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Ardent - Eager

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Ardent - Eager Ardent - Impassioned Ardent - Burning with desire Ardent - Passionate Ardent - Devoted Ardent - Fervid Ardent - Gung-ho Ardent - Dedicated Ardent - Rarin' to go Ardent - Characterized by great warmth Ardent - Fervent Ardent - Like some fans Ardent - Really enthusiastic Ardent - Deeply devoted Ardent - Zealous Ardent - Intensely eager Ardent - Hot-blooded Ardent - Hardly tepid Ardent - Full of gusto Ardent - Fiery Ardent - Burning Ardent - Full of fervor Ardent - Afire with desire Ardent - Impassioned, as a plea Ardent - Filled with fire Ardent - Pas- sionate Ardent - Burning to get the academician back to the depression Ardent - Is the tenant so keen to pay about five hundred? Ardent - Having great warmth of feeling like a lover Ardent - Loving and fiery Ardent - Fiery and loving Ardent - Warm and loving Ardent - Fervent, impassioned Ardent - 'fervent, impassioned (6)' Ardent - Fiery and zealous Ardent - Ranted, being passionate Ardent - Ranted, being impassioned Ardent - Passionate, full of feeling Ardent - Enthusiastic or passionate Ardent - Passionate, fervent Ardent - Passionate and glowing Ardent - Fiery and passionate Ardent - Passionate, fiery Ardent - Burning with emotion Ardent - Ranted badly and became earnest in love Ardent - Red within the eager ant Ardent - Very enthusiastic or passionate Ardent - Raring to go Ardent - Intensely devoted Ardent - Burning mad, read the new testament Ardent - The passionate are not so quickly around old penny? Ardent - Five hundred within are not burning Ardent - Eager to add a little tree to the forest Ardent - Passionate in the garden tool-shed Ardent - Full of zeal for a new trend Ardent - Keen to get skill without study Ardent - Daren't, maybe, get fiery Ardent - Dedicated skill, involving study, ... Ardent - Eager for study in creative field Ardent - Finally shed a tear about burning Ardent - Dedicated artist goes back to the pit Ardent - Burning to provide dramatist with model Ardent - Forest to start burning Ardent - Keen to buck a trend Ardent - Hot office aboard craft Ardent - Very keen Ardent - Intensely enthusiastic Ardent - Burning (with emotion) Ardent - Zealous - ranted (anag) Ardent - Burning with passion Ardent - Filled with passion Ardent - Committed Ardent - Passionate to read awkward old book Ardent - Enthusiastic, eager Ardent - Burning, passionate Ardent - Study painting externally, being very keen Ardent - Zealous medic given rise in a hospital department Ardent - Very keen to have paintings round the study Ardent - Very passionate Ardent - Burning forest tree top Ardent - Hot diamonds are not seen around Ardent - Cannot be keeping daughter very interested Ardent - Passionate queen in translation of dante Ardent - Eager to have paintings around study Ardent - Patch of land not good - time for burning Ardent - Very enthusiastic Ardent - Enthusiastic Ardent - Company about which prince edward was passionate Ardent - Burning forest trees first Ardent - Keen Ardent - Keen to set a new trend Ardent - Very enthusiastic study in painting Ardent - Zealous right in a depression Ardent - Ranted wildly, like a zealot Ardent - Fiery study in art Ardent - Very enthusiastic study probing painting, say Ardent - Dedicated, found in garden, toiling Ardent - Lusting after paintings hanging round study Ardent - Bard entreats with passion intrinsically Ardent - Fiery pit shown in painting Ardent - Forest close to parkhurst is burning Ardent - Keen to make impression, supporting a monarch Ardent - Like lovers in a forest -- beginning to tremble? Ardent - Impassioned founder of cosmetics firm, foremost in toiletry Ardent - Extremely keen to have e.g. paintings displayed around studio? Ardent - Enthusiastic democrat blocking a charter Ardent - Passionate study in art Ardent - Passionate skill around private office? Ardent - Displaying passion Ardent - Study painting externally, being passionate Ardent - Full of passion Ardent - Plein de vivacité Ardent - Burning forest close to coast Ardent - Committed to a new trend Ardent - Passionate artist's over depression Ardent - Haggard entertainer, not entirely full of enthusiasm Ardent - Qui chauffe fortement Ardent - Burning some garden trash Ardent - Enthusiastic study in painting