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Senses - Physiological pentad

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Senses - Physiological pentad Senses - Picks up readings on Senses - Taste and touch, for two Senses - Taste and touch Senses - Rationality Senses - Has a hunch Senses - Common pentad Senses - Detects Senses - Vision and scent Senses - They may be heightened Senses - Noted quintet Senses - Has a funny feeling Senses - Feels, as a presence Senses - Eyesight and hearing Senses - Divines Senses - Perceives Senses - Wits Senses - There are five, maybe six of them Senses - Faculties Senses - Smell and taste Senses - Sight and touch Senses - They can be overloaded Senses - Common, horse and sixth Senses - Vision and scent, e.g Senses - They can be dulled Senses - Hearing and smell Senses - Taste et al Senses - Corporeal quintet Senses - Picker-uppers? Senses - Hearing and sight Senses - Picks up Senses - Feels Senses - Has a feeling Senses - There might be six Senses - Bakeries excite them Senses - Feels intuitively Senses - Taste and touch, e.g Senses - Sight and smell Senses - Has an inkling Senses - Perceptual quintet Senses - Touch and such Senses - "the hundred secret __" (tan book) Senses - Hearing and smell, e.g Senses - "come to your ___!" Senses - Common and horse, for two Senses - Sanity Senses - Can tell Senses - Smell and taste, e.g Senses - Has a premonition of Senses - Sight, taste and smell Senses - Hearing and touch Senses - Sight, smell, et al Senses - Hears, e.g Senses - You'd get to be conscious of coming to yours Senses - Said to be only five of them if you count the people, by the sound of it Senses - Faculties for apprehending the external world Senses - The body has five of them Senses - Sight, touch etc Senses - 'hearing, touch etc. (6)' Senses - Touch, sight etc Senses - Feels, has some awareness Senses - Feels, perceives Senses - We have five, though some claim six Senses - Sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch Senses - We have five Senses - Feels, has an intuition Senses - Feels, has an awareness Senses - One has five that sound like ends of 10 across Senses - 'faculties count for the population, by the sound of it (6)' Senses - One has a feeling that traditionally there are five Senses - All five sound as if they count for people Senses - All of them are so feeling Senses - 'they feel that's the way to count us, by the sound of it (6)' Senses - Sight, hearing and others Senses - Feels in one's bones Senses - Feels one would be mad to be out of them Senses - Touch and sight Senses - Intuits Senses - Taste, sight and touch Senses - Classic quintet Senses - Faculties for experiencing the world Senses - Taste and hearing Senses - Psychic's sextet Senses - 'and i've got one, two, three, four, five ___ working overtime' (xtc lyric) Senses - "and i've got one, two, three, four, five ___ working overtime" (xtc lyric) Senses - Sight, touch, et al Senses - Sight and hearing Senses - Has a feeling lionesses drop oil Senses - Feels the presence of Senses - Perceives by sight and hearing Senses - Picks up some grouse's nests on the way back Senses - Lessens, reducing by a pound -- wrongly, one feels Senses - Taste and smell Senses - Hearing, touch etc Senses - Becomes aware of Senses - Quintet important to empiricists Senses - The sort of internal messages you'd expect from sensory faculties Senses - Perceptive faculties Senses - Some claim to have six of them Senses - Bad decision makers may have lost theirs Senses - John denver "you fill up my ___" Senses - Feelings Senses - Lexicographers' collection Senses - Rationnels Senses - Just knows Senses - Justes Senses - Hearing, touch, etc Senses - Sight, smell and taste Senses - Familiar fivesome Senses - Raisonnables Senses - Sensory faculties