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Cole - 'merry old' king of rhyme

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Cole - 'merry old' king of rhyme Cole - 'unforgettable' singer Cole - Nat king or natalie Cole - King ___ trio (popular 40's combo) Cole - ___ slaw Cole - Hudson river school painter Cole - Nursery rhyme king Cole - Artist thomas ___, founder of the hudson river school Cole - "unforgettable" singer, either one Cole - Porter of song Cole - 'nature boy' singer Cole - King or porter Cole - Nat or natalie Cole - Either "unforgettable" singer Cole - Nat king ___ Cole - U.s.s. ___, ship in 2000 news Cole - "anything goes" songwriter porter Cole - Merry king Cole - Old king of rhyme Cole - Mustard family plant Cole - "merry old" king Cole - Composer porter Cole - ______man, alberta Cole - Porter of note Cole - Singer nat king ___ Cole - Designer kenneth Cole - Michael of 'the mod squad' Cole - Legendary celtic king Cole - With 68-across, fish filet go-with Cole - "mona lisa" singer Cole - Singing king Cole - King who was a merry old soul Cole - 'mona lisa' singer Cole - Rhyme guy with three fiddlers Cole - Thomas ___, artist of the hudson river school Cole - Younger brother? Cole - Paula or natalie Cole - Michael of "the mod squad" Cole - Rhyme’s old king Cole - King of rhyme Cole - Nursery-rhyme king Cole - George and ira contemporary Cole - "unforgettable" singer Cole - "anything goes" composer porter Cole - Singer natalie Cole - Porter, for one Cole - Musical porter Cole - King of nursery rhyme Cole - Merry old king of rhyme Cole - Kenneth of fashion Cole - Tunesmith porter Cole - "old king" of rhyme Cole - Porter who wrote 'night and day' Cole - Eldest younger gang member Cole - National post columnist, cam Cole - Contemporary of irving and jerome Cole - Noted american composer (with 5-across) Cole - Songwriter porter Cole - Either 'unforgettable' singer Cole - Fiddlers three beckoner Cole - Porter for a king Cole - Sounds as if it's mine for this Cole - Either "unforgettable" duet singer Cole - The merry monarch as a porter Cole - Caller of nursery rhymes Cole - Merry old king Cole - 'night and day' was his food and drink Cole - Old english king! Cole - Fictional king Cole - ___ hamels, 2008 world series m.v.p Cole - King of verse Cole - General name for group of plants as fuel, we hear Cole - Old king of nursery rhymes Cole - He had a 1948 #1 hit with 'nature boy' Cole - Old fabian king? Cole - Andy or ashley Cole - England's left-back in turkey Cole - England no 3 Cole - He has scored for newcastle, man united and blackburn Cole - He took goals from newcastle to blackburn Cole - Community shield goal scorer Cole - He now goal hunts at the cottage Cole - Carlton, on loan to villa from chelsea Cole - This much-travelled striker is now the goalscoring king of craven cottage Cole - He joined chelsea from west ham Cole - Craven cottage poacher Cole - Arsenal defender with untapped talent? Cole - Arsenal player with untapped talent? Cole - He strikes with vassell at man city Cole - He scored twice at the valley on sunday Cole - Old king of political economy? Cole - Cabbage and king Cole - Tune penner porter Cole - Merry monarch being firm with the french Cole - Old nursery rhyme king Cole - George --, actor who found fame in radio's 'a life of bliss' Cole - Porter or younger Cole - With 1 down, salad bar offering Cole - Phillies pitcher hamels Cole - King with fiddlers Cole - Old king or nat king Cole - King with a pipe Cole - Iconic american composer porter Cole - "unforgettable" singer nat king Cole - Grammy winner natalie Cole - __ slaw Cole - Eldest of the outlaw younger brothers Cole - Bob ____ (newfie hockey caster) Cole - Porter who wrote "night and day" Cole - Word before harbour or porter Cole - "merry old" king in a rhyme Cole - 'born sinner' rapper j. ___ Cole - Fiddler caller of rhyme Cole - Merry king of rhyme Cole - Nat or natalie of music Cole - Porter who wrote of paree Cole - King with fiddlers three Cole - King singer with 49-across