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Parole - Sentence shortener Parole - Pen release mechanism? Parole - Let go, in a way Parole - Early release Parole - Spring from a pen Parole - Conditional release Parole - End of a sentence, maybe Parole - Hood release? Parole - Let out conditionally Parole - Let out early Parole - Turn loose, provisionally Parole - Spring from a pen? Parole - Inmate's early release Parole - Free conditionally Parole - Release requiring regular reporting Parole - Get out of the can? Parole - Good way to finish a sentence? Parole - Inmate's break Parole - Jailbird's goal Parole - Good-behavior reward Parole - Out for someone on the inside Parole - It may come before the end of a sentence Parole - Release with supervision Parole - Limited release Parole - Red finally got one at shawshank Parole - Conditional release from prison Parole - Free with some conditions Parole - Jailbird's hope Parole - Release, in a way Parole - Con quest? Parole - Prisoner's hope Parole - Conditional freedom Parole - Convict's hope Parole - Period after a sentence? Parole - End of a sentence? Parole - Let out of jail early Parole - This shows promise of playing a paternal part Parole - There's promnise of a parental part here Parole - My word! what apart for a parent! Parole - Conditional release from imprisonment Parole - Conditional release of a prisoner Parole - A paternal part one might promise to give Parole - Conditional release for prison Parole - Early release on promise of good behaviour Parole - On which a prisoner can be released Parole - Temporary release for good behaviour Parole - Give al rope when he's released early Parole - Temporary release on promise of good behaviour Parole - Early conditional release for prisoner in jail Parole - Promise of a fatherly part Parole - Prison break? Parole - Release from joint custody? Parole - Father might play this way, out of prison Parole - Plebeian accepting one's word of honour Parole - Standard spanish expression for 'word of honour' Parole - Promise the old man a part Parole - Promise not freely given Parole - Father's part of word Parole - Promise - conditional release Parole - (one's) word Parole - Promise (that prisoner is released on) Parole - Promise of not escaping etc Parole - Word - condition of liberty Parole - Con's out, sometimes Parole - Con's conditional release Parole - Dad's part has promise Parole - Hope for a good boy in jail Parole - Repudiates Parole - It can shorten a sentence Parole - Prisoner might get this job as secretary? Parole - Prisoner's reward Parole - Turned up music heard around stadium with early release Parole - Limited release? Parole - Con quest Parole - Inmate's wish Parole - Inmate's hope Parole - Prison sentence shortener Parole - Promise assistant a part Parole - Provisional release (for prisoner) Parole - Function of assistant is to show promise Parole - Release (prisoner) on good behaviour Parole - Conditional release (of prisoner) Parole - Release (a prisoner) on the promise of good conduct Parole - Temporary release (of a prisoner) Parole - Sentence ender, maybe Parole - Father will take part, word of honour Parole - Word of honour on dad's part Parole - Conditional release from jail Parole - Priest has a part in prisoner's early release Parole - Reward for good behaviour in position supporting secretary Parole - Promise father a part in the play Parole - Free place for assistant Parole - Conditional release initially playing a part Parole - Penny has a part in limited release Parole - Release of men held up in enclosure Parole - Dad's acting part provides temporary release Parole - What a board may bestow Parole - Way out? Parole - Lop ear (anag.) Parole - Father taking part gives word of honour Parole - Father given part temporary release Parole - __ officer Parole - One way to end a sentence Parole - It's a release in a way for assistant to get post Parole - Provisional release Parole - Con's early release Parole - It's a release in a way for one of those getting out of 25 across Parole - Father with part in panto perhaps -- it's a promise! Parole - Initially play a part in conditional release Parole - Sentence ender Parole - Good behavior's reward, maybe Parole - Conditional early release of a prisoner Parole - Sentence ender, at times Parole - Father takes part in the early release of a prisoner