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Mred - He once had stable work on tv

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Mred - "a horse is a horse" horse Mred - "famous" talker of '60s tv Mred - "what kind of a name is 'wilbur' for a man?" speaker Mred - '60s eloquent equine Mred - '60s sitcom character whose handlers stuffed nylon in his mouth Mred - '60s tv barn resident Mred - '60s tv personality who would especially enjoy this puzzle Mred - '60s tv talking animal Mred - 'a horse is a horse' horse Mred - 1960's tv horse Mred - 1960s role for bamboo harvester Mred - 60's lip-syncher Mred - 60's tv horse Mred - Allan lane supplied his voice Mred - Bamboo harvester “played” him Mred - Black-and-white horse? Mred - Character who conversed with wilbur post Mred - Chatty equine Mred - Chatty tv horse Mred - Childrens tv character Mred - Comical equine Mred - Early 60's tv listing Mred - Early tv equine Mred - Eloquent equine of '60s tv Mred - Equine quipster Mred - Equine star Mred - First-of-a-kind 1960's tv star Mred - Former prime-time equine Mred - Four-footed tv star Mred - He conversed with wilbur Mred - He once had stable work on tv Mred - He talked only to wilbur Mred - He talked to wilbur Mred - He talked to wilbur post Mred - He was a horse, of course Mred - He was more than a neigh-sayer Mred - He'll 'talk 'til his voice is hoarse' Mred - He's a horse, of course Mred - Horse in a 60's sitcom Mred - Horse show Mred - Horse that's more than a neigh sayer Mred - Lip-syncher of '60s tv Mred - Lip-syncher of 1960s tv Mred - Loquacious equine Mred - Loquacious equine of '60s tv Mred - Nick at nite rerun Mred - Noted member of a hollywood stable Mred - Old show horse Mred - Old tv character who liked oats Mred - Old tv's talking horse Mred - Opinionated equine Mred - Post horse? Mred - Rocky lane did his voice Mred - Rocky lane spoke for him Mred - Show horse Mred - Sitcom equine of the '60s Mred - Sitcom palomino Mred - Sitcom with the episode "stable for three" Mred - Sitcom with the episode 'stable for three' Mred - Stable character of old tv Mred - Stable role on tv? Mred - Steed who could read Mred - Subject of the lyric 'a horse is a horse, of course, of course' Mred - Surprising conversationalist of classic tv Mred - Talking animal of '60s tv Mred - Talking equine of '60s tv Mred - Talking horse of '60s tv Mred - Talking horse of 1960s tv Mred - Talking horse of old tv Mred - Talking horse on tv Mred - Talking palamino of film Mred - Talking palomino of '60s tv Mred - Talking tv horse Mred - Talking tv palomino Mred - Tv "neigh" sayer Mred - Tv character played by bamboo harvester Mred - Tv character voiced by rocky lane Mred - Tv character who 'will never speak unless he has something to say' Mred - Tv character who says 'you know i wouldn't talk in front of anyone but you' Mred - Tv equine Mred - Tv horse Mred - Tv neigh-sayer? Mred - Tv palomino Mred - Tv role for bamboo harvester Mred - Tv star who homered off koufax in a 1963 episode Mred - Tv star who loved oats Mred - Tv star who said 'stop gabbin' and get me some oats!' Mred - Tv talking horse Mred - Tv talking horse, for short Mred - Tv's neigh-sayer Mred - Tv's talking horse Mred - Vocal nag Mred - Walter brooks' talking horse Mred - Who'll 'talk 'til his voice is hoarse,' in a 1960s sitcom Mred - Wilbur post's 'pal' Mred - Wilbur post's buddy Mred - Wilbur post's charge Mred - Wilbur post's equine Mred - Wilbur post's horse Mred - Wilbur post's pal Mred - Wilbur post's pet Mred - Wilbur post's tv horse Mred - Wilbur was his owner Mred - Wilbur's charge in 60's tv Mred - Wilbur's companion Mred - Wilbur's conversation partner Mred - Wilbur's horse Mred - Wilbur's pet Mred - Wilbur's steed