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Adapts - Adjusts to fit

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Adapts - Adjusts to fit Adapts - Shows flexibility Adapts - Shows flexibility, in a way Adapts - Changes with the times Adapts - Converts Adapts - Modifies Adapts - Fits in Adapts - Tailors Adapts - Rewrites, e.g Adapts - Turns a book into a film, e.g Adapts - Changes to fit Adapts - Goes with the flow Adapts - Gets used (to) Adapts - Doesn't stay the same Adapts - Adjusts to conform Adapts - Retrofits, perhaps Adapts - Adjusts to change Adapts - Deals well with change Adapts - Makes a screenplay out of Adapts - Adjusts to something new Adapts - Is accommodating Adapts - Changes to handle new conditions Adapts - Conforms Adapts - Gets with the times Adapts - Gets to fit Adapts - Makes evolutionary changes Adapts - Changes, in a darwinian sense Adapts - Does as the romans do Adapts - Adjusts to one's situation Adapts - Modifies suitably Adapts - Copes with change Adapts - Learns to cope Adapts - Makes adjustments Adapts - Makes ready Adapts - Orients Adapts - Tweaks Adapts - Converts to alternative use Adapts - Changes to suit a new purpose Adapts - Changes to suit another purpose Adapts - Makes fit for a new purpose Adapts - Changes to fit new circumstances Adapts - Change to fit new circumstances Adapts - Makes suitable for a new use Adapts - Modifies for a new use Adapts - Alters for another use Adapts - Converts to a different use Adapts - Converts to another use Adapts - Converts to another usage Adapts - Converts to another use, say novel to stage Adapts - Alters to suit new conditions Adapts - Alters to fit Adapts - Alters to suit another purpose Adapts - Modifies or changes for another use Adapts - Changes to suit different circumstances Adapts - Converts to another use or purpose Adapts - Makes fit or tailors to another purpose Adapts - Adjusts for a new use Adapts - Changes to suit new circumstances Adapts - Changes to suit new requirements Adapts - Conforms as needed Adapts - Changes, in a way Adapts - Converts as needed Adapts - Tweaks, say Adapts - Girl sets non-u fashions Adapts - Fashions suitable to be shown in commercials Adapts - Makes adjustments for girl having second thoughts about head teacher Adapts - Girl's without training that makes fit Adapts - Makes work play, perhaps Adapts - Isn't too rigid Adapts - Makes fit Adapts - Isn't inflexible, in a way Adapts - Commercial break for past fashions Adapts - Evolves, say Adapts - Evolves, perhaps Adapts - Changes, say Adapts - Changes inclined to cut publicity Adapts - Transforms, as for a different medium Adapts - Changes for the big screen Adapts - Gets used to what one does for 18 across Adapts - Makes suitable Adapts - Conforms in anonymous accommodation? on the contrary, it's for lawrence! Adapts - Tailors prone to take part in commercials Adapts - Acclimatizes Adapts - Gym session's beginning -- first of all girl changes Adapts - Commercial activities will accept suitable changes Adapts - Adjusts to one's environment Adapts - Becomes adjusted to new conditions Adapts - Proves flexible Adapts - Rewrites for the screen, say Adapts - Woman with lots of money but no love changes Adapts - Changes plug when protecting point Adapts - Familiarises themselves with bill and pat cook at school Adapts - Reconfigures, as a book to a screenplay Adapts - Makes it work Adapts - Responds well to change Adapts - Reworks Adapts - Rolls with the punches Adapts - Takes from page to screen, say Adapts - Learns new technology, say Adapts - Changes notices to include a small point Adapts - Isn't rigid in one's ways Adapts - Evolves Adapts - Grows fur for the winter, say Adapts - Makes into a movie, say Adapts - Changes Adapts - Changes points made by woman