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List - Aid for santa

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List - Aid for santa List - Santa checks it twice List - Bibliography, basically List - It's just one thing after another List - Table of contents, e.g List - Tabularize List - Wish ___ List - 'schindler's ___' List - Kind of price List - Catalog List - Mailing to santa List - Word with price or check List - Santa's reference List - Market indicator? 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List - "schindler's ___" (1993) List - Supermarket need, maybe List - Incline List - Santa's write-up List - Santa's paperwork List - Menu, e.g List - One might have an inclination to sound like a composer List - Lend an ear to the sound of the composer List - It's inclined to be made up of items List - One is inclined to do this with 17 across List - Be inclined to be items List - Inclined to come in the form of a column List - How 1 across starts to sound musical List - Lend an ear to the sound the composer makes List - Inclined to be composed of items List - It's inclined to contain items List - An inclination to have items that sound like a composer List - Of ship, lean to one side List - Ordered array of items List - The items of the composer, by the sound of it have an inclination to be there List - Start to sink List - Itemised grouping found in silt List - Of ship, lean over to one side List - Leaning of a ship List - Slope, slant, lean List - Tip nautically List - This will make you inclined to use your 6 down List - It's inclined to contain a number of items List - Lean enough to be itemised List - What santa checks twice List - Bullets may be seen on one List - A fifty-first menu, perhaps List - Shopping trip sheet List - It may have bullets List - Collection of names List - Shopper's reminder List - Student first to reach table List - Pay attention, or bend over List - Record of composer heard List - Record of hungarian composer heard ... List - Recognise architectural distinction in catalogue List - Lean over the edge List - A little animal is terribly lean List - Winner left before 14 (part 2) List - Be inclined - to go over - catalogue List - Catalogue List - Devoid of spirit or energy List - Heel - catalogue List - It may be a big to-do List - Top ten, for one List - Mention one by one List - Agenda List - Register of what is held by lieutenant List - Lean to one side List - Santa's got a long one List - Desire or inclination - that of 28, we hear, was little List - Menu List - Dean's __ List - It's one thing after another? List - See 34-across List - Marketgoer's memo List - Lean over table List - It may have check marks List - Put on the market, as a home List - Santa checks one List - Name one by one List - Buzzfeed offering List - Items or names written or printed consecutively List - Santa keeps one List - Cant List - Market goer's memo List - Bibliography, e.g List - Shopper's memory aid List - Consecutive series of items List - Give the names of those found on outskirts of little forest List - Full retail List - Buzzfeed article, often List - Tilt, at sea List - Record sound of composer List - Heard composer's record List - Ordered items List - Roll to choose List - Lean over, as military recruits did once List - Series of entries List - (of ship) lean to side List - Register a player on the move? List - Give ear to band record List - Tilt towards the transfer List - Transfer record List - Log of transfer-seeking players? List - Record choice List - (of ship) lean List - Roll; (of ship) lean over List - Unknown author in ban (only temporary) List - (of ship) lean over List - Boat's inclination to roll List - Record composer heard List - Messenger's inclination, recorded by philip macdonald List - Lean over border List - Record of one composer heard List - Inventory List - Roll over in abasement, silently List - Italian port List - Series of consecutive items List - The table does lean to one side List - Tilt the table List - The old-fashioned desire such a table List - Bank record List - There's a lean to the left and it's pitching List - Tabulate List - Trainee in berlin is made to register List - Roll and roll over List - Tip to get a table List - Go over a catalogue List - Bank register List - Lean over the table List - Roll is kept by junior officer List - Be inclined to pay attention to poet List - Coiffeur discards pen catalogue List - Luxembourg and its meandering border List - Pay attention or bend over List - Catalogue; tilt List - Register List - Schindler made one List - Enumeration List - Tilt at sea List - Organizational aid List - Errand-running aid List - Santa's checking it twice List - Be skewed List - Choice array List - Record hungarian composer in sound List - Top 10, for one List - Handy thing in a grocery store List - Place for tick marks List - Not be upright List - Shopper's cheat sheet List - Santa's aid appended in this puzzle's longest answers List - Jack's lean and fantastically fit (salt is fat-free) List - Common buzzfeed feature List - Sequence of 106-across List - Letter to santa List - "schindler's __" List - Rattle off List - Santa checks it List - Reminder for santa List - Ban List - Market shopper's aid List - Grocery shopper's sheet List - Set ___ (song order) List - Song catalog List - Hall and oates "kiss on my ___" List - The set one is taped to the stage List - Hall & oates "your kiss is on my ___" List - Cd catalog will do this w/albums List - Killers "my ___" List - Schindler kept one List - Pick out lipstick from catalogue List - See 27 List - Record by composer on the radio List - Manifest, e.g List - Place to find bullets List - Metric song for santa to check (with "the")? List - These clues, e.g List - Tip to one side, at sea List - Thing santa checks List - Set of consecutive items List - Most wanted __ List - Word with wish or bucket List - Reel off List - Officially go (for) List - Supermarket aid List - Santa makes one yearly List - Many a buzzfeed feature List - See 20 down List - Tilt table List - Word that can follow the last parts of 17-, 26-, 45- and 60-across List - Go over items presented systematically List - Utilize bullet points