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Eban - Israel's abba

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Eban - Israel's abba Eban - Israeli diplomat Eban - Abba of israel Eban - 'my people' author Eban - See 28-down Eban - 'israel in the world' author Eban - Longtime israeli diplomat Eban - See 14-across Eban - Israel's first u.n. delegate Eban - Longtime israeli ambassador to washington Eban - Israeli statesman Eban - Israel's first u.n. representative Eban - 'personal witness' author Eban - Diplomat born in cape town Eban - "my people" author abba Eban - "my country" author abba Eban - 'promised land' author Eban - Diplomat abba Eban - Abba of israel, not sweden Eban - "voice of israel" author Eban - Second israeli ambassador to u.s Eban - 'voice of israel' author Eban - 'voice of israel' writer Eban - 'diplomacy for the next century' author Eban - Slain israeli Eban - 2001 winner of the israel prize Eban - Israel's first un delegate Eban - Former israeli statesman Eban - Late israeli diplomat abba Eban - "my country" author Eban - First israeli ambassador to the un Eban - Famous abba Eban - Israel's abba _____ Eban - He spent 29 years in the knesset Eban - See 1 across Eban - "voice of israel" author abba Eban - 'voice of israel' author abba Eban - Six-day war defender Eban - Israeli abba Eban - Israeli statesman abba Eban - Host of pbs's 'heritage: civilization and the jews' Eban - Israel's first un ambassador Eban - "personal witness: israel through my eyes" author Eban - Meir's successor as israel's foreign affairs minister Eban - 29-year knesset member Eban - Israel's foreign minister during the six-day war Eban - Nonmusical abba Eban - Israeli diplomat abba Eban - First israeli ambassador to the u.n Eban - Foreign minister under meir Eban - 'my people' author abba Eban - Statesman abba Eban - Former israeli politician abba ___ Eban - 1940s-'50s israeli un ambassador Eban - See 42-down Eban - Deputy prime minister under eshkol Eban - 2001 recipient of the israel prize Eban - '70s israeli foreign minister Eban - Six-day war statesman Eban - "diplomacy for the next century" author Eban - Celebrity cosmetician laszlo Eban - 'my people' writer abba Eban - Abba of israel's history Eban - 'israel through my eyes' author Eban - "israel through my eyes" author Eban - South african-born middle east diplomat Eban - '60s israeli deputy prime minister Eban - "promised land" author abba Eban - Six-day war diplomat Eban - Abba not known for singing Eban - 'my country' author abba Eban - Abba who wrote "my people" Eban - Israeli politician Eban - Israeli notable Eban - Israeli foreign minister during the six-day war Eban - Abba __, israeli politician Eban - Abba who was born 'aubrey' Eban - 48 across' first un ambassador