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Desi - Lucy's husband

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Desi - Lucy's husband Desi - Actor arnaz Desi - He loved lucy Desi - ___ jr. (acting son, familiarly) Desi - Lucy's hubby Desi - Lucie's dad Desi - Lucy's partner Desi - First name in 50's tv Desi - Lucie's father Desi - Lucie's brother Desi - One of a 50's sitcom couple Desi - Ricky's portrayer Desi - First name in classic tv husbands Desi - Lucy's mate Desi - Half of a '50s sitcom couple Desi - Tv's arnaz Desi - Ricky, really Desi - Bandleader arnaz Desi - Ricky player Desi - He played ricky on 50's tv Desi - '50s sitcom name Desi - Arnaz sr. or jr Desi - Lucille's better half Desi - Fred's buddy, off-screen Desi - Lucy's love Desi - Lucy's guy Desi - 60's pop trio dino, ___ & billy Desi - First name in '50s tv Desi - 50's sitcom name Desi - Lucy's ricky Desi - Ricky portrayer Desi - 'the lucy-___ comedy hour' Desi - "babalu" singer Desi - Name in early tv Desi - Half of a classic tv duo Desi - Ricky, on "i love lucy" Desi - Ricky player in '50s tv Desi - First name in old tv Desi - Lucy's co-star Desi - 1950's sitcom name Desi - Arnaz of 'i love lucy' Desi - Tv star arnaz Desi - Arnaz of 50's tv Desi - Arnaz of "i love lucy" Desi - South asian, casually Desi - Half a '50s comedy duo Desi - He said "splainin' " Desi - Hubby of lucy Desi - Arnaz of 1950's tv Desi - "i love lucy" name Desi - Lucie arnaz's dad Desi - First name in comedy and conga lines Desi - First name in 1950s tv Desi - Lucy's spouse Desi - Legendary first name in sitcoms Desi - Lucy-___ museum in jamestown, n.y Desi - Lucy ex Desi - Arnaz of '50s tv Desi - Lucy's son Desi - Half a classic sitcom couple Desi - ____ arnaz Desi - Lucille's partner Desi - Early sitcom star Desi - 1950s tv name Desi - One of a comedy duo Desi - Lucy's costar Desi - Arnaz of tv Desi - Lucy's marido Desi - Lucille's love Desi - Big name in '50s tv Desi - 1950 studio co-founder Desi - He played ricky on tv Desi - Tropicana headliner on tv Desi - He played ricky Desi - Name in old tv comedy Desi - He loved lucille Desi - Sitcom pioneer arnaz Desi - Lucy's laddie Desi - First name in '50s comedy Desi - One of fred's tenants Desi - Arnaz of 1950s tv Desi - Portrayer of tv's ricky Desi - Lucille's man Desi - Nickname of the baby on tv guide's first cover Desi - Half of a sitcom couple Desi - Sitcom pal of fred Desi - One half of an old comedy duo Desi - First name in '50s tv comedy Desi - Ball boy? Desi - His musical mentor was xavier Desi - Lucille's husband Desi - ... and her husband Desi - Lucille's co-star Desi - Arnaz who loved lucy Desi - Lucy lover arnaz Desi - First name among classic tv husbands Desi - Lucille's guy Desi - Entertaining arnaz Desi - First name in 1950s comedy Desi - Half a '50s comedy couple Desi - Lucy's man Desi - Arnaz who played ricky Desi - "i love lucy" co-star arnaz Desi - Ricky on "i love lucy" Desi - Lucy's husband or son Desi - 'i love lucy' actor arnaz Desi - South asian Desi - Lucy's tv hubby Desi - Arnaz of hollywood Desi - Lucy's arnaz Desi - Lucy's hubby/co-star Desi - Portrayer of ricky on 'i love lucy' Desi - Portrayer of ricky on "i love lucy" Desi - An arnaz Desi - Lucy's mister Desi - Fred : william :: ricky : __ Desi - _____ arnaz Desi - Notable cuban bandleader, familiarly Desi - Tv production company co-founder, familiarly Desi - -- arnaz, actor who played ricky ricardo opposite his real-life wife in 'i love lucy' Desi - 1965 hitmakers dino, ___ & billy Desi - He played ricky to lucille's lucy Desi - With 32-down, lucille ball's partner Desi - "too many girls" co-star, familiarly Desi - Lucy's longtime spouse Desi - Lucy lover Desi - 'i love lucy' co-star arnaz Desi - Arnaz of early sitcoms Desi - Dino, __ & billy: '60s band that included sons of two musical celebs Desi - Tv producer arnaz Desi - Bandleader at the tropicana club, on tv Desi - Big name in early tv Desi - 'daily show' correspondent ___ lydic Desi - Early sitcom co-star arnaz Desi - First name in 1950s tv comedy Desi - Indian product of french-italian agreement Desi - Lucy's sitcom partner Desi - Sitcom pioneer, familiarly Desi - Arnaz who sang "babalu" Desi - Big name in rerun history Desi - Lucy's old sitcom partner Desi - Arnaz of early tv Desi - Ricky's portrayer on 1950s tv Desi - Ricky's portrayer on 1950s tv