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Phew - 'that was a close one!'

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Phew - 'that was a close one!' Phew - 'boy, is it hot!' Phew - 'boy, that was close!' Phew - Piano mover's cry Phew - 'that was close!' Phew - 'boy, am i tired!' Phew - Expression of relief Phew - 'what a relief!' Phew - Exclamation of relief Phew - "that was close!" Phew - "i'm glad that's over!" Phew - "boy, is it hot!" Phew - 'that stinks!' Phew - "that was a close one!" Phew - Sound of relief Phew - "just made it!" Phew - "what a relief!" Phew - Near-miss utterance Phew - Brow-wiping utterance Phew - [that was close!] Phew - "it's hot!" Phew - 'i'm glad that's over!' Phew - "made it!" Phew - "we made it!" Phew - Narrow-escape exclamation Phew - "that was a close one!" noise Phew - Word of relief Phew - 'they almost got me!' Phew - Relieved cry Phew - Post-crisis comment Phew - 'what smells?' Phew - 'that's a relief!' Phew - Cry of relief Phew - 'that was a close one!' noise Phew - "am i glad that's over!" Phew - Narrow escape exclamation Phew - Exclamation after a workout Phew - "boy, am i tired!" Phew - "close call!" Phew - Quiet hack's sound of relief Phew - Hot filling seat that's hot! Phew - Hot in seat, how hot it is! Phew - Gosh, that's a relief! Phew - Gosh, i'm sweltering! Phew - What a relief! it's hot! Phew - Not many uttered expression of relief Phew - 'man, that was close!' Phew - Wow! close cut following head of police Phew - Relief indicator Phew - 'so that's done!' Phew - Comment after a close call Phew - 'close call!' Phew - "that was something!" Phew - Recover unharmed Phew - Expression of relief, as husband sinks into seat Phew - Exclamation of relief not many uttered Phew - First indication of price cut, thank goodness! Phew - Not many will sound like this? that's a relief! Phew - Exclamation of relief not many heard Phew - Sound relieved to have page cut Phew - I'm baking first of pastries, then having chop Phew - Power cut - i'm overheating? Phew - Power cut that was close Phew - - - , it's hot! Phew - Exclamation at seeing price initially cut Phew - Power cut producing expression of astonishment Phew - Compilers heading back to pub that was very close! Phew - Pooh starts to pig honey -- eeyore's wide-eyed Phew - Short power cut, thank goodness! Phew - Exclamation of relief, disbelief or weariness Phew - 'man, is it humid in here!' Phew - "man, is it humid in here!" Phew - That's a relief! Phew - What a relief! Phew - Minimal power cut? thank goodness for that! Phew - 'i'm beat!' Phew - "coulda been worse!" Phew - ... not many sound relieved Phew - 'that was sure close!' Phew - 'glad that's done!' Phew - "boy, am i glad that's over!" Phew - Not a lot to be said that's comforting Phew - Power cut? that's a relief Phew - "is it ever hot!" Phew - 'glad that's over!' Phew - 'close one!' Phew - Sigh of relief Phew - Good gracious, it�s hot! Phew - 'that wasn't easy at all!'