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Tds - Kingdome scores, for short

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Tds - Jerry rice's 208, briefly Tds - Passing successes Tds - Raiders make them, informally Tds - Viking gains, for short Tds - End zone scores, briefly Tds - Qb's successes Tds - Grid stats Tds - Viking achievements, for short Tds - 6-pt. plays Tds - Rose bowl scores Tds - What driving offenses might lead to?: abbr Tds - Jerry rice's 208 is an nfl record Tds - Viking strikes Tds - Bowl highlights: abbr Tds - 62-down events, for short Tds - Favre's 508, briefly Tds - Parts of bowls, for short Tds - Football six-pt. plays Tds - Gridiron scores (abbr.) Tds - Gridiron 6-pointers (abbr.) Tds - Nfl goals Tds - Qbs' stats Tds - Qbs' feats Tds - Qb coups Tds - Rbs' stats Tds - Grid six-pointers Tds - Jets' stats Tds - Nfl stat Tds - Results of some bombs: abbr Tds - Cowboys' coups Tds - Qb's objectives Tds - Some football pts Tds - Gridiron goals: abbr Tds - Sports scores, for short Tds - You'll find them in the first part of 22 down Tds - Super bowl six-pointers Tds - Some nfl stats Tds - Stats in passing Tds - Qb's most successful passes Tds - Viking scores, for short Tds - Results of most 100-yd. returns Tds - Gridiron scores Tds - Stats for a qb Tds - Scores for 30-across Tds - 82-across stats Tds - Results of some sunday drives?: abbr Tds - Slo-mo replay subjects Tds - Quarterback successes Tds - Qb's tally Tds - Causes of end zone celebrations, for short Tds - Super bowl scores Tds - Rarities for nfl tackles Tds - Bowl highlights Tds - Qb feats Tds - Goal line crossings: abbr Tds - End zone scores, for short Tds - Qbs pass for them Tds - Cardinal pts.? Tds - Jerry rice's record 208, briefly Tds - Nfl 6-pointers Tds - Some ints result in them Tds - Many espn fall highlights Tds - Some highlight reel features, for short Tds - Reasons for bowl cheers Tds - Qb's coups Tds - 7-down's goals, briefly Tds - 6-point football scores Tds - Successes for niners Tds - The ravens got four in super bowl xlvii: abbr Tds - Receiving stats Tds - Nfl scoring plays Tds - They may be celebrated after throwing bombs: abbr Tds - Qb's pursuit Tds - Some successful plays, for short Tds - Bowl goals Tds - Qb scores Tds - 64 down scores Tds - Pro bowl scores Tds - Saints' stats Tds - 56-across stats Tds - Rushing goals, briefly Tds - Nfl stats: abbr Tds - Qb goals Tds - What some bombs result in, in brief Tds - Super sunday stats Tds - B. favre's career 508 Tds - More gridiron stats Tds - Football stats Tds - Super bowl successes, for short Tds - People might pass for them, for short Tds - Chargers' successes Tds - Possible results of going long Tds - Gridiron scores, for short Tds - Reasons for end zone dances: abbr Tds - Vikings seek them, briefly Tds - Scores of vikings, for short Tds - Some ot enders Tds - D. dickenson pursuit Tds - Stats for 62 down Tds - Nfl coups Tds - Scores by qbs Tds - Scores by rbs and wrs Tds - Passing concerns, for short? Tds - Goals for a. luck Tds - Raiders' successes, briefly Tds - Extra-point preceders Tds - Giant feats: abbr Tds - Rice stats: abbr Tds - Six pt. scores Tds - Buccaneers' successes Tds - Some recap highlights Tds - Manning stats Tds - Texans' triumphs, for short Tds - Gridiron pts Tds - Jet propulsion aims, briefly? Tds - Gridiron successes, for short Tds - Te's coups Tds - Goals of some drives, for short Tds - Grid scores (abbr.) Tds - Some super bowl highlights, briefly Tds - Montana's 273, in brief Tds - Brady bunch, briefly Tds - Jerry rice's 208: abbr Tds - Viking achievements (abbr.) Tds - Pride of lions, for short? Tds - Bills are frequently paid for them Tds - Pick-sixes result in them Tds - Espn highlights Tds - Coups in bowls Tds - Some espn playbacks Tds - G. reed specialty Tds - Cardinal points, briefly? Tds - Reasons for end-zone dances (abbr.) 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