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Regent - Sovereign's stand-in

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Regent - Sovereign's stand-in Regent - University official Regent - Shopping street in london's west end Regent - Governor Regent - University officer Regent - University rule-setter Regent - King's stand-in Regent - Royal proxy Regent - Substitute scepter-wielder Regent - Temporary ruler Regent - University v.i.p Regent - Prince _____inlet, north-west territories Regent - Appointed ruler Regent - Sovereign's sub Regent - Acting ruler Regent - Acting in place of a ruler Regent - There's little sleep to be had here Regent - That's about a gentleman for a monarch Regent - Stand in about the chap Regent - That's something about the fellow stand-in Regent - Was albert about the end of 30 across? Regent - There was something about that chap albert Regent - Ruler in the absence of a monarch Regent - Albert was just about a man Regent - Ruler appointed when monarch is too young or away Regent - Person appointed to rule because monarch is too young Regent - Person who rules for a sovereign Regent - Person appointed as acting monarch Regent - King's sub Regent - One who acts for a monarch Regent - Here's a stand-in about the chap Regent - Substitute ruler Regent - One ruling about a lady's man Regent - Soak outside toilet on plane, say, finding way through central london Regent - Ruling Regent - Ruler during monarch's minority Regent - Stand-in monarch Regent - Ruler standing in for monarch Regent - Someone ruling on behalf of another Regent - College board member Regent - Trustee Regent - Regular payment to retain, say, acting chief Regent - Tear around say, being temporarily in charge Regent - Closely; almost Regent - Rue losing a king and admitting new ruler Regent - One acting for monarch who is a minor Regent - Fellow pushed back after monarch's return? Regent - Ruler has say when in charge Regent - One ruling for another Regent - One ruling on behalf of another Regent - One acting on behalf of an incapacitated monarch Regent - Ruler Regent - Interim monarch Regent - Stand-in ruler Regent - Ruling from engineering chap Regent - He takes charge temporarily, for example, during gap Regent - Ruling about well-bred chap Regent - Return of queen with fellow prince? Regent - College official Regent - Acting monarch Regent - Not quite king, not much more gentleman Regent - Person who rules, for example, in lease Regent - Ruler, for example, fills the breach Regent - As was prince george, say, gatecrashing opening Regent - Règne pendant la minorité du souverain