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Aorta - It comes from the heart

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Aorta - It comes from the heart Aorta - Main line Aorta - Trunk line Aorta - Semilunar valve neighbor Aorta - Main bloodline Aorta - Central artery Aorta - Bloodline Aorta - Blood line Aorta - Central highway Aorta - Trunk Aorta - Vital carrier Aorta - Place for a valve Aorta - Main stream Aorta - Main line from the heart Aorta - Angiogram image Aorta - Line from the heart Aorta - Its walls withstand a lot of pressure Aorta - Cardiological concern Aorta - Blood carrier Aorta - Vena cava neighbor Aorta - Blood distributor Aorta - Blood path Aorta - Big trunk Aorta - Left ventricle attachment Aorta - Carrier from the left ventricle Aorta - Major artery Aorta - Main artery Aorta - Cardiologist's concern Aorta - Heart's mainline Aorta - Heart's bloodline Aorta - Large trunk artery Aorta - It's connected to the left ventricle Aorta - Blood conduit Aorta - It comes straight from the heart Aorta - Vital vessel Aorta - Blood vessel that begins at the heart Aorta - Feeder of the body's organs Aorta - Vital body tube Aorta - Trunk artery Aorta - Concern for a cardiologist Aorta - Arterial trunk Aorta - Circulation mainstay Aorta - Its walls withstand pressure Aorta - Inner tube? Aorta - Major blood vessel Aorta - Blood supplier Aorta - Trunk with no bark Aorta - Heart line Aorta - Heart surgeon's concern Aorta - Cardiology concern Aorta - Life line Aorta - View in an angiogram Aorta - Heart outlet Aorta - The way to a person's heart? Aorta - Outbound vessel Aorta - Renal artery feeder Aorta - Vital conduit Aorta - Large artery Aorta - Largest artery Aorta - Major blood conveyor Aorta - Major line Aorta - Left ventricle outlet Aorta - Main heart artery Aorta - Major heart vessel Aorta - Major blood supplier Aorta - Pump outlet? Aorta - Arterial vessel Aorta - Natural pump outlet Aorta - Vital line Aorta - Main line of a sort Aorta - Heart's main line Aorta - Feeder of some organs Aorta - The way to one's heart? Aorta - Trunk full of blood Aorta - Primary artery Aorta - Primary blood carrier Aorta - Vital part of systemic circulation Aorta - Vital supply line Aorta - Life line? Aorta - Circulatory vessel Aorta - Vital artery Aorta - Principal artery Aorta - Trunk within a trunk Aorta - Vital heart vessel Aorta - Outlet of the left ventricle Aorta - It originates from the left ventricle Aorta - Important vessel Aorta - It's just above the heart Aorta - Big, bloody tube Aorta - "fantastic voyage" route Aorta - Major vessel Aorta - Left ventricle's outlet Aorta - Trunk in your trunk Aorta - Primary trunk line Aorta - Biggest artery Aorta - Heart part Aorta - Bloodline? Aorta - Big blood carrier Aorta - Trunk feature Aorta - Main blood line Aorta - One from the heart? Aorta - It carries blood from the left ventricle Aorta - Circulation line Aorta - It's attached to the left ventricle Aorta - Main artery from the heart Aorta - Large arterial trunk Aorta - Circulatory system trunk Aorta - Trunk you're packing Aorta - Crucial artery Aorta - Blood pathway Aorta - Blood vessel Aorta - It delivers oxygenated blood Aorta - Vital body line Aorta - Trunk in one's trunk Aorta - Large blood vessel Aorta - Main life line? Aorta - Where blood pressure is highest Aorta - Coronary artery adjunct Aorta - Body's primary blood carrier Aorta - Line from the ticker Aorta - Big artery Aorta - The body's biggest artery Aorta - Heart attachment Aorta - The body's largest artery Aorta - Its valve may be bypassed Aorta - Way from the old ticker Aorta - Blood line? Aorta - Major outlet Aorta - Biggie in circulation? Aorta - Heart connection Aorta - It's from the heart Aorta - Heart line? Aorta - Big blood line Aorta - You need about ten twisting vines to fox them Aorta - Great artery in body Aorta - A bloody vessel or thanks Aorta - That could make a rota for the vessel Aorta - There's nothing in a bloody rat Aorta - That's a bloody great vessel Aorta - That bloody vessel has got a broken car, thanks to this Aorta - How the oar gets broken, thanks to the bloody vessel Aorta - O, a tar is not in that bloody vessel Aorta - The vessel is so bloody, or in such a thankful way Aorta - Sounds as if a should be all in vain Aorta - Major artery at left of heart Aorta - A bloody vessel or thanks for the rest of it Aorta - A letter with the alternative to thanks for the bloody vessel Aorta - Major artery to left of heart Aorta - Circulatory system part Aorta - Major artery on left of heart Aorta - Major artery from heart Aorta - Vessel from a pump Aorta - Major heart artery Aorta - A major heart artery Aorta - Vessel from the heart Aorta - Major artery from the heart Aorta - Something close to your heart? Aorta - Large artery of the heart Aorta - The bloody ta as an alternative to a Aorta - Either a or thanks for the bloody vessel Aorta - What's there is not in vain, by the sound of it Aorta - Heart artery Aorta - Chamber exit Aorta - Main course? Aorta - One from the heart Aorta - Way from the heart Aorta - The first letter, or a thank you that's right from the heart Aorta - Halt development of unborn over a main artery Aorta - Large vessel used up in 'the mouse that roared' Aorta - (evens favourite) a main vessel Aorta - Big vessel in sea or tank Aorta - Not viewing odds, favour a team which is close to one's heart Aorta - Great artery Aorta - Main arterial vessel Aorta - Main blood vessel Aorta - Main artery from heart Aorta - A rota (anag) Aorta - Biggest blood vessel Aorta - Artery described by gray Aorta - Blood carrier from the heart Aorta - Main channel Aorta - Outlet from a chamber Aorta - Left ventricle exit Aorta - Choice between bow and stern for argonaut on a vessel Aorta - Teetotaller embraces stupid rubbish from the heart Aorta - Important artery Aorta - Part of the circulatory system Aorta - It comes from the 33 across Aorta - Human organ feeder Aorta - Arterial way of vital importance Aorta - Vital blood vessel Aorta - Corpuscle's passageway Aorta - King of the arteries Aorta - Thick artery Aorta - Important blood line Aorta - Ventricle outlet Aorta - Way from a man's heart Aorta - Vessel with an arch Aorta - Major bloodline? Aorta - Major bloodline Aorta - Bloodline supreme Aorta - Way from a man's heart? Aorta - Large vessel Aorta - Heart hookup Aorta - Vital channel in that road going north Aorta - Way to a man's heart? Aorta - It's vital to circulation Aorta - Heart exit Aorta - A blood vessel Aorta - A port not initially taking a particular sort of vessel Aorta - Heading up towards road, mostly a main artery Aorta - Large blood-vessel Aorta - Those without commissions joining army on a vessel Aorta - Body's main artery Aorta - A nasty rat biting duck - it's drawing blood! Aorta - Road up, mostly? thanks - it's a main arterial route Aorta - Our main blood vessel Aorta - Large vessel passing through nigeria or tanzania Aorta - Vessel or tankard, initially carried by ex-drinkers Aorta - With british deserting, abandon a vessel Aorta - Main human artery Aorta - Main artery of body Aorta - This carries blood from the heart Aorta - Blood-carrier from a heart Aorta - Main artery of the body Aorta - Tube from victoria, or taxi? Aorta - Major artery of the body Aorta - A main arterial road Aorta - Main arterial route either end of airport area Aorta - Vessel found in victoria or tasmania Aorta - Extract from kafka or tallis that comes straight from the heart Aorta - What road that's incomplete and twisting can be an arterial route? Aorta - Vessel carries more in middle - tons in two areas Aorta - Vessel from china, or taiwan Aorta - Major blood line Aorta - It's located just above the heart Aorta - Vital blood line Aorta - Choice of parts in rear half of boat: a large vessel Aorta - Main line, of a sort Aorta - The mother of all arteries Aorta - Introduces ambassador of russia to austria from the heart Aorta - Heart link Aorta - Main route from the heart Aorta - Circulatory trunk Aorta - The way to a person's heart? quite the reverse! Aorta - Small part, in motoring organisation, of main arterial way Aorta - Main artery of the heart Aorta - Vessel of some importance seen in a little countrified area Aorta - Soldiers, volunteers, on a vessel Aorta - Ace soldiers taken by army vessel Aorta - A thank you, accepting golden vessel Aorta - Artery of the heart Aorta - Vessel from china or taiwan Aorta - Artery Aorta - The main artery of the human body (5) Aorta - One fragment, one artery Aorta - A golden thank you that comes from the heart? Aorta - Arterial route with a junction in unfinished road repair Aorta - Vessel carrying vital stuff from china or taiwan Aorta - Vessel carrying vital stuff from australia or tasmania Aorta - A list of duties switched initially for a network carrier? Aorta - Vessel with two areas full of terrible rot Aorta - Blood carrier, a kind heading off on ambulance initially Aorta - Largest blood vessel Aorta - Busy artery? Aorta - Key artery Aorta - Abandon a missing black vessel Aorta - Major blood artery Aorta - Blood conveyor Aorta - Vessel with many branches Aorta - Vital transporter held back by that roadblock Aorta - Choice between stem and stern for argonaut needing a vessel Aorta - What sailors breathe Aorta - Line connected to a pump? Aorta - It starts at the heart Aorta - It's straight from the heart Aorta - Brachiocephalic artery's source Aorta - Iliac artery feeder Aorta - Coronary artery's source Aorta - Highway to the heart, so to speak Aorta - Big blood vessel Aorta - Concern of painters about love - a thing from the heart Aorta - Concern of painters about love -- a thing from the heart Aorta - It splits into the iliac arteries Aorta - Passage that's from the heart? Aorta - Vital outlet Aorta - Circulation path Aorta - Big supply line Aorta - It helps get the blood flowing Aorta - Angiography concern Aorta - Main artery out of saratoga has no gas Aorta - '69 self-titled debut from psychedelic chicagoans Aorta - Left ventricle connection Aorta - Line from the left ventricle Aorta - Trunk tube Aorta - Blood channel Aorta - Main thoroughfare, of a sort Aorta - Major blood carrier Aorta - Heart connector Aorta - Anatomical trunk Aorta - Trunk in the trunk Aorta - Vital circulation component Aorta - Large heart artery Aorta - Either end of ancient american vessel Aorta - Internal trunk Aorta - Critical vessel Aorta - Arterial route in china or taiwan Aorta - Vital circulation aid Aorta - Conveyor connected to a pump Aorta - Vital heart valve Aorta - Outlet from the left ventricle Aorta - A new rota for building a large vessel Aorta - Major heart valve Aorta - Powerful bloodline? Aorta - Vessel in an angiogram Aorta - Artery from the heart Aorta - Vessel to the abdomen Aorta - Vessel to the abdomen