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Poet - 58-across, e.g Poet - Versifier Poet - Keats, for one Poet - 'painter of the soul': d'israeli Poet - Shakespeare, e.g Poet - Rhymer Poet - Sexton or pope, e.g Poet - Gwendolyn brooks, e.g Poet - Dickinson or frost, e.g Poet - Verse writer Poet - One concerned with feet Poet - Shelley, for one Poet - One with idyll musings? Poet - Sonneteer Poet - Meter man? Poet - Coffeehouse performer Poet - Any of three lowells Poet - Pablo neruda, e.g Poet - Sexton, say Poet - Rhymester Poet - Rap composer, in a way Poet - Burns or frost Poet - Sexton or sarton Poet - Wordsworth, for one Poet - Coffeehouse reader Poet - Sappho, e.g Poet - Donne or bradstreet Poet - Meter reader? Poet - Author of 8-down Poet - Laureate figure, maybe Poet - Imagist Poet - Meter man Poet - One concerned with feet and rhythm Poet - Langston hughes, for one Poet - Walt whitman, e.g Poet - Pound, e.g Poet - Linesman, maybe? Poet - Masters, e.g Poet - Kind of laureate Poet - Limerick writer, say Poet - Frost or burns Poet - Lay man? Poet - Coffeehouse entertainer Poet - One concerned with rhythm and feet Poet - Sarton or burns Poet - Eliot or frost Poet - Richard purdy wilbur, e.g Poet - 'every man will be a ___ if he can': thoreau Poet - Yeats or keats Poet - One with rhythm Poet - Frost, for one Poet - Coffeehouse entertainer, perhaps Poet - Richard purdy wilbur, for one Poet - One who handles stress effectively? Poet - Metrist, perhaps Poet - Metrist, sometimes Poet - One inspired by calliope Poet - Frost or pound Poet - Pound, notably Poet - Ferlinghetti, notably Poet - Ogden nash, for one Poet - Spender, for one Poet - Writer of rhymes Poet - Timotheus or phrynichus, e.g Poet - Foot specialist? Poet - Keats or yeats Poet - Walt whitman, for one Poet - Donne, for one Poet - Bard Poet - Foot specialist Poet - Coffeehouse reader, perhaps Poet - 39-across writer Poet - Writer of verse Poet - Spender, e.g Poet - Coffeehouse attraction, maybe Poet - Longfellow, e.g Poet - Burns or byron Poet - Frost, e.g Poet - Spenser or spender Poet - One appealing to a meter reader? Poet - Coleridge, for one Poet - One working with feet Poet - Lay person? Poet - Pound, for one Poet - Imagist, e.g Poet - Lord byron or lord tennyson Poet - Sonneteer, e.g Poet - Rhyme writer Poet - Frost, say Poet - One working with feet? Poet - Pentameter pro Poet - Person creating rhymes Poet - Artist with words Poet - Blake or burns Poet - Verse's author Poet - Virgil, for one Poet - Odist, for one Poet - Writer of 11 down Poet - Chaucer or milton Poet - Verbal artist Poet - Sonnet creator Poet - Limerick writer, e.g Poet - Robert browning, for one Poet - Sonnet writer Poet - Whitman or whittier Poet - Donne or pound, e.g Poet - One who works in feet and meters Poet - Sexton or burns, e.g Poet - One with stressing work? Poet - Ezra pound's profession Poet - Foot massager? Poet - Verse creator Poet - Couplet creator Poet - Verse expert Poet - Shelley or keats Poet - Emily dickinson, e.g Poet - Doggerelist, e.g Poet - Skilled wordsmith Poet - Shakespeare or shelley Poet - Rhyme user Poet - Idyllist, e.g Poet - Keats, e.g Poet - Bukowski, for one Poet - One working with feet professionally Poet - One who works in feet Poet - There's nothing in the little dear owed from one, by the sound of it Poet - One has an inverse output Poet - Heaney or yeats, say Poet - 'paul muldoon or paula meehan, say (4)' Poet - Writer in verse form Poet - Tope with a versifier Poet - Tennyson, for one Poet - Limerick writer Poet - Robert frost, e.g Poet - Keats or byron Poet - Master of verse Poet - Foot man? Poet - Job involving stress Poet - Foot massage expert? Poet - ___ laureate Poet - One writing verse Poet - 28 11 e.g. keeps key in jar Poet - Cocktail of drugs for liner Poet - One who "can survive everything but a misprint": wilde Poet - Verse maker Poet - Worker with a lot of stress? Poet - Auden or aiken Poet - 107 down, for one Poet - Coffeehouse entertainer, sometimes Poet - Certain laureate Poet - Lyricist, essentially Poet - Rondeau writer Poet - Recital artist Poet - Yeats and poe have tempo Poet - Pablo neruda, for one Poet - Shelley, e.g Poet - Langston hughes, e.g Poet - Odist, for instance Poet - Writer such as ogden nash Poet - One published in a literary magazine, perhaps Poet - Kipling or keats Poet - One who deals with stress well? Poet - 'god is the perfect ___': browning Poet - Doe, e.g Poet - Pound or moore, e.g Poet - Masefield, for instance, writing of vessel around east Poet - Burns, for example, drug in container Poet - Writer regularly reviewing opponents Poet - Writer having drug injected into stomach Poet - Love dipping into favourite author Poet - The description suits an american one to a 't' Poet - Eg, keats or auden Poet - Say: clare, darling, accept love! Poet - American writer - this principally defines him Poet - Bridges possibly seen in river movie Poet - User of scanning devices Poet - Spender possibly accumulated money to secure purchase at last Poet - Writer of 12-down Poet - Maker of verses Poet - Browning or kipling Poet - Expert on feet? Poet - Burns was one Poet - Bard found film on river Poet - Odd bits of prose taking time -- for one used to writing else? Poet - Writer in bad mood about nothing Poet - Love delving into favourite writer Poet - Burns, for instance Poet - Slam participant Poet - One seeking money for a meter? Poet - Master of rhymes Poet - Pound or pope Poet - Rhyme master Poet - Prior or pope Poet - 28-across, e.g Poet - Writer of verses Poet - One concerned with foot placement Poet - Well-versed one? Poet - One concerned with rhythm Poet - Orpheus, for one Poet - Dealer in 15-across Poet - Yearly library of congress appointee Poet - Odist, e.g Poet - Writer who, in the morning, goes from bed to verse Poet - Epic creator Poet - Linesman provides a laugh in limerick Poet - Master rhymer Poet - Dickinson or dove Poet - Person who decides where to put his or her feet? Poet - Virgil, e.g Poet - Jim morrison, e.g Poet - Pope, say, oddly protests Poet - Sonneteer or psalmist Poet - Sexton, e.g Poet - Coffeehouse reciter Poet - Maya angelou, e.g Poet - Us author frost ultimately - this? Poet - Recital vip Poet - Burns or sexton, e.g Poet - Pound, but not ounce Poet - Well-versed artist? Poet - Meter minder? Poet - Dylan, for one Poet - Morrissey "sister i'm a ___" Poet - Lyricist, often Poet - Meter user Poet - Dante or dickinson Poet - Introduces politics of early tenements by larkin? Poet - Donne, e.g Poet - Fit clothes round anything put across here? Poet - 14-across, for one Poet - Conservative foundation in cork backs limerick engineer? Poet - Certain pulitzer prize recipient Poet - Writer of flowery verses Poet - Brooke or brooks Poet - Yeats or heaney, say Poet - Expert on meters and feet Poet - Browning, e.g Poet - Slam artist Poet - Paula meehan or paul muldoon Poet - American writer close to walt whitman? Poet - Coffee shop open-mike performer, perhaps Poet - Lyricist's kin Poet - Blake or byron Poet - 31-across, e.g