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Stodgy - Victorian, in a way

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Stodgy - Victorian, in a way Stodgy - Not willing to experiment, maybe Stodgy - Hip's opposite Stodgy - Stick-in-the-mud Stodgy - Apt to mutter about kids today Stodgy - Hidebound Stodgy - Unduly formal Stodgy - Old-fashioned Stodgy - Primly pompous Stodgy - Fuddy-duddy Stodgy - Describes excessively starchy food Stodgy - Cool's opposite Stodgy - Dull - heavy Stodgy - Heavy and unappetising Stodgy - Dull and heavy Stodgy - Thick and boring (of food) Stodgy - Heavy to digest Stodgy - Heavy and filling Stodgy - (of food) heavy Stodgy - Hardly hip Stodgy - Frumpish Stodgy - Uninspired to make dog lie in with pigs Stodgy - Uninspired holy man upset god by asking 'why?' Stodgy - Old fogyish Stodgy - Heavy, starchy and hard to digest Stodgy - Boringly conventional way to replace unreliable leader Stodgy - First of your good points recalled, but not easily assimilated Stodgy - (of food) heavy, filling Stodgy - Last of weed in cheap american cigar's filling Stodgy - Like heavy and filling food Stodgy - Dull bbc boss in sheridan's first play Stodgy - Opposite of hip Stodgy - Indigestibly heavy Stodgy - Like bad food making dog poorly in pen Stodgy - Indigestible Stodgy - Heavy overdose by heartless guy on street Stodgy - Dull dog writhing in pen Stodgy - Heavy to eat Stodgy - Boring grand party over in swine's home Stodgy - Somewhat tedious or dull generating yawns initially Stodgy - Mark's review of great story ultimately is uninspiring Stodgy - Heavy and filling (food) Stodgy - Dog went mad in pen? that's tedious! Stodgy - Old-fogyish Stodgy - (of food) solid and heavy Stodgy - Far from hip Stodgy - Like a stick-in-the-mud Stodgy - Dull Stodgy - Heavy (of food)