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Uzi - Terrorist's weapon

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Uzi - Terrorist's weapon Uzi - It releases a dangerous spray Uzi - Cause of widespread firing? Uzi - Big shooter Uzi - Dangerous gun Uzi - Commando's weapon Uzi - Automatic Uzi - Action-film weapon Uzi - Terrorist's weapon, perhaps Uzi - Submachine gun Uzi - 25-round magazine gun Uzi - Israeli submachine gun Uzi - It can cause widespread firing? Uzi - Special forces weapon Uzi - Dangerous sprayer Uzi - Israeli weapon Uzi - Israeli-designed weapon Uzi - Powerful arm Uzi - 9-mm submachine gun Uzi - Action film staple Uzi - Israeli gun Uzi - Ammo belt accompanier Uzi - Lethal weapon Uzi - Spray producer Uzi - Israeli machine gun Uzi - Certain gun Uzi - A magazine can be found in one Uzi - Action film weapon Uzi - Weapon named after its israeli designer Uzi - Rapid-fire weapon Uzi - 9mm gun Uzi - Submachine gun, or its designer's nickname Uzi - Commando weapon Uzi - Compact submachine gun Uzi - Weapon named for its israeli designer Uzi - Compact arm Uzi - Blazing gun Uzi - Ak-47 relative Uzi - Prop in many action films Uzi - Israeli hand gun Uzi - Eponymous firearm Uzi - Six-day war weapon Uzi - Israeli-invented gun Uzi - Action film firearm Uzi - Gun in an action film Uzi - Submachine gun formerly used by the israeli army Uzi - Weapon invented by israelis Uzi - Ak-47 kin Uzi - Six-day war arm Uzi - Infamous gun Uzi - Certain assault weapon Uzi - Gun designed in 1948 Uzi - 9mm weapon named for its designer Uzi - Gun used in the six-day war Uzi - Gun produced by israel military industries Uzi - Weapon first designed in 1950 Uzi - Semi-automatic, sometimes, and a homonym of 30-across Uzi - Israeli-made gun Uzi - Action film gun Uzi - Action-film gun Uzi - Former secret service weapon Uzi - Israeli arm Uzi - Weapon in 'the terminator' Uzi - Six-day war gun Uzi - Weapon designer __ gal Uzi - Submachine gun since the 1940s Uzi - Scary magazine holder Uzi - Magazine holder Uzi - 9mm submachine gun Uzi - 9 mm submachine gun Uzi - Submachine gun type Uzi - Banned gun Uzi - Gun named for its designer Uzi - Shooter named for its inventor Uzi - Type of submachine gun Uzi - Type of submachine gun Uzi - Type of sub-machine gun Uzi - Israeli gun designer __ gal Uzi - Weapon in some raids Uzi - Israeli sub-machine gun Uzi - 'scarface' gun Uzi - 'pulp fiction' weapon Uzi - Israeli arms expert __ gal Uzi - Commando's arm Uzi - Its 49-down is about 200 meters Uzi - Counterterrorist weapon Uzi - Israeli-made weapon Uzi - Submachine gun legal to own in the u.s Uzi - Perk for a pool party? Uzi - Assault weapon named for its designer Uzi - Magazine user? Uzi - Israeli gun since the 1950s Uzi - Strong arm Uzi - 'miami vice' weapon Uzi - "miami vice" weapon Uzi - Action film gun, sometimes Uzi - Arm from a mideast lad Uzi - Universal code has no room for quiet killer Uzi - It's said this gun's tending to leak Uzi - Sub-machine gun type Uzi - Fuzz oddly rejected one kind of weapon Uzi - Heard question about identity of cockney killer Uzi - Weapon featured in rising seizures Uzi - Action film lead-spitter Uzi - Israeli-designed sub-machine gun Uzi - Controversial weapon Uzi - Arm of israel Uzi - Korchnoi zugzwang traps retreating piece Uzi - What made others in suez die? Uzi - Weapon that's leaking, we hear Uzi - Submachine-gun Uzi - Action film blaster Uzi - Gun designer __ gal Uzi - Gun of israeli design Uzi - Spray source Uzi - Gun in many an action flick Uzi - Powerful gun Uzi - Weapon in the yom kippur war Uzi - Israeli arms expert gal Uzi - Arm of israel? Uzi - Commando film prop Uzi - Action movie gun Uzi - Commando gun Uzi - Weapon seen in "argo" Uzi - Compact automatic weapon Uzi - Eponymous weapon Uzi - It can fire 600 rounds a minute Uzi - Special forces firearm Uzi - Short arm of the israeli law? Uzi - Certain machine gun Uzi - Israeli firearm brand Uzi - Mideastern heat? Uzi - Weapon in some call of duty games Uzi - Israeli firearm Uzi - Gun designer ___ gal Uzi - Submachine gun named for its designer Uzi - Machine gun from israel Uzi - "argo" weapon Uzi - Machine gun of many action films Uzi - Gun of israel Uzi - Rapid-fire gun Uzi - Action movie arm Uzi - Ak-47 alternative Uzi - Action movie firearm Uzi - Weapon found in ritz, but regularly turned over Uzi - Weapon held up by impi, zulus Uzi - Eponymous weapon designer Uzi - Gun named for its inventor