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Stir - Move a muscle

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  • Stir - Letter on S
  • 1 - st. word S
  • 2 - st. word T
  • 3 - st. word I
  • 4 - st. word R

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Stir - Pokey Stir - Slammer Stir - Move a muscle Stir - Do a bartending job Stir - Recipe direction Stir - Budge Stir - Recipe directive Stir - Sensation Stir - Be up and about Stir - Ruckus Stir - Turmoil Stir - Swizzle Stir - Awaken Stir - Move Stir - Whoop-de-do Stir - Ado Stir - Begin to wake Stir - Mix up Stir - Get a move on Stir - Flap Stir - Culinary directive Stir - The clink Stir - Commotion Stir - Con's place Stir - Lead-in for crazy or fry Stir - The big house Stir - Hubbub Stir - To-do Stir - Move emotionally Stir - Show signs of life Stir - Tend to the batter Stir - Hoosegow Stir - Work a wok Stir - Word with fried or crazy Stir - Paint can direction Stir - What cooks do often Stir - Advice from emeril, perhaps Stir - Help in the kitchen Stir - Use a swizzle stick Stir - ___-crazy Stir - Emerge from sleep Stir - Bustle Stir - The cooler Stir - Child's advice? Stir - Hurly-burly Stir - Show life Stir - "___ crazy" (1980) Stir - Culinary direction Stir - One way to create a solution? Stir - Hullabaloo Stir - Rouse Stir - Cookbook word Stir - Cool, as coffee Stir - Show signs of awakening Stir - One way to cool coffee Stir - Julia child direction Stir - Affect emotionally Stir - Show signs of waking Stir - Cookbook instruction Stir - Get it all together? Stir - Mix it up Stir - Start to wake up Stir - Set-to Stir - One way to get it all together Stir - Follow a recipe directive Stir - Cookbook direction Stir - Prepare paint Stir - Tend to the sauce Stir - Unrest Stir - Energize Stir - Tend the sauce Stir - Mix, in the kitchen Stir - Move a little Stir - Big house Stir - Ready paint Stir - Mix together Stir - Start to flutter one's eyes, say Stir - Get moving Stir - Disturb Stir - Roil Stir - Incite Stir - Use a spoon, in a way Stir - The not-so-hokey pokey Stir - Work on the batter Stir - Cook's instruction Stir - Mix things up Stir - Prepare the paint Stir - Fuss Stir - Mix the batter Stir - Advice from julia child Stir - ___-fry Stir - Mix (up) Stir - Make kool-aid Stir - Mix with a spoon Stir - Place for cons Stir - Paint-can direction Stir - Disturbance Stir - Agitate Stir - Con's home Stir - The hoosegow Stir - The poky Stir - Mix Stir - Tend to the batter, in a way Stir - Blend together Stir - Prison, slangily Stir - Recipe instruction Stir - Word with crazy or fry Stir - Paint can instruction Stir - Swirl with a spoon Stir - Cookbook verb Stir - Barely move Stir - Blend Stir - Mix it up? Stir - Brouhaha Stir - Sauce-cooking instruction Stir - Arouse Stir - Use a swizzle stick, e.g Stir - Move ever so slightly Stir - Create a solution? Stir - Affect strongly Stir - Flurry of activity Stir - Begin to awaken Stir - Mix thoroughly Stir - Bartending direction Stir - Instigate, with "up" Stir - Work the wok Stir - The joint Stir - Wake up Stir - Make a move Stir - Sugar-user's direction Stir - Become active Stir - Move a bit Stir - Do something emotionally to Stir - Move slightly Stir - Cooking direction Stir - Mild disturbance Stir - Classic comedy, "___ crazy" Stir - Use a wooden spoon, perhaps Stir - Recipe step Stir - Turnkey's workplace Stir - Finish making kool-aid Stir - Recipe word Stir - Mess up bond's martini? Stir - Kerfuffle Stir - Lockup Stir - Tend to, as sauce Stir - Uproar Stir - Hoo-ha Stir - Mix, as batter Stir - Make uniform, maybe Stir - Ruin bond's martini? Stir - Dust-up Stir - ___-crazy (restless) Stir - Get the juices flowing Stir - Tend to a wok Stir - Jail, to a hood Stir - Mix, as a drink Stir - Recipe verb Stir - Ferment Stir - Mix, as cake batter Stir - Word with "fried" or "crazy" Stir - Directive from emeril, perhaps Stir - Start to come around Stir - Begin to awake Stir - Hoo-hah Stir - Kindle Stir - Move ever-so-slightly Stir - Instant oatmeal direction Stir - Make uniform, perhaps Stir - Mix by hand Stir - Chef's direction Stir - Cake mix instruction Stir - Start to awaken Stir - Use a spoon Stir - Kind of crazy? Stir - Provoke Stir - Make chocolate milk, e.g Stir - Shake, say Stir - Foofaraw Stir - Excite Stir - Wield a spoon Stir - Wield a swizzle stick Stir - Change one's position Stir - Work with a wok Stir - Ruin james bond's martini? Stir - Make a mistake preparing james bond's martini Stir - Excitement Stir - Work on a batter Stir - Mix in Stir - Foment, with "up" Stir - Start to wake Stir - Cooking instruction Stir - "___ crazy" (richard pryor film) Stir - Use a poker Stir - Agitated state Stir - Word with "crazy" or "fry" Stir - Hoose-gow Stir - Mix, in a way Stir - Jail, in slang Stir - Calaboose Stir - Use a teaspoon Stir - Wield a teaspoon Stir - Use a wooden spoon Stir - Prison Stir - Hoopla Stir - Begin to wake up Stir - How one might never address 21 across Stir - Whisk, agitate Stir - There's movement, and you've put your foot in it with r up afterwards Stir - Make a move up with r and you'll put your foot in it Stir - Mix this with r up afterwards and put your foot in it Stir - One gets around to doing this Stir - One might get around to do this for the knight round the tea Stir - If you move on 27 across you'll have to have r up after this Stir - Whisk or make a move Stir - Mix or agitate Stir - Move around in a liquid Stir - Move around and mix thoroughly Stir - Cause to move in slangy prison Stir - Commotion to mix Stir - More very slightly, or agitate Stir - Move while awakening Stir - Whisk or rotate Stir - Whisk, blend Stir - Whisk or mix Stir - Whisk or whip Stir - Whisk or blend Stir - Whisk, mix Stir - Move very slightly, or agitate Stir - Whisk, rotate Stir - A slangy prison - whisk it Stir - Move around, in prison? Stir - Whisk or agitate Stir - Move about in prison Stir - "the joy of cooking" directive Stir - Whisk or rouse Stir - Agitate, arouse Stir - Move very slightly Stir - Move r up under this for one foot Stir - With r up after this little move, put your foot in it Stir - Will the knight make a move about a little tea? Stir - Use a teaspoon in tea, e.g Stir - Move around Stir - Begin to move Stir - Mix together, as cake batter Stir - Prepare, as eggnog Stir - Rustle Stir - Paint-can instruction Stir - Make uniform, in a way Stir - Cup-a-soup direction Stir - Move around to mix thoroughly Stir - "joy of cooking" instruction Stir - Noisy commotion Stir - Flutter the eyelids, say Stir - Wake up in prison Stir - Commotion in place of confinement Stir - Starts to serve time in russian prison Stir - Make a move to provide porridge Stir - Move to produce mix in jug Stir - Act as an agitator and get jail Stir - Wake up in the nick Stir - To create a disturbance could mean jail! Stir - Move to secure accommodation Stir - Teacher has time in jail Stir - Agitate 1, say Stir - Fire breaking through cast iron Stir - Can move Stir - Produce disorder and wake up in prison Stir - Can move around Stir - Move jug Stir - Mix porridge here Stir - Prison disturbance Stir - Prison - commotion Stir - Prison (slang) - disturbance Stir - Agitation - prison Stir - Prison - disturbance Stir - Wake up - prison Stir - Prison ? commotion Stir - Move around - prison Stir - Commotion - prison Stir - Start to move Stir - Agitate - prison Stir - Prison - mix Stir - Prison (slang) Stir - Cause trouble Stir - Agitation Stir - Mix ingredients together Stir - Commotion coming from prison Stir - "joy of cooking" direction Stir - What to do after adding cream or sugar Stir - Do as the cookbook instructs Stir - Big whoop Stir - Mix, as paint Stir - Direction in a bartender guide Stir - Revolutionary action brings excitement Stir - Work with a wok, say Stir - Prison, informally Stir - Do bar work, perhaps Stir - Command from 15-across Stir - Knight swallows end product in local prison Stir - Word on a kool-aid packet Stir - Move just a bit Stir - Start moving Stir - Reach emotionally Stir - Homogenize, perhaps Stir - Ruin bond's martini Stir - "___ crazy" (pryor film) Stir - Knight swallows rat's tail in local prison Stir - Start to get going Stir - Tend a cauldron, maybe Stir - Excitement makes you cooler Stir - '___ it up' (bob marley) Stir - Mix around Stir - "___ it up" (bob marley) Stir - Minute rice instruction Stir - Cake-making direction Stir - Kool-aid instruction Stir - Hustle and bustle Stir - Move, emotionally Stir - Step up or down without a movement Stir - '___ it up' (bob marley classic) Stir - "___ it up" (bob marley classic) Stir - Begin to leave one's dreams behind? Stir - Begin to come out of sleep Stir - Cool coffee Stir - Cookery direction Stir - Move with a little spooning Stir - Use a mixing spoon Stir - Ladies' underwear Stir - Can sentence cause trouble? Stir - Bustle, activity Stir - Rotate spoon where porridge is served Stir - Titled man given time in prison Stir - Move around - it's cooler Stir - Leader of army out of step, causing commotion Stir - Wake; disturbance Stir - Arouse (a memory) Stir - Can change position Stir - A way tax administrators cause agitation Stir - Commotion in prison Stir - Rouse; prison (colloq.) Stir - Whisk in jug Stir - Prison (colloq.) Stir - Arouse; commotion Stir - ... can move Stir - Prison riot Stir - - can cause a disturbance Stir - Nothing comes from disturbances recurring in prison Stir - Agitate; wake Stir - Detention centre created by an agitator? Stir - Activity between "sit around" and "run"? Stir - Sensation when scottish university suffers 50% cut Stir - Knight getting time in prison Stir - Mix porridge Stir - Agitate; prison Stir - Move; wake Stir - Mix porridge in this Stir - Slight movement Stir - Step without a fuss Stir - Prison; agitate Stir - Nick is prompt Stir - Cooler beat Stir - Create revolutionary movement in prison Stir - Perform a recipe step Stir - Move just slightly Stir - Recipe command Stir - Kool-aid packet direction Stir - Mix those ingredients Stir - Mix the ingredients for porridge Stir - Move; prison Stir - - - -crazy, psychologically disturbed as a result of being confined Stir - Porridge and how to prepare it Stir - Cooler by half past one, with rain Stir - Get up, my esteemed fellow - it's about time! Stir - Prison; agitation Stir - Prison unrest Stir - Move about; prison Stir - Prison (sl.) Stir - Cease to sleep in prison Stir - Get moving! Stir - Most irate in prison Stir - Agitate for porridge Stir - Agitate when in prison Stir - Come to '...great excitement' Stir - Prison (sl.); agitate Stir - Wake up in cooler Stir - Can it move? Stir - A flick of the wrist and the top comes off the can Stir - Agitation said to finish off leicester! Stir - Teacher welcomes time to wake up slowly Stir - Ferment in a jug Stir - Commotion in street - i run Stir - Wake when shaken; it's mid-afternoon Stir - Flap and you waken up Stir - A cooler blend Stir - Disturbance involving half of scottish university Stir - Starts to serve time in rat-infested jail Stir - Nick, wake up! Stir - Porridge mix Stir - Porridge and how to do it? Stir - On the street i run activity Stir - Excite bird Stir - It's up to rex to make a move Stir - Riots over nothing going to create commotion Stir - Rouse gentleman -- about time Stir - One way to make the food go round Stir - Create agitation in prison Stir - Start to wake up in prison Stir - Jailhouse rock? Stir - Make the drink go round Stir - Gentleman given time in prison Stir - Cast-iron case for prison Stir - Criminal tries to leave eastern prison Stir - Arouse; mix Stir - Movement in which you'll find people with convictions Stir - 10 -- time to interrupt teacher? Stir - Disturb bird Stir - Excitement in place housing those with conviction? Stir - Use spoon in kitchen for porridge Stir - Move a little, or move a lot Stir - Produce disorder, wake up in prison Stir - Get out of bed for shift Stir - Activity Stir - __-crazy Stir - Make a slight move Stir - Recipe directive in the kitchen or in the laboratory Stir - Can make a move Stir - Use a coffee spoon Stir - Furor Stir - Make homogeneous, perhaps Stir - Cookbook directive Stir - Surfing the internet introduces reading from kindle Stir - Tumult Stir - Time for gentleman to carry the can Stir - Rouse to action Stir - Place up the river? Stir - Mix in a bowl Stir - Follow a recipe direction Stir - Mix in a glass Stir - Blend using a spoon Stir - Blend in a bowl Stir - Porridge can make you churn Stir - Slang word for prison Stir - Add evenly, as cream or sugar Stir - Tend the brew Stir - Stimulate; prison Stir - Shake up Stir - Cause some shit Stir - What to do with porridge in prison Stir - Uproar in jail Stir - Keep the sauce from congealing, say Stir - Tend to one's risotto, perhaps Stir - Wake up in the nick of time? Stir - Mix up a martini Stir - Part of flight out of a prison Stir - Ignore 007's instructions Stir - Disturbance in scottish city suffering fish shortage Stir - Defy james bond's direction when making a martini Stir - Activate cooler Stir - Make homogeneous Stir - Commotion; wake Stir - Change one's position, for starters, on short-term interest rate Stir - Stimulate Stir - Mild hubbub Stir - Excite emotionally Stir - '___ crazy' (wilder/pryor movie) Stir - Follow a cookbook directive Stir - 11 kept in by teacher after sentence one's put here Stir - Excitement as it's heading towards north side Stir - Where most inmates have time to get a move on Stir - Jog Stir - What a cook must do, sometimes Stir - Cake mix direction Stir - Excite gentleman, grabbing top of thigh Stir - Cookbook command Stir - "beverly hills cop" hit "___ it up" Stir - Missouri band that failed to "shake things up" Stir - "holy dogs" band Stir - St. louis band that failed to shake it up? Stir - Patti labelle "___ it up" Stir - Patti labelle "___ it up, got to break it up now" Stir - Bob marley "___ it up" Stir - Marley lyric "little darlin', ___ it up" Stir - Sara groves "___ my heart" Stir - Missouri band that tried to "shake things up" Stir - Johnny nash "___ it up" Stir - Hadise "___ me up" Stir - Marley "___ it up" Stir - Bob marley cooking instruction, perhaps? Stir - St. louis band that tried to shake it up? Stir - Patti labelle "baby, ___ it up, got to break it up now" Stir - Slowly emerge from sleep Stir - Commotion; agitate Stir - Mix in a kitchen Stir - Work a spoon Stir - Verb on many paint cans Stir - Agitate - disturbance Stir - Homogenize, maybe Stir - Cause trouble in prison Stir - Use a mixing stick Stir - Revolutionary movement in prison Stir - Blend, as batter Stir - Direction on a kool-aid packet Stir - Direction on a tang container Stir - Cake-recipe verb Stir - Verb in a recipe Stir - Controversy creation Stir - Use a paint stick Stir - Kerfuffle in prison Stir - Where criminals are starting to spend time in rehab Stir - Commotion caused by heads of state talking in riddles Stir - Foment, with 'up' Stir - Make homogenous, maybe Stir - Instruction for porridge? Stir - Move in circles? Stir - Some populist iranians show signs of life Stir - Direction on pudding boxes Stir - Prison involved in raising of merit systems Stir - Brownie mix direction Stir - Blend with a spoon Stir - Tend to a simmering sauce Stir - What agitator does, in time caught by teacher Stir - Some are most irate to wake from sleep Stir - One way to mix liquids Stir - One way to mix liquids Stir - Do some manual work in kitchen in prison Stir - Step, missing a beat