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Elsie - Old comic actress ___ janis

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  • Elsie - Letter on E
  • 1 - st. word E
  • 2 - st. word L
  • 3 - st. word S
  • 4 - st. word I
  • 5 - st. word E

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Elsie - Old comic actress ___ janis Elsie - Borden's cow Elsie - Holmes girl Elsie - Noted cow name Elsie - Silents actress ferguson Elsie - Cow of note Elsie - Commercial bovine Elsie - Dairy-case image Elsie - Beast of borden Elsie - Pitcher of milk? Elsie - Dinsmore of old children's books Elsie - Jack's beloved in 'the yeomen of the guard' Elsie - Spokescow since 1938 Elsie - Decorator de wolfe Elsie - Commercial cow Elsie - Memorable spokescow Elsie - Cow of commercials Elsie - 'gosford park' role Elsie - Trademarked cow Elsie - Borden's bovine Elsie - ___ the cow Elsie - Madison avenue cow Elsie - Bovine trademark Elsie - Milk pitcher? Elsie - Dinsmore of fiction Elsie - Dinsmore of children's books Elsie - Dairy pitcher? Elsie - Bovine advertising icon Elsie - Noted spokescow Elsie - Bovine of ads Elsie - Ad animal since 1938 Elsie - "___ dinsmore" Elsie - Product-pitching cow Elsie - "lazy ___ molly" (chubby checker hit) Elsie - Borden cow Elsie - Spokescow since the 1930s Elsie - Borden spokescow Elsie - Cow of ads Elsie - Borden's critter Elsie - Noted milk-promoter Elsie - Ad bovine Elsie - Woman from chelsea, in the song 'cabaret' Elsie - Borden bovine Elsie - __ janis, old comic actress Elsie - Toon cow Elsie - Name that's an anagram of 4-down Elsie - Classic spokescow Elsie - ___ janis, star of broadway's 'puzzles of 1925' Elsie - "the birth of a nation" heroine Elsie - Cow of renown Elsie - Advertising celeb at the 1939 world's fair Elsie - Borden's spokescow Elsie - Miss dinsmore of kids' books Elsie - Elmer's contented cow Elsie - Borden symbol Elsie - Borden trademark Elsie - "gosford park" role Elsie - "yeomen of the guard" character Elsie - Borden mascot Elsie - Bovine in old ads Elsie - Elmer the bull's mate Elsie - Bovine at the 1939 new york world's fair Elsie - Pitcher of borden milk? Elsie - Commercial milk cow Elsie - Bovine in ads Elsie - Beast of borden? Elsie - Cow on a label Elsie - Dairy mascot Elsie - Dairy farmers of america mascot Elsie - Venner of fiction Elsie - Dairy spokescow Elsie - Cow in milk ads Elsie - Designer de wolfe Elsie - Old spokescow Elsie - Bovine milk pitcher Elsie - Emily watson, in 'gosford park' Elsie - Someone different was around one for her Elsie - One girl in someone different Elsie - Early tv bovine Elsie - Someone different is around one to make her Elsie - Borden cash cow? Elsie - Spokescow Elsie - Borden spokesbeast Elsie - Milk carton mascot Elsie - Borden "spokescow" Elsie - Inch back towards oriental girl Elsie - Celebrity bovine Elsie - She has no right to leave hamlet's scene Elsie - Great golfer! that's my girl! Elsie - Girl otherwise taking one in Elsie - Man, for example, going west with eastern girl Elsie - She's one in alternative setting Elsie - Girl will be first in otherwise Elsie - Cow on the carton Elsie - Girl's name that sounds like two letters of the alphabet Elsie - ___ the cow (mascot) Elsie - Borden beast Elsie - Famous spokescow Elsie - Cow on a carton Elsie - Smiling cow of advertising Elsie - Borden's cash cow? Elsie - -- the cow (milk mascot) Elsie - Borden cow name Elsie - ___ the cow (borden symbol) Elsie - Milk spokescow Elsie - Old pitcher of milk? Elsie - One initially accommodated by other woman Elsie - Girl, one admitted to east london college Elsie - The girl will appear in heels, i expect Elsie - Female name; rhymes with london football team Elsie - Said to be enthusiastic actor Elsie - Girl in lacrosse is left back Elsie - Legendary longfellow heroine Elsie - Female name Elsie - Female undergraduate is learning to keep up Elsie - Girl's name Elsie - Girl, european one, attending university in capital briefly Elsie - There will be trouble keeping current woman Elsie - Cow in borden ads Elsie - The woman should be otherwise engaged about one Elsie - Mother left mealies cooked for another lady . . Elsie - Woman's one with different embrace Elsie - She has no right to leave scene of hamlet Elsie - Cow in old borden ads Elsie - Borden's spokesbovine Elsie - Girl that's back in oriental island Elsie - 'the yeomen of the guard' heroine Elsie - Ad character with a necklace of daisies Elsie - Cow on a dairy container Elsie - Cow in commercials Elsie - Borden's mascot Elsie - Bovine icon Elsie - Mascot once awarded a doctor of bovinity degree Elsie - Borden's milk pitcher Elsie - Borden milk mascot Elsie - Symbol of the "perfect dairy product" Elsie - Borden cow ... and a phonetic hint to this puzzle's four longest answers Elsie - Dinsmore of kid lit Elsie - Female care is left to the top nurses Elsie - Cow on milk cartons Elsie - Girl's back to oriental island Elsie - Dairy mascot now owned by j.m. smucker Elsie - Cow on borden packages