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Coca - Caesar's sidekick

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Coca - Caesar's sidekick Coca - Andean shrub Coca - Caesar's partner Coca - Imogene of early tv Coca - She found success with caesar Coca - Chewed stimulant Coca - Kind of leaves Coca - Caesar’s sidekick Coca - Caesar's partner in comedy Coca - 'your show of shows' regular Coca - Imogene the comic Coca - ___-cola Coca - Cola opener Coca - Caesar's comic partner Coca - Emmy-winning comedienne of 1951 Coca - Cola's beginning Coca - Best actress emmy winner of 1951 Coca - Chewable stimulant Coca - Caesar ally Coca - Caesar's comic foil Coca - "your show of shows" regular Coca - Narcotic leaf Coca - Pioneer of tv comedy Coca - Plant with a chewable leaf Coca - Bean source Coca - Associate of caesar Coca - Half a 1950s comedy team Coca - "your show of shows" co-star Coca - Caesar's foil on early tv Coca - ____cola Coca - Drug-yielding plant Coca - Crop targeted in the 'war on drugs' Coca - ___ leaf Coca - Sid caesar cohort Coca - It's cultivated in the andes Coca - "your show of shows" luminary Coca - Medicinal leaf Coca - Imogene of comedy Coca - Elixir leaves, once Coca - Caesar's tv sidekick Coca - Caesar's '50s tv partner Coca - Leaves with an addiction, perhaps Coca - Caesar's partner imogene Coca - Andean stimulant Coca - Cola lead-in Coca - 1951 emmy winner imogene Coca - Caesar's silly sidekick Coca - Narcotic shrub Coca - Shrub that produces a drug Coca - Botanical source of a certain stimulant Coca - First name in soft drinks? Coca - Caesar co-star Coca - Caesar's longtime co-star Coca - Comedian imogene Coca - Imogene of 'your show of shows' Coca - Caesar's tv co-star Coca - Imogene of old tv Coca - Comical imogene Coca - -- -cola Coca - 1951 emmy winner Coca - Caesar's co-star Coca - __-cola (pepsi rival) Coca - Plant for blow and soda Coca - South american plant from which a narcotic drug is obtained Coca - Something to chew on Coca - With 7 down, minute maid owner Coca - Comedienne imogene ___ Coca - Comic operas drop promise of stimulant Coca - "cola" lead-in Coca - She was successful with caesar Coca - Comedienne imogene Coca - __-cola Coca - Imogene of comedy lore Coca - "cola" header Coca - Inca plant Coca - Source of drug, oddly cool chap Coca - S. american drug plant Coca - Briefly raise a narcotic Coca - Drink lacking nothing as a stimulant Coca - Shrub yielding drug Coca - S. american drug crop Coca - Drug-yielding shrub Coca - Drug company's canadian but name can't be revealed Coca - Leaves for snow caps of caucasus or central asia Coca - Leaves with an addiction? Coca - South american plant Coca - Shrub whose leaves are chewed in the andes as a stimulant Coca - Dried leaves of an andean shrub chewed as a stimulant Coca - Andean shrub of a family related to flax Coca - Tailless bird landing on a shrub Coca - Nothing removed from drink but dried leaves Coca - Andean shrub the leaves of which are used as a stimulant Coca - What's company about? it produces drug Coca - Bolivian export Coca - Partner of caesar Coca - Drug source Coca - Taste of tobacco came as leaf chewed Coca - Cola opener? Coca - 1952 "your show of shows" emmy winner Coca - Half a soft drink Coca - Colombian crop Coca - Chewed andean stimulant Coca - Stimulant-yielding shrub Coca - Natural stimulant Coca - Cash crop in colombia Coca - She is taken off coaches' stimulant Coca - Neil young "floating along on the rio grande, ___-cola in my hand" Coca - Repeated word in gucci mane song title Coca - Leaf cultivated in the andes Coca - Caesar's partner of early tv Coca - Sacred plant of the incas Coca - Leaves leaving an addiction? Coca - Caesar's comedy partner, once Coca - Boisson gazeuse Coca - Imogene of old comedy Coca - South american cash crop Coca - With 57-down, soft drink since 1886 Coca - What some colas once contained Coca - Soda opener? Coca - About to join firm's plant in south america Coca - Drug-producing plant Coca - "cola" front