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Opine - Think out loud

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  • Opine - Letter on O
  • 1 - st. word O
  • 2 - st. word P
  • 3 - st. word I
  • 4 - st. word N
  • 5 - st. word E

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Opine - 5 in 1, say Opine - Acquiescé Opine - Acquiesce à Opine - Add one's two cents Opine - Air a view Opine - Allow Opine - Allow as Opine - Approuve Opine - Believe person is without a relationship Opine - Chime in Opine - Chip in one's two cents, so to speak Opine - Conjecture Opine - Consider Opine - Consider love and feel longing Opine - Consider round patty containing last of chicken Opine - Consider work in the centre of leeds Opine - Cop in east enders collars suspect Opine - Declare nothing before deal Opine - Declare one's view Opine - Declare over deal Opine - Deem Opine - Drop in one's two cents Opine - Editorialize Opine - Editorialize verbally Opine - Express Opine - Express a thought Opine - Express a view Opine - Express a view on old wood Opine - Express a viewpoint Opine - Express an idea Opine - Express an opinion Opine - Express belief in old deal Opine - Express one's point of view Opine - Express one's thoughts Opine - Express one's view Opine - Express one's viewpoint Opine - Express one's views Opine - Express or hold view Opine - Express the view round the wood Opine - Express view of piece with four sharps Opine - Express views Opine - Express views in shop, in error Opine - Express, as a point of view Opine - Extremely nice, after work, i suppose Opine - Fancy nothing on the christmas tree perhaps Opine - Get one's thoughts across Opine - Give a piece of one's mind Opine - Give a piece of one's mind? Opine - Give a view Opine - Give a view round the tree Opine - Give one's two cents Opine - Give one's view Opine - Give one's views Opine - Give opinion Opine - Give takes Opine - Give your views on a circular tree Opine - Guess Opine - Have a thought Opine - Have a view Opine - Have one's say Opine - Have something to declare Opine - Have view of old tree Opine - Have your say Opine - Hazard a guess Opine - Hazard a guess, e.g Opine - Hold forth Opine - Hold forth, making wooden address? Opine - Hypothesize Opine - Imagine Opine - Imagine one ends with a secret number Opine - Judge work in english Opine - Make one's views known Opine - Offer a thought Opine - Offer a view Opine - Offer a viewpoint Opine - Offer one's thoughts Opine - Offer one's two cents Opine - Offer one's view Opine - Offer thoughts Opine - Offer view of old wood Opine - Offer view over tree Opine - Offer views Opine - Pipe up Opine - Posit aloud Opine - Present a view Opine - Present one's view Opine - Present your slant Opine - Put forward Opine - Put forward work at home before the end of june Opine - Put in one's two cents Opine - Put in one's two cents worth Opine - Put in one's two cents' worth Opine - Put in your two cents Opine - Put into words Opine - Put one's two cents in Opine - Put your two cents in Opine - Reckon Opine - Ring followed by long think Opine - Ring, and yearn to express a view Opine - Say one's piece Opine - Say what one thinks Opine - Say what you think Opine - Share a view Opine - Share one's thoughts Opine - Share one's views Opine - Share views Opine - Sound off Opine - Speak one's mind Opine - Speak one's piece Opine - Speak one's views Opine - Speak out Opine - Speak up Opine - Speculate Opine - Speculate, say Opine - Spout Opine - State a point of view Opine - State a view Opine - State a view about composition in e ... Opine - State as a view Opine - State as an opinion Opine - State as one's opinion Opine - State as one's view Opine - State clearly Opine - State one's belief Opine - State one's case Opine - State one's held view Opine - State one's stance Opine - State one's thoughts Opine - State one's view Opine - State one's viewpoint Opine - State one's views Opine - State the view Opine - State your views Opine - Suggest Opine - Suggest it's used for getting money out of machine after second-row contacts second-centre Opine - Suggest nothing and languish Opine - Suggest nothing and sigh Opine - Suggest old number for the bank to phone in the end Opine - Suppose Opine - Suppose id's needed when extremely offensive outside Opine - Suppose one will receive letter from athens Opine - Suppose that could be old wood Opine - Suspect deal by opposition leader Opine - Take a stand Opine - Take a view round tree Opine - Think - express a view Opine - Think a thought Opine - Think aloud Opine - Think of female leaving, then waste away Opine - Think of love and languish Opine - Think of love, then waste away? Opine - Think of work in spain Opine - Think out loud Opine - Think overlong when torn in two? Opine - Think so Opine - Throw out an idea Opine - Undivided? divided by lead in pencil, i suppose Opine - Utter a thought Opine - Vent a viewpoint Opine - Venture a thought Opine - Verbalize a hunch Opine - Verbalize a hunch, e.g Opine - Verbally weigh in Opine - View the opposition leader's deal Opine - Voice Opine - Voice a belief Opine - Voice a view Opine - Voice one's thoughts Opine - Voice one's view Opine - Voice one's views Opine - Voice views Opine - Wax philosophic Opine - Weigh in Opine - Weigh in on the subject Opine - Weigh in, say Opine - Work bridge players found absorbing i suppose Opine - Write a 16-across Opine - Write a think piece, say