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Japan - 'walk, don't run' setting, 1966

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Japan - "land of the rising sun" Japan - "seven samurai" setting Japan - "shogun" setting Japan - "the mikado" locale Japan - '70s punkers big in ___ Japan - 'country of more than 3,000 islands (5)' Japan - 'pacific overtures' setting Japan - 'shogun' setting Japan - 'walk, don't run' setting, 1966 Japan - 2020 olympics host Japan - 4-down's location Japan - 40's foe Japan - Anime's origin Japan - Annually, in first part of year, is in this country Japan - Another name for yamato Japan - Asian country Japan - Asian island nation Japan - Asian nation Japan - Baseball-loving country Japan - Black lacquer Japan - Black varnish Japan - Bullet train's home Japan - Center of shintoism Japan - Country and decorated black lacquerware Japan - Country governed by its diet Japan - Country in east asia Japan - Country in far east Japan - Country of islands Japan - Country of more than 3,000 islands Japan - Country of one of the translated languages in 'lost in translation' Japan - Country ruled by a diet Japan - Country split into prefectures Japan - Country; black varnish Japan - Dad supports german agreement with neutral country Japan - East asian country Japan - Far eastern country Japan - Far eastern island country Japan - Finish, of a sort Japan - Follower of a diet system Japan - German agreement to search for gold in the far east Japan - Glossy black lacquer Japan - Glossy black varnish or lacquer Japan - Glossy coating jack put on a cooking vessel Japan - Glossy, black varnish; country Japan - Godzilla's bailiwick Japan - Godzilla's domain Japan - Godzilla's home Japan - Godzilla's stomping ground Japan - Godzilla's stomping grounds Japan - Hard, black varnish Japan - Honda's headquarters Japan - Honda's home Japan - Honshu home Japan - Honshu's home Japan - In a month, dad will be in the country Japan - It's a string of more than 3,000 islands Japan - Iwo jima's country Japan - Judge a slate's black gloss Japan - Kobe country Japan - Kobe's country Japan - Kobe's home Japan - Kyoto locale Japan - Kyoto setting Japan - Lacquer Japan - Land of kendo Japan - Land of the rising sun Japan - Legends are made there Japan - Locale of 48-down Japan - Major country with the longest life expectancy Japan - Modern name for old cipango Japan - Mount fuji locale Japan - Mount fuji's locale Japan - Mount fuji's nation Japan - Nation consisting of a 6,852-island archipelago Japan - Nation constitutionally prohibited from declaring war Japan - Nation of 47 prefectures Japan - Neighbor of korea Japan - Nintendo's headquarters Japan - Nintendo's home Japan - Nippon Japan - No performers are found here Japan - Origin of teriyaki: jabberwock's head with a chinese way to cook its rump, say? Japan - Osaka setting Japan - Osaka's country Japan - Osaka's land Japan - Pachinko billionaire kunio busujima's country Japan - Pacific rim land Japan - Ring of fire country Japan - Sapporo setting Japan - Sea or country Japan - See 20-across Japan - Shogun's domain Japan - Shogun's home Japan - Sony's home Japan - Source of anime and manga Japan - Sumo land Japan - Sumo stomping grounds Japan - The first month old man arrives in country Japan - The land of the rising sun Japan - Three-time host nation of the olympic games Japan - Titular destination in a 1978 'bad news bears' sequel Japan - Tokyo locale Japan - Tokyo setting Japan - Tokyo's country Japan - Tokyo's home Japan - Tokyo's land Japan - Tom waits "big in ___" Japan - Twelve land Japan - Varnish; country Japan - Where "besuboru" is played Japan - Where 'besuboru' is played Japan - Where 'kimigayo' is the national anthem Japan - Where 7-down is based Japan - Where akitas originated Japan - Where mount fuji is Japan - Where one may have a yen to spend Japan - Where some ex-major-leaguers play Japan - Where the pokémon craze originated Japan - Where to earn yen Japan - Where to find father in the beginning of the year