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Irish - Lucky people?

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Irish - Lucky people? Irish - Dander Irish - People with 'o" names Irish - ___ sweeps derby Irish - March marchers Irish - Fighting ___ Irish - Like some whiskey Irish - Limerick group Irish - From kilkenny Irish - Linen or coffee preceder Irish - From the emerald isle Irish - Sweepstakes type Irish - South bend varsity name Irish - Cork-based, maybe Irish - Coffee choice Irish - Notre dame's fighting ___ Irish - Sort of setter Irish - Notre dame's fighting --- Irish - Type of whiskey Irish - Descriptor for this puzzle's theme Irish - Kind of jig Irish - Like a brogue Irish - Their big day is march 17th Irish - Knute rockne's team (with "the") Irish - Coffee type Irish - Rollers of r's Irish - ___ setter Irish - Like the 'too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral' lullaby Irish - Kind of whiskey Irish - Like leprechauns Irish - Cork masses Irish - From county clare, e.g Irish - Kind of stew Irish - Like jonathan swift Irish - Corkers? Irish - Like yeats Irish - From cork Irish - Kind of coffee Irish - Type of coffee Irish - Whiskey choice Irish - Like rock's u2 Irish - Kind of stew or coffee Irish - St. patrick's converts Irish - Lucky ones, it's said Irish - From donegal Irish - Whence the word 'whiskey' Irish - Kind of linen Irish - __ coffee Irish - ___ wolfhound Irish - _____stew Irish - Notre dame team Irish - Like the river erne Irish - From waterford Irish - ___ sea, home of the isle of man Irish - Temper, informally Irish - Fighting ___(notre dame) Irish - Dublin-born Irish - Like whisky, but not scotch Irish - Like many pubs Irish - From dublin Irish - Lucky group? Irish - __ setter Irish - Lucky ones? Irish - From killarney Irish - Whiskey Irish - Ones from 2 down Irish - Lucky sorts? Irish - Knute rockne's fighting ___ Irish - Notre dame squad, familiarly Irish - Like joyce and wilde Irish - Native to dublin Irish - Eire-born? Irish - From cork, e.g Irish - Hibernian Irish - ___ sea, connected to st. george's channel Irish - Football's fighting ___ Irish - St. patrick's people Irish - Whiskey genre Irish - Word before stew or coffee Irish - From cork or killarney Irish - Kildare's people Irish - Word with "setter" and "coffee" Irish - Magyar : hungarian :: gaeilge : ___ Irish - Lucky folk? Irish - Like dubliners Irish - Wearers of the green Irish - Like whiskey, but not whisky Irish - Like many st. patrick's day celebrants Irish - "my wild ___ rose" Irish - March 17 people Irish - Dander, slangily Irish - From the emerald isle Irish - Mid-march celebrants Irish - Like joyce and behan Irish - Almost half of u.s. immigrants in 1840 Irish - Cork populace Irish - Like james joyce Irish - Cork people Irish - Notre dame team, informally Irish - Joyce's countrymen Irish - They march in march Irish - Fighting __ (notre dame team) Irish - Like hurling Irish - ___ spring Irish - Eyes that smile Irish - From the auld sod Irish - Barley-based whiskey Irish - Apt to celebrate march 17? Irish - Like bono Irish - Type of setter Irish - Fighting __ (notre dame) Irish - Like the mccourts Irish - Like guinness Irish - Linen type Irish - Whisky choice Irish - St. pat-rick's day celebrants Irish - Dublin natives Irish - Kind of coffee or stew Irish - St. patrick's day celebrants Irish - Times such as these Irish - Time like this Irish - The times this puzzle do be in Irish - Times like these Irish - Such times as these Irish - The knight comes back in this here way Irish - From here, the flower gets to the capital of holland Irish - That's one blooming bit of 5 down (4) Irish - These are not the sort of times you get from a watch Irish - The times that do be in it here Irish - Sort of 2 down you have in hand now Irish - Times such as these here Irish - People, language and whiskey Irish - Hi, sir, become a national Irish - Of this place Irish - Language, people, and whiskey Irish - A people, language and whiskey Irish - Hi, sir, are you a celt? Irish - Hi, sir, ar you a celt? Irish - The times that do be in it with you now Irish - Times like this Irish - A blooming start for times such as these Irish - The time's come for this to be in it Irish - Times such as this Irish - Times that do be in it here Irish - Times such as this one Irish - March 17 parading group Irish - Adjective for coffee, jig or whiskey Irish - Dubliners, e.g Irish - People from waterford Irish - Flower head of hydrangea comes from ireland Irish - Language from woman's hard to follow Irish - Race in kashmir is hard run Irish - Setter may be hard at the end of the rainbow Irish - Hibernian hotel flies flag Irish - ... a flower on hat initially comes from across the sea Irish - Murdoch to her last, as she was born? Irish - Like some setters covered in hair, i shave Irish - Language of goddess that's hard to follow Irish - Flower girl tethers unruly dog Irish - Part of eye hospital instant? here's a drink Irish - Sort of coffee, stew or terrier Irish - From dublin, perhaps Irish - Reddish-brown dog Irish - Hibernian - breed of 4 Irish - From galway, say Irish - Like samuel beckett Irish - Limerick people Irish - Race to be ahead of one's times Irish - "when ___ eyes are smiling" Irish - Emerald isle folk Irish - March 17 marchers Irish - Like many ellis island arrivals Irish - Notre dame squad, familiarly, with "the" Irish - Fighting ___ (notre dame team) Irish - Type of whiskey or setter Irish - ___ derby, annual sporting event since 1866 Irish - From galway Irish - Perhaps murdoch wants the sw broadcast dish Irish - Gaeilge, to its speakers Irish - March 17th marchers Irish - Arachne's brains regularly obliterated by hard whiskey Irish - Fighting ___, notre dame athletes Irish - From the old sod Irish - Like 1-across, by descent Irish - Like 13 down Irish - March 17 celebrants Irish - Type of language spoken by characters in kashmiri shack Irish - Like the characters in 'angela's ashes' Irish - From erin Irish - Relating to a country, not one a bit like iran Irish - St. patrick's day marchers Irish - Like conan o'brien, ethnically Irish - Cork-based Irish - Type of language heard by characters in kashmiri shack Irish - That's one in the eye for those initially across from the english Irish - Like dublin denizens Irish - Notre dame's fighting __ Irish - From donegal, say Irish - Notre dame faithful? Irish - Woman touching hearts of the people Irish - Like van morrison's heartbeat? Irish - 'where would the - be without someone to be - at?' (elizabeth bowen) Irish - Hard to get attached to flag of european country Irish - Like wilde or yeats Irish - Hibernian flag seen over hospital Irish - National flag hard to identify Irish - Where is pupil seated? horse, or sort of bull Irish - Celtic language Irish - Joyce was this girl henry was after Irish - Hibernian flag over hospital Irish - Relating to ireland Irish - International footballers like cascarino and mancini, for instance Irish - Woman with husband like wexford Irish - Jane barlow introduced these neighbours Irish - From eire Irish - Native to the emerald isle Irish - Tongue i savour - but not the spanish version Irish - Flag introduces horse race Irish - Native to erin Irish - Like some setters to be reasonably good - first two are dropped Irish - Husband passing flag - green, white and orange? Irish - Flower-girl getting hot whiskey Irish - Tongue's sort of red - i hold it! Irish - Shaw and paisley Irish - 44-across's 'fighting' team Irish - Notre dame's fightin' team Irish - Source of the word 'galore' Irish - Like joyce Irish - In the open-air i should find this terrier Irish - Of erin Irish - Nationality Irish - Eg from dublin Irish - Race flag at end of the march Irish - A nationality Irish - Independent state with quiet people Irish - And 13 down: i found his howl disruptive, screening the entrance of ronnie barker Irish - Celtic heart of fire (sort of) Irish - Of the emerald isle Irish - Hibernian flag on hospital Irish - William --, a pseudonym of us novelist and short story writer cornell woolrich Irish - Celtic hearts following flag Irish - Our neighbours; single and rightish Irish - That's one in the eye for him initially across from the english Irish - Like enya Irish - Like bram stoker Irish - Luck o' the ___ Irish - "when __ eyes are smiling" Irish - Nationality of murdoch before her end? Irish - Cork-based, for example Irish - Like jameson whiskey Irish - Celtic keeper's back between uprights -- hibs wingers repelled Irish - Like banshees Irish - Mayo masses Irish - Like joyce, a woman who has no boundaries Irish - __ whiskey Irish - Like someone from 19-down Irish - Partiers on march 17 Irish - 'go, ___!' (notre dame cry) Irish - Dubliners, for example Irish - Like many who march in march Irish - Kind of setter perhaps that's hopeless lush, icier with no clue Irish - From limerick Irish - Type of coffee or whiskey Irish - 'kiss me, i'm ___' (t-shirt slogan) Irish - Eg, native to dublin Irish - Hibernian girl hit it off Irish - Like oscar wilde Irish - Flower head of hydrangea from limerick, say Irish - ___ spring (soap brand) Irish - Mid-march marchers Irish - Like 1-across Irish - John lennon "the luck of the ___" Irish - Van morrison "one ___ rover" Irish - Like u2 Irish - The ___ rovers Irish - One ousting father from church district such as cork? Irish - I mount docked horse for national Irish - With 46 down, fine towel fabric Irish - Born near the river shannon Irish - Type of local language heard by characters in kashmiri shack Irish - Like joyce and yeats Irish - Eg, native of dublin Irish - With 11 down, fine dish-towel fabric Irish - Cork folk Irish - From dublin maybe Irish - Mayo men Irish - "fighting" indiana team Irish - 'fighting' indiana team Irish - People from 17 across Irish - Hard 7 for murdoch's kind of whiskey? Irish - Bottle of banana daiquiri shaken in a manner of speaking Irish - Like the smiling eyes of song Irish - Type of whiskey or coffee Irish - 'when __ eyes are smiling' Irish - Bit of a looker, hot european Irish - Like thin lizzy or u2 Irish - Like thin lizzy or u2 Irish - Girl heading for home, from cork, perhaps Irish - Girl heading for home, from cork, perhaps Irish - Sample of daiquiri shaken in a manner of speaking Irish - Sample of daiquiri shaken in a manner of speaking Irish - Language of girl, hard to follow