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Emperor - Montezuma, e.g

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Emperor - Montezuma, e.g Emperor - Hirohito, e.g Emperor - Kind of butterfly Emperor - Ming the merciless, e.g Emperor - Maximilian, for one Emperor - Montezuma, for one Emperor - Hadrian, for one Emperor - Largest kind of penguin Emperor - Naked ruler of fable Emperor - Augustus, for one Emperor - Beethoven's fifth piano concerto, familiarly Emperor - His clothes didn't exist Emperor - Napoléon, for one Emperor - Andersen title character Emperor - Absolute ruler Emperor - Akihito, for one Emperor - Hirohito or akihito Emperor - Japanese ruler Emperor - Andersen character with "new clothes" Emperor - Supreme ruler Emperor - Napoleon or nero Emperor - Nero, e.g Emperor - More confused about through this one at the top Emperor - Can you make the one at the top mope and err? Emperor - More of a mixture around through the ruler Emperor - Ere one has a romp with him, he's got to the top Emperor - One gets a ruling from the concerto Emperor - Large richly-coloured butterfly Emperor - Penguin of largest known species - a great ruler Emperor - Richly-coloured butterfly Emperor - He rules over several states Emperor - A concert? o, that makes it from beethoven Emperor - Large, richly-coloured butterfly Emperor - Sovereign and richly-colored butterfly Emperor - Napoleon bonaparte, for instance Emperor - Richly coloured butterfly Emperor - Male ruler of a group of countries Emperor - Large colourful butterfly Emperor - The king might get to mope and err Emperor - As a rule it takes a concerto to make him tops Emperor - More about through a ruler Emperor - Invisible-clothes wearer in an andersen tale Emperor - 64-across, for one Emperor - Tiberius or charlemagne Emperor - Hans christian andersen's naked marcher Emperor - Penguin noted by beethoven Emperor - Concerto offers more per performance Emperor - Ruler and a sheet of paper required Emperor - 'i, claudius' - a great penguin! Emperor - Monarch sets up agent in capital Emperor - Eastern politician, queen or ruler Emperor - Agent entering capital, rising for monarch Emperor - Ruler sees english politician over heartless gaffe Emperor - Beethoven's moth? Emperor - Paddy wasting first gold sovereign Emperor - Sovereign Emperor - Ruler - penguin - size of paper Emperor - Ruler Emperor - Sovereign - ruler Emperor - Ruler in angry mood over gold - tons gone missing Emperor - Notable wearer of new clothes Emperor - Possible 1 down with roman instead of catholic ruler Emperor - Butterfly or penguin Emperor - Largest penguin Emperor - Tsar Emperor - Caligula, e.g Emperor - Beethoven piano concerto, op. 73 Emperor - A purple butterfly is yours for a sovereign Emperor - Napoleon, for one Emperor - Caesar or charlemagne Emperor - Beethoven's last piano concerto, familiarly, with "the" Emperor - A moth; a penguin Emperor - Say, neroõs capital captivating traveller heading west Emperor - Roman empire receded without a ruler Emperor - Republican in rome? just the reverse Emperor - Capital got over being without a ruler Emperor - Beethoven piano concerto Emperor - Monarch set up theatre company in european capital Emperor - Colin thubron's novel concerto Emperor - Theatre dipped into capital to mount the mikado Emperor - From country, shortly entering capital to back leader Emperor - Ruler exercises right to divide capital raised Emperor - Ruler of the ice and snow? Emperor - Nickname billy mcneill had during his caesar days at celtic park Emperor - Politician always going round with gold sovereign Emperor - Ruler; butterfly Emperor - Monarch in tune with leader removed by soldiers Emperor - His snuffbox and candlesticks were presented in a novel way Emperor - Largest type of penguin Emperor - Ruler deposing leader of moderate men Emperor - Eg, caesar Emperor - Butterfly; ruler Emperor - Who's overthrown republic in the eternal city? Emperor - Title not in order pre-rome Emperor - Character in 24 ac Emperor - Traveller in capital upset tsar Emperor - Supply more guards for each ruler Emperor - Purple -; - penguin Emperor - Pre-rome (anag.) Emperor - Type of penguin Emperor - Salesman in capital returned for a ruler Emperor - Monarch Emperor - Eg nero Emperor - Nero or penguin Emperor - Purple ruler Emperor - Nero, perhaps, right after exercise in ruined rome Emperor - Butterfly Emperor - The ruler lost time in anger, getting nothing right Emperor - Kaiser Emperor - ,5 royal flier? Emperor - Popular name of beethoven's last piano concerto Emperor - Ancient roman ruler Emperor - Roman leader restrained in temper ordinarily Emperor - One displaying authority in temper ordinarily Emperor - Nero say, through in ruined rome Emperor - Ruler of rome -- pre revolutionary Emperor - Capital returns including a sovereign? Emperor - Male ruler Emperor - Caesar perhaps appears regularly in troubled rome Emperor - Supreme leader for each in regressive ancient city Emperor - Penguin noted by beethoven? Emperor - Largest breed of penguin Emperor - Ruler, pre-rome, under a new constitution Emperor - And 20 down: governor over prison, bren perhaps, welcoming one that's given bird Emperor - Nero perhaps, through in overturned capital Emperor - More changes put around by ruler Emperor - Ruler more troubled for each being imprisoned Emperor - Ruler in a temper, or so it seems Emperor - Nero, perhaps, turns salesman in rome Emperor - Salesman splitting capital rises to become top man Emperor - Beethoven's fifth penguin? Emperor - Rome ripe to be changed? one's got rid of caesar, perhaps Emperor - O'neill's jones, for one Emperor - Ruler of large territory Emperor - Caligula, for one Emperor - Wide space for each gold sovereign Emperor - Sovereign consumed by temper, originally Emperor - Penguin, perhaps, a figure of authority Emperor - Sovereign exercises right in capital, upon return Emperor - Sort of autocrat Emperor - Title for a penguin or galactic leader palpatine or tomato ketchup Emperor - Roman leader Emperor - Blues traveler "support your local ___" Emperor - Ruler and large sheet of paper required Emperor - Caesar or hirohito Emperor - Rome (pre disintegrating) was his Emperor - Leading female soloist reportedly leaving performers playing beethoven's 5th Emperor - Ruler always wanting gold intercepted by commoner Emperor - Supreme roman Emperor - Expert swimmer, male, adapted proper, genuine clothing Emperor - In pre-rome constitution he was the ruler Emperor - Akihito, e.g Emperor - See 19 Emperor - Rome on the rise -- gripping for a leader such as nero Emperor - English politician to go wrong entertaining old ruler Emperor - Japanese monarch's title Emperor - Space for a gold sovereign? Emperor - __ penguin Emperor - More in play that's absorbing for each in julius caesar, say? Emperor - Perhaps nero's representative during rome uprising Emperor - Kind of penguin Emperor - Sovereign ruler Emperor - Cooking only this sovereign food is money for old rope