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Axel - Skater's move

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Axel - Jump at the ice capades Axel - Skater's move Axel - Olympics jump Axel - Skater's maneuver Axel - Rink jump Axel - Relative of a salchow Axel - Skater's jumping feat Axel - Skating maneuver Axel - Leap for lipinski Axel - Jump on the ice Axel - Skating pioneer paulsen Axel - Skating jump Axel - Skater's feat Axel - Skater's jump Axel - Skater's stunt Axel - Eponymous rink move Axel - Turnaround jump Axel - Figure skating feat Axel - Boitano maneuver Axel - Skater's leap Axel - Move for kwan Axel - Jump on ice Axel - Skater’s leap Axel - Kwan jump Axel - Ice capades maneuver Axel - Henie's leap Axel - Jump in the rink Axel - Certain jump on ice Axel - Skating leap Axel - Ice skating maneuver Axel - Figure skating jump Axel - Figure skater's jump Axel - Ice maneuver Axel - Ice capades leap Axel - Rink maneuver Axel - Eddie's "beverly hills cop" role Axel - Sasha cohen maneuver Axel - Skating feat Axel - Rink leap Axel - Jump for sasha cohen Axel - Feat on ice Axel - It'll turn you around Axel - Bit of skating practice Axel - Eddie's beverly hills cop Axel - Certain skating jump Axel - Jump named for a skater Axel - Rink move Axel - Eponymous ice skater paulsen Axel - Auto part Axel - Jump with a twist Axel - Figure-skating feat Axel - Ice skater's leap Axel - Figure skating manoeuvre Axel - Olympian jump Axel - Lutz relative Axel - "beverly hills cop" character foley Axel - 1 1€2 rotation leap Axel - Leap for 97 across Axel - Rink feat Axel - Jump on blades Axel - Jump and a twist Axel - Witt jump Axel - Eddie's character in 'beverly hills cop' Axel - Toe loop alternative Axel - Skating figure Axel - Skating rink jump Axel - Salchow alternative Axel - Jump that may be doubled Axel - Ice capades move Axel - Winter olympics maneuver Axel - Figure skating trick Axel - Leap with 1-1/2 rotations Axel - Figure-skating maneuver Axel - "beverly hills cop" foley Axel - Jump in a rink Axel - Required element in many figure skating competitions Axel - Rink trick Axel - Leap on the ice Axel - Certain jump at the winter olympics Axel - Certain leap on skates Axel - Jump for sonja Axel - Cousin of a toe loop Axel - Lipinski leap Axel - Lipinski's leap Axel - Jump named for skater paulsen Axel - Leap on skates Axel - Twisting winter olympics leap Axel - Jump with an extra half-turn Axel - Figure-skating jump Axel - Ice-skating jump Axel - Ice-skating leap Axel - Ice skating leap Axel - Spinning skating leap Axel - Figure skater's leap Axel - Tricky skating trick Axel - Leap on blades Axel - Ice-skating maneuver Axel - Salchow relative Axel - Browning manoeuvre Axel - Difficult skating jump Axel - Figure-skating move Axel - Skating stunt Axel - Ice-rink feat Axel - Leap for scott hamilton Axel - Ice skating jump Axel - It may follow a salchow Axel - Chopper beginning to leap and jump Axel - Jump executed on ice Axel - Jump in skating Axel - Figure-skating leap Axel - Olympic leap for evan lysacek Axel - One-and-a-half turns in the air Axel - Winter olympics leap Axel - Skating move Axel - Skating jump involving a mid-air turn Axel - Stojko manoeuvre Axel - 'double' or 'triple' move Axel - Jump in a skater's short program Axel - Michelle kwan leap Axel - Dorothy hamill maneuver Axel - Relative of a lutz Axel - Move for gracie gold Axel - 'double' or 'triple' feat Axel - Alternative to a flip or loop Axel - Jump - drastically reduce length Axel - A double on ice! Axel - A double on the rocks! Axel - A double on ice Axel - It could be a double one on the rink Axel - It can be a double on the ice rink Axel - Supporter, like sale's andy sheridan Axel - Noise of rotating shaft could make one jump Axel - Manoeuvre by skater cut line Axel - Cut line as part of skating performance Axel - Jump with guitar at end of recital Axel - Eponymous skater paulsen Axel - Manley manoeuvre Axel - A jump from one skate to the other Axel - Novice cut first jump Axel - Jump cut longways first Axel - Fail to keep on length in skating manoeuvre Axel - Jump on ice and cut line Axel - Double __ Axel - Toe loop kin Axel - Impressive way to turn up? Axel - Figure skating maneuver Axel - Spinning jump named for a norwegian skater Axel - Leap for lysacek Axel - Brian boitano move Axel - Midori move Axel - Figure skating leap Axel - One might be followed by a camel Axel - Turning jump on the ice Axel - Maneuver on the ice Axel - Athletic turn-and-a-half Axel - Skater's turning jump Axel - "double" or "triple" rink move Axel - Figure skater's feat Axel - Leap at the ice capades Axel - Turn and a half on the ice Axel - Move for michelle kwan Axel - Chicago's cut its rail service for spring (on ice) Axel - Winter olympics jump Axel - Leap on a rink Axel - Ice rink maneuver Axel - '___ f' (hit instrumental of 1985) Axel - Graceful leap Axel - Certain skating leap Axel - Long-program leap Axel - Spin out on the ice? Axel - It might be followed by a loop Axel - Turning jump Axel - Jump in an ice rink Axel - Lutz's cousin Axel - Skater's spinning leap Axel - Eddie, in "beverly hills cop" Axel - Homophone of 14-across Axel - One's turn at the olympics?