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Col - Milit. rank

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Col - Milit. rank Col - Old radio's ___ stoopnagle Col - Newspaper div Col - Spreadsheet part: abbr Col - Row's opp Col - Rank above maj Col - Maj.'s superior Col - Boulder's st Col - Newspaper part: abbr Col - Gen. wannabe Col - Rank of h. sanders Col - Brig. gen.'s subordinate Col - Sanders, notably Col - Venez. neighbor Col - Potter or klink (abbr.) Col - Newspaper adv. unit Col - Mustard, e.g.: abbr Col - Kfc's sanders, e.g Col - Oliver north's rank (abbr.) Col - Newspaper page div Col - Neighbor of venez Col - Mountain pass Col - Army vip Col - Inferior of a brig. gen Col - Hogan's rank Col - Off. with an eagle insignia Col - Honorary ky. rank Col - The rockies, on the scoreboard Col - Army rank: abbr Col - Hogan's or klink's rank, briefly Col - Sanders of kfc, e.g Col - Mil. rank Col - Usmc rank Col - Andean land: abbr Col - Mil. title Col - Brig. gen. aspirant Col - Mustard's rank: abbr Col - Potter's rank, on "m*a*s*h": abbr Col - Hogan or klink: abbr Col - Gen.'s subordinate Col - Sanders, klink or mustard: abbr Col - Army off Col - Sanders' rank (abbr.) Col - "bird" off Col - Subordinate of a gen Col - Usaf rank Col - ___ mustard Col - Spreadsheet feature: abbr Col - Mustard's rank Col - Rank of kfc's sanders Col - Brig. gen.'s inferior Col - North or klink (abbr.) Col - Gen.'s underling Col - Army rank (abbr.) Col - Sanders' title (abbr.) Col - Pueblo's st Col - Found in newspapers (abbr.) Col - Sanders' rank: abbr Col - Usmc title Col - 21-down, for one: abbr Col - Potter's rank, on 'm*a*s*h': abbr Col - Between the peaks it might get late to compare Col - Pass the start of 22 across Col - Pass for 10050 Col - Depression for the firm below fifty Col - 10 across has one to the north Col - Pass the start of 24 down Col - There's a firm fifty down between the peaks Col - This and 'er would be quite a strain Col - High mountain pass Col - A pass between mountain peaks Col - Depression in range of mountains Col - Depression among ecologists Col - A depression in mountain range Col - Depression in a range of mountains Col - A depression in a range of mountains Col - It's a strain between peaks and 'er there Col - Pass a firm fifty Col - Potter of "m*a*s*h," for ex Col - Mustard's rank (abbr.) Col - Nl team Col - Pass for an officer Col - Low point of a ridge Col - Mountain defile Col - Part of a newspaper: abbr Col - Nl west team Col - ___ mustard (clue character): abbr Col - Rank below brig. gen Col - Klink's title: abbr Col - Mustard or klink, e.g. (abbr.) Col - Nhl west team Col - Rank just below brig. gen Col - Mustard, for one: abbr Col - Potter or klink: abbr Col - Gen. subordinate Col - Honorary ky. title Col - ___ mustard (clue character) Col - A pass through ridge Col - Low point between peaks Col - Officer's pass Col - Chilly with half the normal oxygen? it could be here Col - Low area between peaks Col - Officer discovered route through mountains Col - Pass between mountain ridges Col - Somewhere up on the mountain most chilly Col - Young horse almost in saddle Col - Lowest point of ridge between two peaks Col - Mustard dip? Col - Pass as an officer Col - Feature of mountain, no end of wintry conditions? Col - Low point of saddle between two peaks Col - Depression, a short minor illness Col - S.a. country Col - Future gen., maybe Col - Rank of kfc's sanders, briefly Col - Spreadsheet part (abbr.) Col - Defile an army officer briefly Col - Pass between hills Col - Half of newspaper section showing weather feature Col - Rocky hill Col - Mustard dip Col - North title: abbr Col - Mustard, but not ketchup: abbr Col - Plum : prof. :: mustard : ___ Col - One of 15 in a typical weekday crossword: abbr Col - Bogotá's land: abbr Col - Newspaper unit: abbr Col - Potter's rank on 'm*a*s*h' Col - Potter's tv rank (abbr.) Col - Spreadsheet div Col - Pass unfriendly contracts Col - The rockies, on scoreboards Col - Feature of mountain? it's mostly chilly Col - Kurtz's rank in 'apocalypse now': abbr Col - Inferior of a gen Col - Abbreviation for potter on "m*a*s*h" Col - Passage en montagne Col - Usmc rank, briefly Col - Senior officer’s pass Col - Partie rétrécie de certains objets Col - Mao a le sien Col - The avalanche, on sports tickers Col - Young horse’s short saddle Col - Pass left after business Col - Mash unit commander's rank Col - Partie d'une chemise Col - Mustard in the game clue, e.g.: abbr Col - Mustard in the game clue, e.g.: abbr