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Elect - Take, as a course Elect - Go for Elect - Choice Elect - -to-be Elect - Vote into office Elect - Chosen ones Elect - Occasional suffix on political titles Elect - Vote in Elect - Pick Elect - Make an officer, maybe Elect - Campaign poster word Elect - President-___ Elect - Decide on Elect - Superior Elect - Put into power Elect - Choose by popular vote Elect - Send to city hall Elect - Opt Elect - Put in Elect - Put into office Elect - Exclusive group of people Elect - Campaign-button word Elect - Cream of the crop Elect - Verb for voters Elect - Choose from a slate Elect - Choose Elect - Chosen few Elect - Put in office Elect - Give a seat to Elect - Chosen Elect - Word on a campaign button Elect - Make a choice Elect - Send to the capitol Elect - Choose, as a nonrequired course Elect - Give a seat? Elect - Put in a seat Elect - Choose representatives Elect - Take, as a nonrequired course Elect - Bumper sticker word, perhaps Elect - Send to the statehouse Elect - Decide Elect - Worthiest group Elect - Put into a seat Elect - End a race Elect - Send to the hill Elect - Opt for Elect - Yet to be installed, as a politician Elect - Provide a seat for Elect - Choose democratically Elect - Give a majority of the vote Elect - Fall bumper sticker word Elect - Chosen but not yet installed Elect - Give a seat Elect - Send to the hill, say Elect - Campaign ad verb Elect - Governor or mayor follower Elect - Yet to be sworn in, as a politician Elect - Make a 9 down, maybe Elect - Word on political pins Elect - Awaiting induction Elect - Super tuesday word Elect - Install in office Elect - Send to congress Elect - Choose, as a comptroller Elect - Pick via polls Elect - Send to washington Elect - Supporter's political sign word Elect - Bumper sticker word Elect - Give seats to Elect - Chosen people Elect - Exclusive group Elect - Vote for Elect - Choose (to) Elect - Chews this, by the sound of it Elect - Choose this Elect - Appoint through ballot Elect - Choose by voting Elect - Choose by ballot Elect - Appoint by ballot Elect - Choose by vote Elect - Choose by a vote Elect - Return the chosen Elect - 'chews this, by the sound of it (5)' Elect - Chews the sound of this to get one returned Elect - Bumper-sticker verb Elect - Opt (to) Elect - Put in power Elect - To-be, in politics Elect - Chosen - to vote Elect - Bring to office Elect - Campaign-button verb Elect - Give a seat to the spanish converting etc Elect - Give the most votes Elect - Return damaged celt to spain Elect - Place in office Elect - Word on a lawn sign Elect - Send to the white house Elect - Pick out Elect - Not yet inaugurated Elect - Campaign button word Elect - Campaign sign directive Elect - Suffix often seen in december Elect - Campaigner's verb Elect - Approve for office installation Elect - Choose; chosen Elect - Help person standing to a seat Elect - Appoint Elect - Pick a captain, for instance Elect - Choose to deliver only part of the lecture Elect - Chosen, singled out Elect - Choose the captain, for instance Elect - Chosen, choose Elect - Waiting to get into office shared with science lecturer Elect - Choose; singled out Elect - Like computer mail - half lost, the other half being set apart Elect - Put in power by voting Elect - Put in special people Elect - Opt for; chosen Elect - Greek tragedy - no gunners return Elect - Return uplifted from great celebration Elect - Governor or senator follower Elect - Return from the spanish refurbishment, etc Elect - Choose to be seen in college lectures Elect - Choose the spanish form of therapy Elect - Choose for parliament, say Elect - Plump for the cream Elect - Choose the particle ron left behind Elect - Top people from european commission in english language teaching Elect - Choose; vote in Elect - Give seat to person standing in the lecture Elect - Select; chosen Elect - Select Elect - Put in an office Elect - Decide (to) Elect - Vote in, making some selections Elect - Campaign word Elect - Campaign sign word Elect - Send to office Elect - Make president Elect - See 57-down Elect - Send to the senate Elect - Choose to miss bits at either end of the lecture Elect - What some people who swear they aren't trolling want to do to donald trump Elect - Campaign verb Elect - Word on campaign signs Elect - Vote for; choose Elect - Put in a position of power Elect - Campaign poster plea Elect - Suffix meaning "in soon" Elect - The spanish and french, having caught cold, return Elect - To do this, people will choose democratic president, ultimately? Elect - A-list Elect - Send to city hall, say Elect - Choose by majority vote Elect - Go for the spanish shock treatment Elect - Determine in favor of Elect - Current cut off from rhode island, city awaiting power Elect - Choose to put up with the left rather than the right Elect - Choose new bracelet, not needing female support Elect - Choose formally Elect - Word in political ads Elect - November lawn sign verb Elect - Choose at the polls Elect - Put in a seat? Elect - Word whose meaning remains unchanged when an 's' is added to the front Elect - Choose to serve