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Animal - Member of a very old kingdom

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Animal - Member of a very old kingdom Animal - '20 questions' category / layer Animal - Zoo inhabitant Animal - Creature Animal - Type of cracker or magnetism Animal - Ox or fox Animal - Certain kingdom Animal - Mole or mule Animal - Kind of cracker Animal - Brute Animal - Kind of husbandry or magnetism Animal - Type of cracker Animal - Twenty questions category Animal - Kind of instinct Animal - Sloth, e.g Animal - Muppet drummer Animal - "20 questions" category Animal - Big-time party person Animal - Moose or mouse Animal - Brutish sort Animal - "the muppet show" drummer Animal - Member of a certain kingdom Animal - 20 questions category Animal - Like some instincts Animal - Member of a kingdom Animal - Orwell's "__ farm" Animal - Mammal or bird Animal - "twenty questions" category Animal - Zoo denizen Animal - Beast Animal - Skink or skunk Animal - Kind of husbandry Animal - Zooid Animal - Orwellian farmer Animal - ___ instincts Animal - Critter Animal - One with absolutely no manners Animal - Twenty questions qualifier Animal - Uncouth sort Animal - Mink or sable Animal - Wild Animal - Cracker shape Animal - Zoo occupant Animal - Wolfman, some nights Animal - Zoo resident Animal - Zoo resident Animal - '20 questions' category Animal - '20 ques-tions category' Animal - Get the layer back to the living like this Animal - Give the layer a turn-up for the living Animal - How the living layer turns up Animal - Living being Animal - Only one mother from ulster in half a hundred is so lively Animal - If it's 31 across, layer it back Animal - In turn, the layer might become so lively Animal - Give an ulster mother fifty to keep her alive Animal - How the layer turns up alive Animal - It's the layer's turn to be lively Animal - Man or beast Animal - How the layer turns living like this Animal - Layer this up to make it live Animal - What a lively turn to the layer! Animal - The lively turn of the layer Animal - The layer turns lively like this Animal - A living layer up there Animal - A mother from ulster needs half a century to get to be so lively Animal - A mother from ulster gets lively before getting to fifty (6) Animal - How a spouse from ulster starts to be so lively Animal - Make a layer a living turn Animal - Layer up the living Animal - How a mother from ulster gets half a century for living Animal - When a mother from ulster gets to fifty, she is quite lively Animal - Not a layer, yet it is a layer up there Animal - Is the layer so returned to the living? Animal - Turn this layer over to make it come alive Animal - A mother from ulster gets to fifty before she comes alive Animal - Layer up only half of 8 across Animal - A parent from the north comes to life when she comes to fifty Animal - How the layer turns back for life Animal - Live layer up Animal - It's not vegetable or mineral Animal - Animate being Animal - Living it up like this in the layer Animal - The main part of this may get to live with a half-century Animal - Turn the living layer Animal - Beast from manila Animal - Living organism characterised by voluntary movement Animal - Living organism Animal - Varmint Animal - A beast from manila Animal - It shares the world with vegetable and mineral Animal - Layer up for a living Animal - Layer this up in a beastly way Animal - Layers it up for a living Animal - The layer back here is living, but not a hen Animal - Layers back for the living Animal - Layer it up while it's still alive Animal - What a beastly way to get a layer up Animal - A parent from ulster gets half a century living Animal - Layer up for a beastly living Animal - 'going back, am in a thin plate following fifty (6)' Animal - Layers live it up Animal - Layer this up while it's living Animal - Layer the creature up Animal - Aesop character, usually Animal - An ulster mother gets a pound from the brute Animal - Twisted balloon shape, often Animal - Brutal for a short time? thats up to capone Animal - Overlooking american hostility to capone, the brute Animal - Beast with bony plate to rear Animal - Creature found when sheets are turned over Animal - Plate brought up, liver? Animal - Backing the french bird or beast Animal - Beast wants plate flipped over Animal - Sensual lana turner embracing single male Animal - Brute when the sheet's turned back? Animal - Plate served up for the beast Animal - Creature turned layer Animal - I"m alan (anag) - a wild, crazy person Animal - Living creature Animal - Creature having voluntary movement Animal - Living creature with voluntary motion Animal - Neither vegetable nor mineral Animal - Organism having life Animal - 22 across says hello to one Animal - 'the muppet show' drummer Animal - Kind of magnetism Animal - Zebra or zebu Animal - Any organism capable of voluntary movement Animal - Red-headed drummer on 'the muppets' Animal - Red-headed drummer on "the muppets" Animal - Brute gets an international leader to go to malcolm Animal - Jaguar or impala Animal - Horse, for example, backed for plate Animal - Cracker shape, maybe Animal - Komodo dragon or tasmanian devil Animal - Article on one mother learning to drive is beastly Animal - Member of a large kingdom Animal - Barbarian Animal - Crazed muppet drummer Animal - Kid's cracker shape Animal - Muppet drummer in dr. teeth and the electric mayhem Animal - Brute - one of the muppets Animal - Muppets drummer Animal - Sponge, e.g Animal - One sharing our kingdom Animal - Giving a punch in return is brutal Animal - Creature with plate on back Animal - Thin plate around creature Animal - Rock'n'roll ------ (lou reed album) Animal - Circus performer, maybe, got plate spinning Animal - Non-vegetarian, i'm allowed to eat one? Animal - Uncivilised person Animal - Possibly bear plate upwards Animal - Beast causing the french bird to take flight Animal - The captain in the middle watch Animal - Brutal, sensual Animal - Mail an unusual version of a leading orwell character Animal - Man i maltreat, not all beast Animal - Such as 13 ac Animal - Some human i maligned as non-human? not necessarily Animal - Plate up lamb, perhaps Animal - Beast turning plate over Animal - Seton's heroes Animal - Armadillo, for example, has plate all round Animal - Savage Animal - Part of a large kingdom Animal - "___, vegetable or mineral?" Animal - Sort of kingdom where the soul has left Animal - Terrible man i name 'the beast' Animal - Creature found wild in manila Animal - Creature leaving half of lean trim veal Animal - An assortment of mail for the brute Animal - Mammal Animal - The french bird's back for brute Animal - Brute from iran? i'm alarmed Animal - Brutish parent dressed in blue Animal - A man i broke up with and left. a beast Animal - ' - - farm', orwell Animal - An american gangster ensnaring one maiden, the beast! Animal - Being from milan, a revolutionary Animal - Brutal strike in area that�s up-and-coming Animal - Clothed in armani, male pig, say? Animal - Brutal dictator back in albania Animal - Beast turned plate upside down Animal - Pig's plate overturned Animal - See 26 Animal - Brutal african dictator in us city making comeback Animal - Covering up for a brute Animal - In the zoo for first half of 14 across Animal - See 48-across Animal - A milan model in mink? Animal - Alternative to vegetable and mineral Animal - Type of crackers Animal - __ cracker Animal - Blair's fabulous place in the country? Animal - Sort of thing covering wheels Animal - Kingdom member Animal - Part of hoof upset horse? Animal - A milan model in mink Animal - Edges away from manic small creature Animal - Looking up word for 'layer': a hen, perhaps Animal - Drummer in 'the muppets' Animal - Sponge, for one Animal - 1978 comedy classic Animal - The french tweeter's flipping sensual Animal - Meaning of the greek root of "zodiac" Animal - Bird's back with practically complete beast Animal - Menagerie member Animal - Growling kesha album? Animal - Pearl jam "i'd rather be with an ___" Animal - Kid's cookie shape Animal - A game, a lake, a creature Animal - 'the muppet show' percussionist Animal - Mule or deer ... or mule deer Animal - Sponge or sea anemone Animal - Pearl jam "vs." single Animal - Not vegetable or mineral Animal - Line manager removes green creature Animal - “the mere ____ pleasure of travelling in a wild unexplored country is also great …” (dr david livingstone) Animal - Mounted plate displaying a horse, say Animal - With 56-across, lunchbox snacks ... or a hint to the black squares before 18-, 29-, 35- and 45-across? Animal - Take hay from himalayan beast Animal - A milan model is kept warm with fur perhaps Animal - Hound or badger? Animal - A little man, i'm a lowly beast Animal - Category in a guessing game