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Hop - Infield bounce

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  • Hop - Letter on H
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Hop - "happy days" dance Hop - "let's go to the ___ (oh baby)" Hop - "let's go to the ___" Hop - "misty mountain ___" (zep) Hop - "sock" or "bunny" follower Hop - "__ on pop": dr. seuss Hop - '..., step and jump (3)' Hop - '50s high school dance Hop - '50s high school event Hop - '50s school dance Hop - 'happy days' event Hop - ..., skip and jump Hop - 1950s dance Hop - 1950s gym event Hop - 30-minute flight, e.g Hop - 45-minute flight, say Hop - A bad one may lead to an error Hop - A short journey made by husband going to work Hop - Act like a rabbit Hop - All time quarterback "sock ___" Hop - Avoid puddles, say Hop - Ball in a gym Hop - Ball in a gym? Hop - Beer flavouring Hop - Beer flavouring; jump Hop - Beer ingredient Hop - Begin to have 4 down in your beer Hop - Behave like a bunny Hop - Board for flying Hop - Bobby-soxer's ball Hop - Bobby-soxer's event Hop - Bobbysoxer's ball Hop - Bounce Hop - Bounce like a bunny Hop - Bounce like a kangaroo Hop - Bounce like a rabbit Hop - Bounce on one leg Hop - Bounce on the infield Hop - Bound Hop - Bound to be in beer Hop - Bound, slightly Hop - Bunny bounce Hop - Bunny gait Hop - Bunny move Hop - Bunny __ Hop - Bunny's move Hop - Bunny's movement Hop - Bygone school dance Hop - Bygone school event Hop - Car or bell follower Hop - Climbing plant - jump! Hop - Climbing plant used to flavour beer (3) Hop - Cone which flavours beer Hop - Copy a bunny Hop - Copy a frog Hop - Dance Hop - Dance for bobby soxers Hop - Dance for teens in socks Hop - Dance party Hop - Dance; jump Hop - Dancing event Hop - Dancing party (informal) Hop - Devendra banhart "at the ___" Hop - Do the kangaroo Hop - Dried flower; jump Hop - Easter basket delivery gait? Hop - Easter bunny's spring, found in this puzzle's nine longest answers Hop - Emulate a bunny Hop - Emulate a joey Hop - Emulate a kangaroo Hop - Emulate a rabbit Hop - Emulate kanga Hop - Enter the one-legged race Hop - Event for bobby-soxers Hop - Event where the twist was done Hop - Event with gals in ponytails Hop - Fielder's challenge Hop - First phase for christian olsson Hop - First phase for mbango etone Hop - First phase for nathan douglas Hop - First phase for olsson Hop - First phase of olsson's event Hop - First phase of the walter davis event Hop - Flight on a shuttle Hop - Fruit - small jump Hop - Get aboard, as a train Hop - Go like a bunny Hop - Go like a frog Hop - Go like a kangaroo Hop - Gym event Hop - Gym party Hop - Have aspiration shortly for a dance Hop - High school dance Hop - High school dance, maybe Hop - Hip adjoiner? Hop - Hip chaser Hop - Hip follower Hop - How one cord makes ten more harsh Hop - I follower Hop - I follower? Hop - I followers? Hop - Infield bounce Hop - Informal dance Hop - It may be taken in a shuttle Hop - It's used in brewing Hop - Jaunt Hop - Jitterbug event Hop - Job or table ending Hop - Journey ultimately with no stop Hop - Journey ultimately with no stop Hop - Jump Hop - Jump #1 in a triple jump Hop - Jump about on one foot Hop - Jump about on one leg Hop - Jump lightly Hop - Jump on a pogo stick Hop - Jump on one foot Hop - Jump on one leg Hop - Jump on, as a train Hop - Jump over Hop - Jump; a plant Hop - Jump; dance Hop - Kangaroo leap Hop - Kangaroo manoeuvre Hop - Kangaroo's move Hop - Leap Hop - Leap on one foot Hop - Leap on one leg Hop - Leapfrog Hop - Limp Hop - Little jump Hop - Little spring Hop - Little trip Hop - Make like a bunny Hop - Make like a frog Hop - Make like a wallaby Hop - Move as a frog Hop - Move from place to place, so to speak Hop - Move like 38-across Hop - Move like a 29-across Hop - Move like a bunny Hop - Move like a flea Hop - Move like a kangaroo Hop - Move like a rabbit Hop - Move like a toad Hop - Move like a wallaby Hop - Move like a wallaroo Hop - Move like frogs Hop - Move like kanga Hop - Move on one leg Hop - Old dance Hop - Old school dance Hop - Participate in a potato sack rave Hop - Partner for "skip" and "jump" Hop - Partner of "skip and jump" Hop - Partner of skip and jump Hop - Place where many would twist Hop - Place where people twisted Hop - Play leapfrog Hop - Possible cause of a baseball fielder's error Hop - Proceed on one leg Hop - Progress by leaps and bounds? Hop - Puddle jumper trip Hop - Quaint dance Hop - Quaint school event Hop - Quick flight Hop - Quick jump Hop - Quick plane ride Hop - Quick plane trip Hop - Quick trip Hop - R.n. locales Hop - React to a bad toe-stubbing Hop - School dance Hop - School dance of the 1940s-'50s Hop - School dance of the past Hop - Second stage for ashia hansen Hop - Shake a leg there in hospital operation Hop - Short air trip Hop - Short flight Hop - Short jaunt Hop - Short journey Hop - Short jump Hop - Short plane flight Hop - Short plane trip Hop - Short travel distance Hop - Short trip Hop - Skip Hop - Skip and jump companion Hop - Skip and jump go-with Hop - Skip and jump partner Hop - Skip and jump preceder Hop - Skip preceder Hop - Skip; beer flavouring ingredient Hop - Small jump Hop - Small trip Hop - Small vault Hop - Spring Hop - Spring plant Hop - Start of a triple jump Hop - Syllable after car or table Hop - Table-__ Hop - Teen dance Hop - That's bound to be in the beer Hop - That's bound to get into the beer Hop - Triple jump feature Hop - Triple jump jump Hop - Triple-jump part Hop - Twist event Hop - Use a pogo stick Hop - Western indian Hop - What may the frog do to get into the beer? Hop - What pop-punk fans do Hop - With 36-down, dr. seuss classic with the subtitle "the simplest seuss for youngest use" Hop - With 36-down, dr. seuss classic with the subtitle 'the simplest seuss for youngest use' Hop - Word after bunny or sock