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Unable - Impotent

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Unable - Impotent Unable - In want of the wherewithal Unable - Lacking the skill Unable - Lacking the wherewithal Unable - Not competent Unable - Not up to it Unable - Not up to snuff Unable - Lacking the skill, e.g Unable - Not capable Unable - Lacking the means Unable - Powerless Unable - Lacking what it takes Unable - Not equipped Unable - Lacking capacity Unable - Lacking the resources Unable - Incompetent Unable - The girl starts it but it's all cant Unable - One bun with some ale? that's nothing more than cant Unable - The girl can't have started to bleed Unable - That's nothing but cant Unable - It's nothing but cant for the girl to begin to bleed Unable - It's nothing but cant Unable - It's just cant Unable - Not in a position (to) Unable - Not in a position to Unable - Not having the necessary means or know-how Unable - Incapable Unable - Not fit or competent Unable - Not having the neccessary means Unable - Not in a position to do Unable - Not having the necessary means or skill or know-how Unable - Incompetent or powerless Unable - Incompetent sort of nebula Unable - Such an inclusion in the blue is nothing but cant Unable - Such a blue n is nothing but cant Unable - It's all cant Unable - No-can-do Unable - Incompetent, but could be employed with a change of polarity Unable - Third of blue-collar labour force disheartened and lacking opportunity Unable - Not having sufficient power Unable - Lacking the required capacity Unable - Lacking the necessary skills Unable - Unfit peacekeeper meets sailor and the french Unable - Nebula (anag) Unable - Lacking power (to do) Unable - Like a radio that's failed to start, not having the power Unable - Powerless to return island to greek character Unable - Lacking power (to do something) Unable - Bus lane designed to avoid double bend proves inadequate Unable - Having insufficient strength or ability (to do something) Unable - Not up to witness exploding nebula Unable - Powerless, locked in sauna, bleeding Unable - Incapable of Unable - Lacking part of machine-gun, a blenheim is powerless Unable - Powerless to fake nebula Unable - Not qualified Unable - Powerless to arrest student with drug joining university Unable - Overrun a blender inside - that's why it's powerless? Unable - Not having the know-how Unable - Without the wherewithal