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Travesty - Grotesque imitation

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Travesty - Grotesque imitation Travesty - Sham Travesty - Mockery Travesty - Farce Travesty - You'd be a figure of fun to try to get around underclothing like this Travesty - Try to get around the underclothing and the result will be grotesque Travesty - Attempt to get around your underclothing like this and you'll just be a figure of fun Travesty - If you try to get outside what ought to be inside, the result is ridiculous Travesty - Just try to get around such underwear; that will make you a figure of fun Travesty - If you try like this to get around some underwear, you'll just be a figure of fun Travesty - 'farce, parody (8)' Travesty - Try to get around the underclothing like this and see how silly you seem Travesty - Terrible distortion of something Travesty - Farce, parody Travesty - Just try to make yourself ridiculous about underclothing Travesty - Just try to get around your underclothing and this is how ridiculous it is Travesty - Just try to get outside inside clothing and see what a figure of fun you'll be Travesty - Attempt to be ridiculous about underclothing Travesty - An article of clothing in attempt at burlesque Travesty - Experiment without an undergarment in burlesque Travesty - Go without a piece of underwear in burlesque Travesty - Time for wild party at swine's place? it's nothing like that! Travesty - Misrepresent a very english saint in essay Travesty - Carrier bearing something worn, poor imitation Travesty - Farcical imitation Travesty - Burlesque Travesty - Grossly unfair representation Travesty - Grotesque representation Travesty - Ridiculous version of the genuine article Travesty - Distorted representation Travesty - Great injustice Travesty - Go without a garment in parody Travesty - Take off a garment and go without Travesty - Grotesque parody Travesty - Make grotesque attempt to grab an undergarment Travesty - Farcical version of dress aboard carrier Travesty - Irritable about note in bible, a distortion Travesty - Grotesque distortion Travesty - Grotesque misrepresentation Travesty - Take off a garment and go out Travesty - Misrepresentation of underwear found in container Travesty - Go without a male undergarment in farce Travesty - Total misrepresentation Travesty - Painting about underwear by unknown is a mockery! Travesty - Take off a bulletproof jacket, perhaps, that's stopped shot Travesty - Attempt to fix a match, all but a farce Travesty - Essay about a very english saint that's nothing like the real thing Travesty - Centrepiece in midnight rave's typically taking off Travesty - Aim to get hold of a garment for pantomime Travesty - Burlesque, parody Travesty - Absurd misrepresentation Travesty - Most of the journey for the pigs is a distortion of what it should be Travesty - Farce in which singlet is covered by salver? Travesty - Attempt to obtain adult underwear for burlesque Travesty - The mockery of a carrier without underwear Travesty - Vary test layout? that's a mockery! Travesty - Charade Travesty - Attempt to hide an american waistcoat - a poor imitation! Travesty - Artist very angry about caricature Travesty - Try to stave in, foolishly: it's ridiculous Travesty - Room in church has no right to support art display of burlesque! Travesty - Endeavour to cover a waistcoat - it's an absolute farce! Travesty - Vary test (anag.) Travesty - Artist very cross about caricature Travesty - Disguise welcome during rescheduled tryst Travesty - Hear about a match ending prematurely in burlesque Travesty - Attempt to include a singlet in disguise Travesty - An item of clothing seen in test is a farce Travesty - Carrier carrying item of underwear -- it's a farce! Travesty - Hear about a very awkward set for mockery Travesty - An undergarment dropped in taste for farce Travesty - Attempt to involve an undergarment -- that's distortion Travesty - Potentially save time in attempt, resulting in farce Travesty - Mockery made of tryst eva organised Travesty - Tense streak carrying undergarment in farce Travesty - Absurd misrepresentation of attempt to wrap a piece of clothing Travesty - Underwear worn by bearer for farce Travesty - Annoyed about party finishing early - complete farce! Travesty - Distorted imitation Travesty - Distortion, as of justice Travesty - Burlesque effort involving a piece of underwear Travesty - Most of the journey with a sore eye is a distortion of what it should be Travesty - Mockery made of undergarment found in carrier Travesty - Attempt to include a garment that's absurd imitation Travesty - Wrong attempt to package an item of underwear Travesty - Take to court about a t-shirt? injustice! Travesty - False or distorted representation of something Travesty - Seek to protect birds heading for tricky takeoff