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Shawl - Protection against chills

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Shawl - Protection against chills Shawl - Afghan Shawl - Wrap Shawl - Head and shoulders cover Shawl - Crocheted item Shawl - Sleeveless shoulder wrap Shawl - Shoulder warmer Shawl - Cover for a grandmother Shawl - Knitted wrap Shawl - It's a wrap Shawl - Bit of attire for a carriage ride Shawl - Wrap without arms Shawl - Shoulder covering Shawl - Shoulder wrap Shawl - Warming wrap Shawl - It covers the head and shoulders Shawl - Might go on ahead of g.b.s. before he gets to fifty Shawl - Clavicle cover Shawl - Cold comfort provider? Shawl - Playwright initially liked garment over the shoulders Shawl - Playwright left something to keep one warm Shawl - Piece of fabric wrapping the neck or a baby Shawl - Neck warmer Shawl - Baby's wrap Shawl - Quiet boring thing's clothing item? Shawl - Cloth wrapped over one's shoulders Shawl - Wrapped accessory Shawl - Head-and-shoulders wrap Shawl - Stole's kin Shawl - Knitter's project Shawl - Wrap tip of specially hard boring tool Shawl - Female garment Shawl - Baby wrapper Shawl - Cape and lake south of gb Shawl - Playwright left cloak Shawl - Small, hard tool for piercing mantle Shawl - Woman assumes this line is by a playwright Shawl - Covering for baby left behind thicket Shawl - Fabric wrap Shawl - Afghan line supporting playwright Shawl - Covering for shoulders Shawl - Cover for the head and shoulders Shawl - Loosely worn garment Shawl - Garment spoilt in the wash by a novice Shawl - Woman's wrap Shawl - Wrap for a writer over 50 Shawl - Playwright has left behind item of clothing Shawl - Cloak Shawl - Cloak, wrap Shawl - Basic wrap Shawl - Shoulder shielder Shawl - One could be wrapped up in this walsh novel Shawl - Stole or wrap Shawl - Wrapped clothes item Shawl - Covering for head and shoulders Shawl - Tallith, e.g Shawl - Covering for the shoulders Shawl - It's head and shoulders the best way to wrap your head and shoulders Shawl - Winter wrap Shawl - Item of clothes Shawl - Woolen outerwear Shawl - Cover for the shoulders Shawl - Prayer ___ Shawl - Wrap belt up on top of its maker's tool Shawl - Cover for head and shoulders Shawl - Nice thing after getting the cold shoulder? Shawl - Over-the-shoulder garb Shawl - Playwright left cover Shawl - Article thrown over the shoulders Shawl - Shoulder garment Shawl - Wrap for a baby Shawl - Stole line written by playwright