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Laze - Take it easy

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  • Laze - Letter on L
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Laze - Act like a couch potato Laze - Act like a slugabed Laze - Act the 59-across Laze - Act the couch potato Laze - Act the loafer Laze - Act the sloth Laze - Be a couch potato Laze - Be a good couch potato Laze - Be idle Laze - Be inactive Laze - Be slothful Laze - Chill Laze - Chill out Laze - Do little Laze - Do nothing Laze - Do nothing with zeal Laze - Emulate a couch potato Laze - Enjoy a chaise longue, say Laze - Enjoy some hammock time Laze - Fire didn't start in lounge Laze - Goof off Laze - Hang (around) in a hammock, say Laze - Hang in a hammock Laze - Hang in the hammock Laze - Hang out in the hammock Laze - Heading off to fit windows in lounge Laze - Idle Laze - Kick back Laze - Lie about Laze - Lie around Laze - Lie around idly Laze - Lie around listening to 14, perhaps Laze - Lie idly about Laze - Lie in a hammock all afternoon, e.g Laze - Lie in a hammock, say Laze - Listened to songs in lounge Laze - Loaf Laze - Loaf (around) Laze - Loaf about Laze - Loll Laze - Loll about Laze - Lounge Laze - Lounge (about) Laze - Lounge about Laze - Lounge around Laze - Not do one darn thing Laze - Not work at all Laze - Pass the time idly Laze - Pass time idly Laze - Really take it easy Laze - Relax Laze - Relax and listen to poems being sung Laze - Relax in a hammock Laze - Sit around Laze - Spend an afternoon in a hammock, e.g Laze - Spend half the afternoon in a hammock, e.g Laze - Spend time in a hammock, e.g Laze - Stretch out in the recliner, say Laze - Stretch out on a sofa Laze - Stretch out, say Laze - Take it easy Laze - Take it easy, having recounted sexual conquests Laze - Take it very easy Laze - Take to the hammock Laze - Unwind Laze - Veg Laze - Veg out Laze - What many do on a day off Laze - While away the time Laze - Wild zeal to do nothing Laze - Zeal (anag.)