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Sandman - Bedtime genie

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Sandman - "candy-colored clown" in roy orbison's "in dreams," with "the" Sandman - 'hansel and gretel' role Sandman - Anaesthetist for bedfordshire? Sandman - Beach model, a dream-inducer? Sandman - Bedtime genie Sandman - Bedtime visitor Sandman - Dreamy guy? Sandman - Fairy who puts children to sleep Sandman - Fairy who sends children to sleep Sandman - Guy putting you to sleep Sandman - He comes to send children off beach on island Sandman - He induces sleep with morphine, initially in the sanatorium Sandman - He's supposed to send youngsters off Sandman - Imaginary person who causes children to sleep Sandman - Insomniac kid's visitor? Sandman - It took some grit for him to get the kids to sleep! Sandman - Legendary sleep inducer Sandman - Nightly visitor of folklore Sandman - Nighttime visitor Sandman - Nighttime visitor of folklore Sandman - Ocean liner worker? that fellow would put the little ones to sleep! Sandman - One of the beach boys became such a sleepy character? Sandman - One who puts you to sleep Sandman - S&m article, one putting the young to sleep Sandman - Sender to sleep of children Sandman - Sleep bringer Sandman - Sleep guy, supposedly Sandman - Sleep inducer Sandman - Sleep inducer of a sort Sandman - Sleep inducer of song Sandman - Sleep-inducing visitor Sandman - Smooth chap, but a fairy by night! Sandman - Smooth character motivating the rest of the children Sandman - Some barbiturates, and many a sleep-inducing agent Sandman - Typically happy adult who puts children to sleep Sandman - Who could send you to sleep? chopin, perhaps