Oyster - Kind of fork

Word by letter:
  • Oyster - Letter on O
  • 1 - st. word O
  • 2 - st. word Y
  • 3 - st. word S
  • 4 - st. word T
  • 5 - st. word E
  • 6 - st. word R

All questions by word:
Oyster - 'e gets in troy's shell Oyster - 'e is in the story of shell Oyster - 'e is in the story of shelley, perhaps Oyster - A bivalve Oyster - A pearl may grow in it Oyster - A secretive person taken in by carpenter Oyster - A world of personal opportunities? Oyster - Attract attention by disturbing rest in one of the beds Oyster - Attract attention to disturbed rest in one of the beds Oyster - Attract attention, disturbing rest in one of the beds Oyster - Bar fare Oyster - Bar food? Oyster - Bar snack Oyster - Bed denizen Oyster - Bed occupant Oyster - Bill losing head swallows unknown shellfish Oyster - Bivalve Oyster - Bivalve - may be pearl carrier Oyster - Bivalve at a bar Oyster - Bivalve in a bed Oyster - Bivalve mollusc Oyster - Bivalve native Oyster - Bivalve shellfish Oyster - Bivalve shellfish used as food Oyster - Bivalve that grows pearls Oyster - Bivalve that may nurture a pearl Oyster - Bluepoint Oyster - Bluepoint, e.g Oyster - Boy's terrific bags a pale pink Oyster - Boy's terrified catching sea creature Oyster - Certain stew ingredient Oyster - Clam? yes and no Oyster - Colour of boy's terrier Oyster - Colour of refurbished storey Oyster - Conclusion of narrative in unfolding story, a world of possibilities? Oyster - Concocted story about oriental mollusc Oyster - Content of stew offers all one could desire Oyster - Delicacy from the sea Oyster - Delicacy of deep regrets you're holding back Oyster - Edible bivalve Oyster - Edible bivalve mollusc Oyster - Edible marine bivalve mollusc Oyster - Edible marine mollusc Oyster - Edible mollusc Oyster - Edible shellfish Oyster - Faceless pin-up covering end of dormitory's an aphrodisiac? Oyster - First off, aster exchanged with oscar around fourth of july at pearl¿s home Oyster - Food in a shell Oyster - Food shellfish Oyster - Food sometimes eaten with a small fork Oyster - Food that may be caught in cowboy's territory Oyster - Funny story about english person unwilling to communicate Oyster - Funny story about european shellfish Oyster - Funny story about oriental, one spending life in bed Oyster - Gem holder, maybe Oyster - Greyish pink bit of chicken meat Oyster - Group inside enjoys terrific shellfish Oyster - Hangtown fry ingredient Oyster - If perhaps shelley had shut up Oyster - In the story 'e will not be forthcoming Oyster - Involved story about eastern native Oyster - Is 'e in a story of shelley, perhaps? Oyster - Is roy all set for shelley, perhaps? Oyster - It may be in a stew Oyster - It may be rot, yes, but it's all shelley, by the sound of it Oyster - It might be shucked Oyster - It produces pearls Oyster - It's got shell to break the toys with 'er Oyster - Item in a shucking contest Oyster - Kind of fork Oyster - Little boy's terrified of shellfish Oyster - Marine bivalve Oyster - Marine mollusc Oyster - Marine mollusk Oyster - Maybe grey, but the world may be yours Oyster - Means to cross london that destroys terraced houses Oyster - Meat rich in zinc Oyster - Metaphorical object of exploitation Oyster - Might shelley have made a story about the east? Oyster - Mollusc Oyster - Mollusc sometimes eaten alive Oyster - Mollusk on menus Oyster - Mollusk with an irregular shell Oyster - Morse might have eaten it with chips Oyster - Mother of pearl? Oyster - Native aphrodisiac? Oyster - Native found in bed Oyster - Native store recreated around centre of egypt Oyster - Native, possibly, in the shade Oyster - Odd story about eastern shellfish Oyster - Off-white color Oyster - One eaten by walrus and carpenter Oyster - One in a bed Oyster - One taken from bed to table Oyster - Only partly enjoys teriyaki seafood Oyster - Only select emptier shells for seafood Oyster - Onyx set near every other jewel's origin Oyster - Pale grey creature with sealed lips Oyster - Parent of the pearl Oyster - Pearl container? Oyster - Pearl creator Oyster - Pearl grower Oyster - Pearl harborer Oyster - Pearl harborer? Oyster - Pearl holder Oyster - Pearl maker Oyster - Pearl producer Oyster - Pearl source Oyster - Pearl's home Oyster - Pearl's home? Oyster - Pearl's house? Oyster - Pearl-bearing creature Oyster - Pearl-bearing sea creature Oyster - Pearl-generating bivalve Oyster - Pearl-making mollusc Oyster - Pearl-producing bivalve Oyster - Pearl-producing shellfish Oyster - Pearl-yielding shellfish Oyster - Perhaps it was shelley made up a story about the east Oyster - Perhaps it was the carpenter swallowed shelley Oyster - Perhaps it's from shelley that 'e gets the story Oyster - Perhaps shelley made toys with 'er Oyster - Perhaps shelley provided food for carroll's carpenter Oyster - Perhaps shelly has broken the toys with 'er Oyster - Playboy stereotypically gobbling reputed aphrodisiac Oyster - Playboy's terrific cover (one taken on bed) Oyster - Pogo, e.g Oyster - Proverbially reticent shellfish Oyster - Raw bar choice Oyster - Raw bar item Oyster - Regrets you harbour when looking back rather grey Oyster - Reputed aphrodisiac in the world of proverb Oyster - Rock's blue ___ cult Oyster - Rock-clinging mollusk Oyster - Sea creature Oyster - Sea creature partly annoys terrapin Oyster - Seafood Oyster - Seafood in a 'shooter' Oyster - Seafood in a shell Oyster - Seafood item sometimes eaten alive Oyster - Seafood offering unlimited possibilities? Oyster - Seafood snack Oyster - Seafood with a shell Oyster - Secretive person fabricating english story Oyster - Secretive person set to differ with roy Oyster - Secretive person's source of profit Oyster - Secretive type hiding in boy's territory Oyster - Shade of greyish white Oyster - Shell fish Oyster - Shellfish Oyster - Shellfish (maybe the world!) Oyster - Shellfish - colour Oyster - Shellfish considered an aphrodisiac Oyster - Shellfish gobbled by boy's terrapin Oyster - Shellfish in a bed Oyster - Shellfish that's shucked Oyster - Shut up for shelley? Oyster - Shut up with shell Oyster - Silly story about egghead and aphrodisiac? Oyster - Some boys' term for marine creature Oyster - Some corduroy's terrible colour Oyster - Some teddy boys terrorised native Oyster - Something found in a bed Oyster - Source of an advantage, figuratively Oyster - Source of natural pearls Oyster - Source of pearl Oyster - Start off to destroy wild seafood Oyster - Storey (anag) Oyster - Storey (anag.) Oyster - Strange story about european that lies in bed under water Oyster - Succulent bivalve Oyster - Succulent bivalve swallowed quickly Oyster - Succulent bivalve, may bear a pearl Oyster - Succulent bivalve, may bear pearl Oyster - Succulent shellfish Oyster - Taciturn native? Oyster - Tasty bivalve, may carry pearl Oyster - Tasty mollusk Oyster - The world of shakespeare is pale pink Oyster - The world, according to pistol, in “the merry wives of windsor” Oyster - The world, for some Oyster - The world, in metaphor Oyster - The world, to a go-getter Oyster - The world, to a go-getter? Oyster - Toys get broken with 'er with shell Oyster - Type of mollusc Oyster - Uncommunicative figure in boys' territory Oyster - Uncommunicative one Oyster - What the three possible answers to each of 26-, 36- and 44-across are, leading to 27 possible solutions to this puzzle Oyster - When man quits monastery abroad he's tight-lipped Oyster - Whitstable resident making way into hall, topless Oyster - With 54-down, longtime long island home of theodore roosevelt Oyster - World as place of opportunity as one got out of bed? Oyster - World of the fortunate caught by shore bird Oyster - Would shelley, perhaps, have shut up like this? Oyster - Would that shelley had shut up like this! Oyster - Zinc-rich delicacy
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Kind of fork (******) 6 letter. - what is this?

****** - kind of fork. word on "O". 1 - st. letter O. 2 - st. letter Y. 3 - st. letter S. 4 - st. letter T. 5 - st. letter E. 6 - st. letter R.

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