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Tenor - Jose carreras, for one

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Tenor - Jose carreras, for one Tenor - Don jose, in 'carmen' Tenor - Voice above baritone Tenor - Domingo, for one Tenor - Pavarotti, e.g Tenor - Drift Tenor - Purport Tenor - Verdi's alfredo germont, e.g Tenor - Alfredo, in 'la traviata' Tenor - Carreras or caruso Tenor - Riccardo, in 'un ballo in maschera' Tenor - Pavarotti or carreras Tenor - Domingo, e.g Tenor - Pavarotti or domingo Tenor - General drift Tenor - A chorus line Tenor - Caruso, e.g Tenor - Carreras or domingo Tenor - Overall sense Tenor - Type of sax used in some al jarreau songs Tenor - Pavarotti's range Tenor - Kind of horn Tenor - Highest natural adult male voice Tenor - Viola's range Tenor - Enrico caruso, for one Tenor - Andrea bocelli, for one Tenor - Operatic voice Tenor - Pinkerton in 'madama butterfly' Tenor - Gigli, e.g Tenor - Voice range Tenor - Opera hero, often Tenor - Pavarotti, notably Tenor - Bocelli's pitch Tenor - ___ sax Tenor - Pinkerton, in 'madama butterfly,' e.g Tenor - Baritone's little brother Tenor - Top man in the choir? Tenor - Pavarotti or domingo, e.g Tenor - Verdi's otello, for one Tenor - Voice between alto and baritone Tenor - 114-across, e.g Tenor - Lowish voice Tenor - A chorus line? Tenor - Lohengrin, for one Tenor - Four-part harmony part Tenor - Melchior, for one Tenor - Caruso, notably Tenor - Male voice Tenor - Hymn part Tenor - "nessun dorma" singer Tenor - Sax range Tenor - Jussi bjorling, notably Tenor - Tone Tenor - Male singing voice Tenor - Caruso, among others Tenor - Jan peerce, e.g Tenor - Part in the middle Tenor - Caruso was one Tenor - Barbershop quartet member Tenor - Luciano pavarotti, e.g Tenor - Thrust Tenor - Voice higher than baritone Tenor - Bocelli or domingo Tenor - Train of thought Tenor - Voice below alto Tenor - Male operatic voice Tenor - Wagner's tannhäuser, e.g Tenor - Covent garden vocalist Tenor - Chorus member Tenor - Like bill clinton's saxophone Tenor - Male voice range Tenor - Carlo bergonzi, e.g Tenor - Faust, e.g Tenor - Pavarotti, for one Tenor - Vocal range Tenor - Voice above a baritone Tenor - Don jose, in "carmen" Tenor - Sax type Tenor - Opera's hero, often Tenor - Bocelli's range Tenor - Choir voice Tenor - Tamino in 'the magic flute,' e.g Tenor - "danny boy" singer, often Tenor - One of a singing trio Tenor - Pavarotti was one Tenor - Course of thought Tenor - Caruso or carreras, e.g Tenor - Kind of saxophone Tenor - Choir member Tenor - 1 down performer, often Tenor - Kind of sax Tenor - Placido domingo, for one Tenor - Julio iglesias, for one Tenor - Pervading tone Tenor - Barbershop quartet voice Tenor - Low voice Tenor - Caruso or domingo Tenor - Quartet voice Tenor - Choir male, often Tenor - Caruso, for one Tenor - Otello’s voice Tenor - Bocelli, for one Tenor - Opera singer Tenor - Carreras, for one Tenor - Met performer Tenor - Met male Tenor - Barbershop member Tenor - Choir part Tenor - Man in the choir Tenor - General meaning of a male voice Tenor - Around six, the seer may alter the original Tenor - Male singer Tenor - It's a bit high to be invoiced like this Tenor - X or invoice? Tenor - Sounds like what you might have to pay so high a fellow Tenor - He will get high, by the sound of it Tenor - Below the treble Tenor - He gets high, by the sound of it Tenor - Thus one might get to 9 down on for amortise Tenor - X or on high, by the sound of it (5) Tenor - X for a high invoice for him Tenor - He has to be high to get to the middle of 28 across Tenor - It's x, or by the sound of it he's high Tenor - More than one over the eight, or he sounds high Tenor - That's high for him in the hymn Tenor - Double figures, or that sounds high for him Tenor - There's nothing in the rent to make it sound so high Tenor - Lo, that's not what he sounds like Tenor - Male singer with high register Tenor - Male singing voice Tenor - Male singer with high-pitched voice Tenor - High male singing voice like pavarotti Tenor - Male voice of high pitch, like luciano Tenor - Voice classification of jose carreras Tenor - Certain voice range Tenor - Male singing voice of high pitch Tenor - General drift or meaning Tenor - Saxophone type Tenor - He's high, by the sound of it. note that, by the sound of it (5) Tenor - Sound of a note gets him a high note Tenor - It was a high note, by the sound of it, that he hit Tenor - That's enough to make him high, by the sound of it Tenor - Sounds if he's for hire Tenor - More than one over the eight, or that's enough to make the man sound high Tenor - His invoice is a high one Tenor - Higher invoice than the top of 10 across Tenor - Higher invoice for this than for bass Tenor - By the sound of it he gets to the end of 18 down or this Tenor - He sounds high for the money Tenor - It's above bass Tenor - Operatic male Tenor - Male chorus member Tenor - Barbershop need Tenor - Singer put right after a wrong note Tenor - Catch up on alternative humour Tenor - Catch up on alternative trend Tenor - Vocalist's alternative number comes first Tenor - Singer, of course Tenor - Course for a singer Tenor - Pavarotti, say, or that's the implication Tenor - Singer in a long-forgotten oratorio Tenor - Meaning - male singing voice Tenor - General course - singer Tenor - High male voice Tenor - Course - singer Tenor - General course - male singer Tenor - Singer (one of three?) Tenor - High voice - low bell Tenor - Singer Tenor - Male voice (one of three?) Tenor - Placido domingo, say Tenor - Tannhäuser, for one Tenor - Bocelli or domingo, e.g Tenor - Type of saxophone Tenor - Range of some saxophones Tenor - Andrea bocelli, e.g Tenor - Highest adult male voice Tenor - Aria singer, at times Tenor - Baritone colleague Tenor - Cross nothing registered with powerful voice Tenor - Kind of sax or singer Tenor - Word from the latin for "hold" Tenor - Don josé in 'carmen,' e.g Tenor - High choir voice Tenor - Vibe Tenor - Opera's mario lanza, for one Tenor - Satb section Tenor - Otello portrayer, e.g Tenor - Saxophone range Tenor - Voice in a choir Tenor - Caruso, famously Tenor - Guy in a chorus Tenor - Drift of thought Tenor - Purport to show range of 14 across Tenor - Big bell's cracked note first to ring Tenor - Singer's exact words Tenor - Eg, caruso Tenor - Singer brings note to the audience Tenor - Mate normally holds course Tenor - Note heard from bell Tenor - Singing voice Tenor - Eg, luciano pavarotti Tenor - Higher male voice Tenor - Drift in frigate, northwards Tenor - Several men following course Tenor - Eg, placido domingo Tenor - Singer drowned by rotten organist Tenor - Singer's note has no vibrato in the middle Tenor - Singer fluffed note at start of recital Tenor - Purport to be a singer Tenor - Bell's note we hear Tenor - Web spun with gold thread Tenor - Voice speaking of money Tenor - Pavarotti or caruso Tenor - Doo-wop group member Tenor - Number initially opposing rorke's drift Tenor - Mark alongside notes showing instability of centre left Tenor - General meaning of an utterance Tenor - Singer's theme Tenor - Eg pavarotti Tenor - General course for some post-graduate norwegians Tenor - A number, or the singer Tenor - Note sounded by the singer Tenor - Singer; drift Tenor - Singer coming in late normally Tenor - He sings discordant note right at the end Tenor - Meaning to talk of money Tenor - Singer rendering number, getting nothing right Tenor - Highest male voice Tenor - Singer's note for the audience Tenor - Male 17 Tenor - He'll sing the number, in other words Tenor - Catch up - nothing right, but get the drift Tenor - Note we hear from singer Tenor - High male singing voice Tenor - Bill heard a voice Tenor - Often organist is too much for this singer Tenor - Singer's note heard by the audience Tenor - All fingers and thumbs alternatively making sense Tenor - Turning right round one gives voice Tenor - Male voice, in a general sense Tenor - Singer's time with right single in comeback Tenor - Drift; singer Tenor - Singer gets awkward note right Tenor - Singer put right after wrong note Tenor - Singer vocalising note Tenor - He produces sound of note Tenor - Voice above bass Tenor - They must lose regulars, and not drift Tenor - Pinkerton in 'madama butterfly,' e.g Tenor - Male choir member Tenor - Sax selection Tenor - With 27-across, pavarotti number, e.g Tenor - Prince ramiro in rossini's "la cenerentola," e.g Tenor - Barbershop voice Tenor - Soprano's counterpart Tenor - Guy's part Tenor - Catch up to gold singer Tenor - Adult male voice Tenor - Barbershop part Tenor - Marcello giordani, for one Tenor - Barbershop quartet harmonizer Tenor - General meaning to expand number of regiments, initially Tenor - Pitch range Tenor - Singer gets a note, we hear Tenor - High male singer Tenor - Drift anchor one tugged up, though only partly Tenor - Male opera star Tenor - Singer with only half a score getting nothing right Tenor - Chanteur Tenor - Common sax Tenor - Certain horn or sax Tenor - Chorus line Tenor - Certain opera voice Tenor - Male singing voice between baritone and alto Tenor - Little space in core elements of oratorios for singer Tenor - Mario lanza, for one Tenor - Voice in 14-across Tenor - Bocelli or caruso Tenor - Pavarotti, maybe Tenor - Andrea bocelli, notably Tenor - Leaders picked off it men for course Tenor - Singer's important number -- 'gold' Tenor - Voice in a singing trio Tenor - Richard tauber en était un Tenor - Sax type played by clinton Tenor - Il a de la voix Tenor - Pavarotti, for example Tenor - Placido domingo, e.g Tenor - Wagner's siegfried, for one Tenor - With 32-across, instrument played by coltrane Tenor - A cappella group member Tenor - Singer in first eno rigoletto Tenor - 'danny boy' voice, usually Tenor - Member of the choir Tenor - King herod in strauss's 'salome,' e.g Tenor - Steve douglas played this sax on dylan's "street-legal" Tenor - Plácido domingo, for one Tenor - Plácido domingo, for one Tenor - Many an opera singer Tenor - Many an opera singer Tenor - Variety of sax Tenor - Variety of sax