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Sedate - Put under

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Sedate - Put under Sedate - Reserved Sedate - Calm Sedate - Unperturbed Sedate - Composed Sedate - Unruffled Sedate - Calm and collected Sedate - Use halothane Sedate - Give a shot, perhaps Sedate - Make calm Sedate - Tranquilize Sedate - Chill Sedate - Hit with a tranquilizer dart Sedate - Make chill Sedate - Far from jumpy Sedate - Cool and calm Sedate - Anesthetize, say Sedate - Drug Sedate - Tranquil Sedate - Give valium to, e.g Sedate - Calm and dignified Sedate - Get under control, in a way Sedate - Even-tempered Sedate - Sober Sedate - Peaceful Sedate - Calm down Sedate - Even with the tees broken around him, father does not get wild Sedate - Quiet and dignified Sedate - Does writing that's so cunning enable them to take you to court? Sedate - How desmond turned up and swallowed in such a shy way Sedate - Seated like this, one may keep one's cool Sedate - Des upped and swallowed this in no wanton manner Sedate - Calm enough to give time for fruit at last Sedate - Seated in a demure sort of way Sedate - How to get one seated in a demure way Sedate - Not forward with the fruit at last Sedate - The first of 10 across will make the last of this the last of 13 across Sedate - How ted has got involved with the calm sea (6) Sedate - Administer a calming drug Sedate - Dignified and subdued Sedate - Desmond got up and had a meal composed like this Sedate - Calm, not lively Sedate - Teased into being calm Sedate - Calm or spectral appartition Sedate - Composed and staid Sedate - Staid Sedate - Calm, staid Sedate - Calm, not flighty Sedate - Staid and sober Sedate - Prim and proper Sedate - The editor is so composed in such a decomposed seat Sedate - Your man is composed in the tees Sedate - Desmond came back and was fed, just to keep him quiet Sedate - Composed when ted goes to sea Sedate - Give a sleeping pill to one that's calm already? Sedate - Unhurried Sedate - Time at last to be be so prim and proper Sedate - Give a barbiturate to Sedate - One could get teased for being staid Sedate - Poised, at ease, inwardly calm Sedate - Caused a technical passage to be composed Sedate - Possibly seated and quite composed Sedate - ... on which the home counties are composed Sedate - Unruffled, though badly teased Sedate - First of drugs put in place: ecstasy, then dope Sedate - Teased about being placid Sedate - Teased about being sober Sedate - Seated uncomfortably but not inclined to move Sedate - Calm - staid Sedate - Staid - tranquillise Sedate - Staid - teased (anag) Sedate - Dignified - staid Sedate - Decorous Sedate - Placid Sedate - Cool and collected Sedate - Needing to be relaxed seated in a bad way Sedate - Unflappable Sedate - Serene Sedate - Earnest doctor teased Sedate - Dignified Sedate - Carefree Sedate - Give calming drug to Sedate - Teased about being boring Sedate - Composed little, back in ely, for example Sedate - Give tranquilliser to Sedate - Staid and extremely sensible boyfriend? Sedate - Put to sleep in artist's closed atelier Sedate - Calm journalist took exam about europe Sedate - Being sober, briefly meet girlfriend Sedate - Possibly occasion terrible anger in sainte-beuve essay Sedate - In spot, bit upset, but calm Sedate - Not very exciting appointment in kent? Sedate - Rather dull night out in kent Sedate - Drug - speed - regularly consumed Sedate - Staid; put to sleep Sedate - Calm, unhurried Sedate - Calm witness? a bit upset inside Sedate - Sober for appointment in kent? Sedate - Quiet and rather dull appointment in the kent area? Sedate - Drug supplied by boyfriend, extremely sociable at first Sedate - Leisurely assignation in the home counties Sedate - Quarter fruit in a dignified way Sedate - Demure Sedate - Calm usher letting odd characters go before court Sedate - Staid, dignified Sedate - Prim Sedate - Tranquilise Sedate - Calm governing body making small change Sedate - Teased horrendously for being demure Sedate - Calm for outwardly simple appointment Sedate - Calm corner of england before engagement Sedate - Before appointment, oddly she becomes calm Sedate - Calm down sue losing heart to boyfriend? Sedate - In a chair with the back raised makes you sober Sedate - Staid scribe discontented girlfriend? Sedate - Home counties girlfriend's demure Sedate - Tranquillise Sedate - Composed second edition, finally put away Sedate - University governing body, having overlooked name for degree, deliberate Sedate - Denied kiss, sex encounter is boringly polite Sedate - Composed and delivered number loudly Sedate - Calm, sober Sedate - Reserved and serene Sedate - Dignified and sombre Sedate - Sober; calm Sedate - Unexciting night out in kent area? Sedate - Composed small note to girlfriend Sedate - With vacuous smile, see dope Sedate - Seated strangely in a demure sort of way Sedate - Free from worry Sedate - Calm and dignified in manner Sedate - Teased doctor for drug Sedate - Give laughing gas to Sedate - Give xanax to, say Sedate - Composed? some composed, at ease Sedate - Give xanax, say Sedate - Father troy in bishop's seat is dignified Sedate - Home counties person going out with another is staid Sedate - Cool way to use barbit­urates Sedate - Grave site's empty, see Sedate - Calm; put to sleep Sedate - Slow Sedate - A steed in not very frisky form Sedate - Hit with a tranquilizer dart, say Sedate - Extremely serene and steady Sedate - Calm and quiet Sedate - Calm and quiet Sedate - Calm and demure Sedate - Calm and demure