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Spin - Interpretation Spin - Wash cycle Spin - Fabricate Spin - Specialty of some doctors Spin - 'wheel of fortune' choice Spin - English Spin - Turn in many a children's game Spin - Quick trip Spin - Test drive Spin - Try at roulette Spin - Fast eddy Spin - Recreational drive Spin - Pirouette Spin - Brief drive Spin - Kind of doctor Spin - Flack's forte Spin - "wheel of fortune" choice Spin - Go round and round Spin - Damage control tactic Spin - Quick drive Spin - "wheel of fortune" option Spin - Reinterpret, in a way Spin - Political slant Spin - Media viewpoint Spin - Whirl Spin - Showcase lead-in on 'the price is right' Spin - It may be on a tennis ball Spin - Wash or dry cycle Spin - Doctor's rotation? Spin - Popular music magazine Spin - Turn at roulette Spin - Type of doctor Spin - Short drive Spin - Board-game turn Spin - Washer cycle Spin - Aerial maneuver Spin - Self-serving slant Spin - Spokesman's specialty Spin - A kind of doctor? Spin - Board game turn Spin - Tail follower Spin - Public relations effort Spin - Reinterpret for political gain Spin - 'wheel of fortune' turn Spin - Media slant Spin - Publicist's concern Spin - Joyride Spin - "wheel of fortune" turn Spin - Kind of doctor? Spin - Rotate Spin - It may be applied to a tennis ball Spin - Pundit's interpretation Spin - Slanted type in the paper? Spin - D.j.'s offering, informally Spin - Twirl Spin - Quick ride Spin - Casual car ride Spin - ___ the bottle Spin - Something to take in a car Spin - Make a web Spin - Make positive, in a way Spin - Revolve Spin - Politician's forte Spin - Top quality? Spin - Biased interpretation Spin - Short ride Spin - 'wheel of fortune' action Spin - Washer or dryer action Spin - Blender alternative Spin - With 22-across, prepares to put on the line Spin - Twirl ... or a cryptic hint to 20-, 36- and 51-across? Spin - Turn in a game of dreidel Spin - Pleasure drive Spin - Board-game turn, sometimes Spin - Pol's forte Spin - Play the dj Spin - Turn in many a children's board game Spin - Alternative to 'roll the dice' Spin - Pr man's tactic Spin - Subjective take Spin - Promotional activity Spin - Quick car ride Spin - Move like a top Spin - Biased viewpoint Spin - Forte of a certain "doctor" Spin - Turn in a kissing game Spin - Electron property Spin - Press agent's specialty Spin - Rolling stone rival Spin - Showcase lead-in on "the price is right" Spin - Turn in many a kids' game Spin - Go a few rounds? Spin - Suffer vertigo Spin - Board-game turn, often Spin - Roulette action Spin - Euphemism for political distortion Spin - Quick car trip Spin - Reel Spin - "wheel of fortune" action Spin - Take turns Spin - Turn Spin - 'wheel of fortune' option Spin - 'wheel of fortune' decision Spin - Go in circles Spin - Revolve, whirl Spin - Turns round and pinches up Spin - Some talk on political talk shows Spin - Hurries up to get around Spin - Might a revolutionary get around to it? Spin - Turn up with the little drinks (4) Spin - Hurries back to get around to this Spin - Turn and turn around, so that it makes one feel the pinch Spin - Turn back when it comes to the pinch Spin - Turns and feels the pinch to turn round Spin - One may get around at the pinch to them up there Spin - Turn rapidly on axis Spin - Rotate, twirl Spin - Rotate rapidly Spin - At last you get to the point of the revolution Spin - Rotate like toy top Spin - Swift whirling motion Spin - This doctor deals in political publicity Spin - Gyrate, reel Spin - This dizzy doctor is a publicity agent Spin - Turn on axis Spin - This doctor is a political story-polisher Spin - A .... doctor is a publicity agent Spin - Change negatives to positives Spin - Twist or rotate Spin - Move as a top Spin - Gyrate Spin - Work natural fibres into a thread or twist a story Spin - Rotate on pins Spin - Snip in order to rotate Spin - Pinches back in a roundabout way Spin - Pinches one's back, but not it seems for the spout Spin - Turns up and pinches this Spin - Turn it around and it pinches one Spin - Ride Spin - Brief car ride Spin - Do some political damage control Spin - Twirl around Spin - Prepare, as cotton candy Spin - What's wrong about party leader? Spin - New labour's turn to seek power in corruption Spin - Odds on batting side Spin - Second leg of the jaunt Spin - Twist shorts around Spin - Rotation is constant between poles Spin - What a doctor does with pins Spin - Political treatment by 'doctor' Spin - Turn - type of new labour doctor Spin - Massaging of news Spin - Doctoring of news etc Spin - Jaunt Spin - Slant put on news etc Spin - Dj Spin - Ride in new wheels, say Spin - Political damage control Spin - Make a web site? Spin - Go around Spin - Music magazine Spin - Peg behind small radio station Spin - Media bias Spin - Part of a publicity agent's job Spin - Doctor's specialty? Spin - Laundry cycle Spin - Option on 'wheel of fortune' Spin - Music magazine founded by bob guccione jr Spin - __ doctor Spin - Work on the web Spin - Work on a web site? Spin - Game show turn Spin - Play the d.j Spin - What dreidels do Spin - Rotate like a top Spin - Mendacious pr; type of bowling Spin - Drive to present information favourably Spin - Weasel words implying insufficiency of backbone? Spin - Ball from doctor grace? Spin - Goes quickly up to work at wheel Spin - Nips back on a turning wicket Spin - What a ball may do on a doctored pitch! Spin - Nips back from giles Spin - It does not need a doctored pitch for shane warne to produce this Spin - Will kumble humble england with it? Spin - Turn quickly Spin - Make thread; go round Spin - Wheel hurries up Spin - Turn round quickly Spin - Give biased view on revolution Spin - Pr revolution Spin - Emphasis; turn rapidly Spin - Beginning to slog to leg, against this? Spin - Quickly turn round Spin - Political interpretation; rotate Spin - Rapidly rotate Spin - Small nail some doctors deal with Spin - Second on leg is needed for some bowling Spin - Skating maneuver Spin - Whirl around Spin - Turn catches over Spin - Give it a whirl Spin - Short pleasure trip certain doctors initiate? Spin - Second part of 2 Spin - Drive the tots back Spin - Revolve round the trip Spin - Rotate small skittle Spin - Bites back in turn Spin - Short run which distinguishes slow bowlers Spin - Swirling motion Spin - Hurries back prior to revolution Spin - Having knocked back drinks, drive Spin - Trip, knocking over the drinks Spin - Take a turn serving up drinks Spin - Starts to say political information's no bias? Spin - The odds on batting against this bowling Spin - Run out from square leg Spin - Favourable slant of socialist policies inspired nation first of all Spin - Put on record -- favourably? Spin - Revolutionary movement giving biased interpretation Spin - Turn, retreating from shots Spin - Drive second towards flag Spin - Bringing back drinks from trip Spin - Misleading slant on news Spin - Something revolutionary some doctors work on Spin - Run second leg Spin - Vertebral column stunted? one may get a doctor for that Spin - Drive bowling of swann? Spin - Leader of parliament involved in evil massaging of pr Spin - Rotate quickly Spin - Rotate; ride Spin - Quick car ride producing error in parking? the opposite Spin - Create, as a web Spin - Revolve quickly Spin - Remedy from a doctor? Spin - Drive second leg Spin - Turn rapidly Spin - Favorable slant Spin - Roulette turn Spin - It makes a curveball curve Spin - Do a dj set, informally Spin - ___ room (site of postdebate political commentary) Spin - Washroom cycle Spin - Muon momentum Spin - English, e.g Spin - Political spokesman's specialty Spin - Twist - creative media relations Spin - ____ orama ( a savardian deke) Spin - Bit of public relations deception Spin - Revolve, turn Spin - Make up a story Spin - Twirl or whirl Spin - Bias Spin - Deceptive distortion Spin - Not rolling stone Spin - Rolling stone mag foe Spin - Rolling stones' thorn Spin - Popular music mag Spin - "little miss can't be wrong" ___ doctors Spin - Dead or alive "you ___ me round" Spin - What dead or alive will do to a record? Spin - "you ___ me right round" Spin - Lifehouse song for merry-go-round music? Spin - Assemble, as yarn Spin - Rolling stone magazine alternative Spin - Drive to nowhere Spin - Put favourable slant on cricketer's skill? Spin - Turn in a twister game Spin - Do many a pundit's job Spin - Top motion Spin - Word before doctor or cycle Spin - Travel around Spin - Back cuts in political manipulation Spin - Reinterpret Spin - Public relations or board game effort Spin - Engage in political damage control Spin - Pr person's forte Spin - Go 'round and 'round Spin - Turn around second leg Spin - Favorable slant, media-wise Spin - 1 for photons and 2 for gravitons Spin - P.r. task Spin - Board game turn, perhaps Spin - Pivot Spin - Prepare to pin the tail on the donkey, say Spin - Washing machine cycle Spin - Pr stuff is what a twister provides Spin - "doctor" specialty Spin - Offer a charitable interpretation of, say Spin - Public relations distortion Spin - Board game turn, maybe Spin - Political discourse a little lacking in character Spin - Turn that certain doctors can deal with? Spin - Rotate repeatedly Spin - Quick trip around the spanish main Spin - Quick trip around the spanish main Spin - ____ the bottle Spin - ____ the bottle Spin - ___ room (postdebate area) Spin - ___ room (postdebate area) Spin - Pedal in place