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Phd - Scholar's goal Phd - Prof's deg Phd - Master's follower, maybe Phd - Third degree? Phd - Scholarly type Phd - Highest deg Phd - Oft-framed document Phd - Pres. wilson held one Phd - University offering Phd - A grad may be working on it Phd - Quite a scholar, for short Phd - Prof's degree Phd - Master's follower Phd - Acad. honor Phd - Doctor's letters? Phd - Dr.'s wall hanging Phd - Grad sch. goal Phd - Graduate's prize (abbr.) Phd - Advanced degree, briefly Phd - High degree Phd - What a candidate might go for Phd - Third degree, perhaps Phd - Third degree, usually Phd - Doctor's degree Phd - Prof.'s degree Phd - Advanced degree Phd - Quest of some candidates: abbr Phd - Prof's qualification Phd - Doctorate Phd - Coveted degree Phd - Dissertation writer's prize Phd - Higher degree? Phd - Master's follower, briefly Phd - Dissertation finisher Phd - The third degree? Phd - Reward for yrs. of study Phd - Third degree, often Phd - Advanced deg Phd - High degree? Phd - Master's pursuit, perhaps: abbr Phd - Dissertation finisher, hopefully Phd - A degree Phd - Many a prof Phd - Advanced degree: abbr Phd - Thesis defender's prize, maybe Phd - One who's given the third degree? Phd - Professor's deg Phd - Prof's credential Phd - Significant degree? Phd - Doctor's deg Phd - Educator's deg Phd - Dissertation-writer's goal Phd - Doctor, of sorts Phd - Dissertation writer's goal Phd - ___ candidate Phd - University conferral Phd - A degree of success? Phd - Grad student's goal Phd - Prof. requirement, perhaps Phd - Degree of distinction Phd - Certain candidate's goal, briefly Phd - Third deg.? Phd - Grad. degree Phd - Goal of some candidates Phd - Grad sch. aim Phd - ___ program (post-grad university offering) Phd - Graduate degree held by boxer wladimir klitschko Phd - Degree of success? Phd - Degree held by many univ. professors Phd - Deg. for many 69-across Phd - Doctorate (abbr.) Phd - Diploma abbr Phd - Result of a defended thesis Phd - Post-grad degree Phd - Woodrow wilson is the only u.s. president to have one Phd - High deg Phd - Doctorate deg Phd - Third degree Phd - Third deg Phd - Deg. above a master's Phd - Degree after an m.a., perhaps Phd - The doctor will tell you how acid deuterium is Phd - Top university degree Phd - In brief, top university qualification Phd - Letters denoting holder of university doctorate Phd - Highest university degree Phd - Initially a top university degree Phd - A good defense may result in it, briefly Phd - Prof's degree, often Phd - Post grad degree Phd - Grad-school degree Phd - Prof.'s degree, often Phd - Scholar's deg Phd - Deg. for a prof Phd - What an m.a. might go on to earn Phd - Ultimate degree? Phd - Post grad. degree Phd - Postgrad degree Phd - T.a.'s pursuit, maybe Phd - M.a. follow-up, maybe Phd - Degree of great success Phd - Degree after an m.a., say Phd - Third degree? (abbr.) Phd - Some degree of success? Phd - Deg. held by woodrow wilson Phd - Degree for many a prof Phd - Certain candidate's quest Phd - Doctor of philosophy Phd - Reward for a successful defense, maybe Phd - Honorary deg., perhaps Phd - One given the third degree? Phd - 'mr. jock, tv quiz ___, bags few lynx' (classic pangram) Phd - One hanging out in a coll. office? Phd - Woodrow wilson's deg Phd - Degree to be proud of Phd - 3rd degree? Phd - 'is there anyone on this plane who can help us with an emergency semiotics lecture?!?' answerer, maybe Phd - Advanced college deg Phd - Professor's deg., often Phd - Honorary deg., often Phd - Degree separated four times in this puzzle Phd - Deg. of many a professor Phd - Kind of candidate Phd - Result of many years of study, for short Phd - Woodrow wilson was the only u.s. prez to have one Phd - Impressive degree, briefly Phd - Univ. award Phd - Prof's deg., often Phd - Janet yellen's deg Phd - Scholar's accomplishment Phd - Pres. wilson earned one Phd - Deg. that requires a defense Phd - Scholarly attainment Phd - One who got the third degree? Phd - Goal of many a candidate