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York - Sarah, duchess of ___

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York - 'made glorious summer by this sun of - - ' shakespeare's richard iii York - 15th-century english ruling house York - A place in school - primary or kindergarten York - Albany, new __ York - Andrew's dukedom York - Archbishopric in northern england York - Archdiocese York - Auden's birthplace York - Bowl found in fifteenth century house York - Bowl out with ball pitching under bat York - British royal house, once York - Capital of roman britain York - City and royal house York - City at the confluence of the ouse and foss York - City brewery: no further stock (they're closing) York - City called eboracum by the romans York - City in either end of yearbook York - City not far from downton abbey York - City offering choice of ends of holy week York - City on the ouse York - City on the river ouse, noted for its cathedral York - City with a famous minster York - City with a minster York - Duchess of ___ York - Duke of ___, shakespearean character York - Eboracum (l) York - Eboracum (on the ouse) York - Eboracum to the romans York - English archbishopric York - English dynasty during the wars of the roses York - English northern city York - English royal house York - English walled city York - Fergie's duchy York - Get out under willow in cathedral city York - Get striker out of royal house York - Greeting kings in royal house York - Guy fawkes's birthplace York - Half of ny York - Having announced why, are entering okay royal house York - Home of some mystery plays York - It comes between new yankees? York - It's east of first York - Its sun made glorious summer? York - Lancaster adversary York - Lancaster foe York - Lancaster's rival York - Little dog's pudding? York - Minster city York - Modern eboracum York - N.y.c. part York - Name on peppermint pattie wrappers York - National railway museum city York - New __ York - Northern city York - Northern english cathedral city York - Northern english city York - Northern walled city York - Noted dukedom York - Nyc part York - Part of n.y.c York - Part of n.y.s.e York - Part of ny York - Part of nyc York - Part of nyu York - Pennsylvania city York - Pennsylvania city or its county York - Peppermint pattie brand York - Peppermint pattie maker York - Prince andrew, the duke of __ York - Prince edward island's little ____ York - Richard iii family name York - Richard iii's house York - Riding position is one of yank's tips when getting on horse York - River ouse city York - Royal ____, toronto landmark York - Royal house York - Royal house (of the white rose) York - Royal house in the wars of the roses York - Sarah, duchess of ___ York - Second part of 26 York - Site of cornwallis' surrender York - Sun king's house once 10 York - Susannah or michael of the screen York - That is missing from popular bar York - The "y" in "o&y" York - Walled city York - Walled city of england York - Walled english city York - War of the roses house York - Whence the marching grand old duke York - Where chris brass is the football league's youngest manager York - White rose city