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Sip - Sample, as wine

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Sip - Not guzzle Sip - Sample, as wine Sip - Taste Sip - Have some tea Sip - Tiny taste Sip - Small intake Sip - Bit of a draft Sip - Nurse Sip - Swill's opposite Sip - Very small serving Sip - Drink with an extended pinkie Sip - Just enough to wet one's lips Sip - Spoonful Sip - Several drops Sip - Thimbleful Sip - Nurse a brewski Sip - Sample Sip - Hardly a guzzle Sip - Small taste Sip - Sample gingerly Sip - Take, as tea Sip - Drink, as hot tea Sip - Drink slowly Sip - Just a taste Sip - Small drawing? Sip - Take tea Sip - Small draft Sip - Enjoy tea Sip - Drink like a lady Sip - Small taste of tea Sip - Take in slowly Sip - Drink daintily Sip - Champagne sample Sip - Nurse a drink Sip - Swill opposite Sip - Soda sample Sip - Drink gingerly Sip - Use a straw Sip - Taste, as wine Sip - Savor, as a cocktail Sip - Nurse in a bar Sip - Don't chug Sip - Test the water? Sip - Taste test Sip - Try Sip - Taste the eggnog, say Sip - Sample soup Sip - Nurse with a straw Sip - Try the tokay Sip - Enjoy a quaff Sip - Nurse scotch, say Sip - Try the merlot Sip - Take a taste Sip - Sample tea Sip - Tentative taste Sip - Small sample Sip - Not chug Sip - Hardly guzzle Sip - Take in tentatively Sip - Drink from a snifter, e.g Sip - Bit of a beverage Sip - Sample of soda Sip - Enjoy fine scotch Sip - Sample slowly Sip - Hardly a gulp Sip - Hardly a chug Sip - Enjoy liqueur, e.g Sip - Use a straw, perhaps Sip - Snifter sample Sip - Nurse, as tea Sip - Chugalug's opposite Sip - Sample, in a way Sip - Nurse, in a way Sip - Just enough to wet one's whistle Sip - Slurp Sip - Savor, in a way Sip - Wee drink Sip - Drink delicately Sip - Spoonful, maybe Sip - Small swallow Sip - Tiniest drink Sip - Small mouthful Sip - Flavor check Sip - Sample of soup Sip - Dainty drink Sip - Drink hot tea Sip - Have a little drink Sip - Soup sample Sip - Dinky drink Sip - Drink sparingly Sip - Drink like a hummingbird Sip - Try a little of Sip - Drink with one's pinkie up, say Sip - Cautious taste Sip - Try the tea Sip - Drink carefully Sip - Test the soup Sip - Try the wine Sip - Small drink Sip - Tiny drink Sip - Partake at a wine-tasting Sip - Taste the tea Sip - Sample the sherry Sip - Slight taste Sip - Try the sherry Sip - Taste the sherry Sip - Quick taste Sip - Taste the tokay Sip - Taste the wine Sip - Sample from a snifter Sip - Taste the coffee Sip - Take a little drink Sip - The short drink with which you may toast your pet Sip - To have such a little drink with a pet might land one in the soup Sip - A little drink from the top of the siphon Sip - So da could come out from h on the end with a little drink Sip - You might drink this, pet, with a little toast Sip - How one gets a little drunk Sip - Just a little drink with the hon. if he's only a squirt Sip - One gets a little drunk Sip - A small drink Sip - Drink very small mouthfuls Sip - Drink in small mouthfuls Sip - Drink in tiny mouthfuls Sip - Imbibe slowly Sip - Wine tasting? Sip - Only a little drink of this Sip - After a little drink the little dear gets toasted Sip - Nurse, at times Sip - Itty-bitty drink Sip - Taste tea Sip - Half a strawful, say Sip - Sample cautiously Sip - Soupçon of soup Sip - Enjoy, as whiskey Sip - Test the tea Sip - Sample some soup Sip - Drink Sip - Take a small drink Sip - Test the water, say Sip - Make one's drink last Sip - Little drink Sip - Take slowly Sip - Taste a drink Sip - Nurse, as a cocktail Sip - Bit of booze Sip - Chug's opposite Sip - Test the temperature of, in a way Sip - Taste of tea Sip - Nurse a beverage Sip - One way to drink something hot Sip - Very small drink Sip - Savor, as fine wine Sip - Wine-tasting amount Sip - Nurse at a bar Sip - Thimbleful of a taste Sip - Tiny amount of drink Sip - Slowly drink litre taken out of galley Sip - Take small mouthfuls of (drink) Sip - Drink, small mouthful Sip - Drink gingerly from vessel - it's not hot Sip - A small taste Sip - Small mouthful of liquid Sip - Nurse at the bar Sip - Sample, as soup Sip - Sample, as hot tea Sip - Take a little of a drink Sip - Slowly take liquid hydrogen out of vessel Sip - Scotland's independence party leaders take a wee dram? Sip - Drink ver-r-ry slowly Sip - A tentative taste Sip - Dainty taste Sip - Not many drops Sip - Just enough to wet the lips Sip - Bit of a draft? Sip - Nurse, as a latte Sip - Savor, as cognac Sip - Nurse, as a drink Sip - Chug antithesis Sip - Drink with a straw Sip - Little taste Sip - Make drinks last Sip - Diminutive draft Sip - Sangria sample Sip - Drink hot chocolate, maybe Sip - Quick draft? Sip - Quick drink Sip - Enjoy, as brandy Sip - Small soup sample Sip - Belt's smaller relative Sip - Bit of nectar, maybe Sip - Opposite of a gulp Sip - Savor, as a fine wine Sip - Bit of bitters Sip - Small sample of soup Sip - Opposite of guzzle Sip - Small taste of soup Sip - Drink is knocked back, first of pints Sip - Taste with trepidation Sip - Drop one in without issue Sip - "can i have a __ of your drink?" Sip - Oxymoronic drink from a big gulp? Sip - 'can i have a __ of your drink?'