - Sitcom interrupters Ads - Pop-ups, often Ads - They're produced with built-in plugs Ads - Super bowl highlights, arguably Ads - Commercial bits Ads - Sellers' notices Ads - Super bowl revenue generators Ads - Sponsor's tv spots Ads - Pop-up blockers block them Ads - Print __ Ads - Campaign fliers Ads - 'net pop-ups Ads - Youtube video lead-ins Ads - Campaign purchases Ads - Newspaper inserts Ads - Enticing pitches Ads - Personal ones may land you a date Ads - Product movers Ads - Product pitches, briefly Ads - Youtube annoyances Ads - Televised plugs Ads - Spots in a senate race, say Ads - Web popups Ads - They're often negative before elections Ads - What mad magazine lacked from 1957 to 2001 Ads - Network revenue generators Ads - --- Ads - Blockers' targets Ads - Product placements Ads - What tv watchers often zap Ads - They pop up now and then Ads - They pop up here and there Ads - Pennysaver pitches Ads - Magazine money makers Ads - Web opening Ads - Super bowl sunday highlights? Ads - Youtube video preceders, often Ads - Billboard fillers Ads - Paper revenue source Ads - Commercials, in brief Ads - Pitcher's delivery? Ads - 'mad men' output Ads - Short commercials? Ads - Spots in the media Ads - Product promos Ads - Program stoppers Ads - Word with "want" or "personal" Ads - Tv show interruptions Ads - Blurbs, basically Ads - Madison ave. products Ads - Website clutter Ads - They're on billboards Ads - Sitcom breaks Ads - Classified messages Ads - Computer screen pop-ups Ads - Some internet pop-ups Ads - They might be classified Ads - Coupon bearers, often Ads - Sponsor's purchases Ads - Campaign components Ads - Common revenue sources Ads - Channel-surfing catalysts Ads - Some feature jingles Ads - Tv commercials, for example Ads - Commercials getting the axe, we hear Ads - One that cuts talking in commercials Ads - Advantages of publicity? Ads - Notices they may be small Ads - Notices tax disc oddly not displayed Ads - Newspaper filler Ads - Product placements, essentially Ads - They are often classified Ads - Features of network shows Ads - They often adorn city buses Ads - Classified things Ads - They're often personal Ads - Much of 19- and 48-down Ads - Staples in magazines Ads - Magazine inserts Ads - Some classified things Ads - "mad men" productions Ads - Commercial come-ons Ads - Variety of sad notices Ads - Commercial breaks Ads - Super bowl highlights, to some Ads - Some magazine spreads Ads - Billboards and classifieds Ads - They may come in blocks Ads - Staples of today's cinemas Ads - Newspaper thickener Ads - Moneymakers for tv stations Ads - They may pop up on your computer Ads - Every other card is for commercials Ads - Staples in newsletters Ads - Sidebars of many web pages Ads - Full-screen intrusions, e.g Ads - Some campaign purchases Ads - Hulu bumpers Ads - They can drum up customers Ads - Revenue source for an 11 down Ads - Newspaper inserts, often Ads - Lead-ins to some online games Ads - Wanted items? Ads - Tv revenue source Ads - Commercial placements Ads - Components of certain campaigns Ads - 'sponsored content,' essentially Ads - Super bowl interruptions Ads - Pop-up blocker targets Ads - Website pop-ups Ads - Notices Ads - Clio nominees Ads - Promoted tweets, essentially Ads - They don't interrupt hbo or netflix Ads - You might upgrade to spotify premium to avoid them Ads - Things blocked by some browser extensions Ads - Web pop-ups Ads - They pay for programs Ads - Revenue sources, for short Ads - Traditional super bowl debuts Ads - Back pages, often Ads - What a pitcher is full of? Ads - Circular parts Ads - Super bowl highlights, to many Ads - Staples of many websites Ads - Youtube video preceders Ads - Commercials, for instance Ads - They can be classified Ads - Website pop-ups, e.g Ads - Super bowl highlights, for some Ads - Tv program breaks Ads - 62 across promoters Ads - They can be skipped with a dvr Ads - Campaign messages, e.g Ads - Hulu distractions Ads - Bill-boards Ads - Source of much website revenue Ads - Much magazine space Ads - Youtube video additions of 2007 Ads - Pop-up intrusions Ads - 15+ minutes of a typical tv hour Ads - Program interrupters Ads - Youtube video lead-ins, often Ads - Newspaper supporters Ads - Breaks you wish would end? Ads - Targets of some blockers Ads - Showstoppers? Ads - Dwfs may place them Ads - Classifieds (abbr) Ads - Break fillers Ads - Gear-selling tools Ads - They're put in mags for upcoming tours Ads - Put these in mags for new albums Ads - Used to find members Ads - Used to promote concerts Ads - The honey cone "want ___" Ads - Created by the marketing dept Ads - Used to sell gear in newspapers Ads - Tv spots for upcoming shows Ads - Billboards for shows Ads - New tour spots Ads - Marketing write-ups Ads - Concert commercials on local radio stations Ads - Pennysaver contents Ads - They may pop up Ads - Super bowl broadcast highlights Ads - What the longest answers each have two of Ads - Classified material? Ads - New album spots Ads - Many online banners Ads - Freemium game interrupters, perhaps Ads - Infomercials, for instance Ads - They follow theme songs, often Ads - Online revenue generators Ads - They play during bathroom breaks? Ads - Might take these out to get the word out about show Ads - Source of most of google's revenue Ads - Halftime spots Ads - Coupon locales Ads - They're taken out in newspapers Ads - Supplemental work for actors Ads - Free app annoyances Ads - Subject of click-through rate tracking Ads - Handbill material Ads - Craigslist entries Ads - Agency creations Ads - Youtube intrusions Ads - Pitches during breaks Ads - Promos that interrupt programs Ads - Targets of browser blockers Ads - Wikipedia lacks them Ads - Halftime fodder Ads - Sunday paper pile Ads - Things purchased by sponsors Ads - Radio or tv spots Ads - Sponsor's array Ads - They lengthen tv shows Ads - Magazine pagefuls Ads - Podcast interruptions Ads - Tivo users can skip these Ads - What "mad" lacked until 2001 Ads - They may push you to buy Ads - Web banners, often Ads - Source of much of google's income Ads - Movie trailers, e.g Ads - Plugs for products Ads - Sides of many city buses Ads - Facebook revenue source Ads - Spots with jingles Ads - App interruptions Ads - Classified postings Ads - Block between shows Ads - They may be removed in 'premium' versions Ads - They may be removed in 'premium' versions Ads - Super bowl broadcast fillers Ads - Super bowl broadcast fillers Ads - Reasons for some sportscast split screens Ads - Reasons for some sportscast split screens Ads - Video intrusions Ads - Www pop-ups
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