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Licensee - Royalty payer

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Licensee - Royalty payer Licensee - Permit holder Licensee - Franchise operator Licensee - Person with official permit to sell, say, drink Licensee - The one holding official permission Licensee - The one with the official permit Licensee - Person holding official authorisation Licensee - One authorised the hard water the poles found in a river down south Licensee - Host of parasites seen on the move Licensee - One who is formally allowed desserts around noon in general Licensee - Publican maybe from another scene in fiction Licensee - Crawlers get past new landlord Licensee - Person allowed to sell drink Licensee - Uncommonly nice - else who would be a publican? Licensee - Seen with lice running wild, lassie for one has the right papers Licensee - Has permission to stick to one's guns perhaps and call time Licensee - One legally entitled to sell alcoholic drinks Licensee - One permitted to sell alcohol Licensee - One with permit to sell alcohol Licensee - Parasites seen shifting to local host, perhaps Licensee - One able to sell alcohol Licensee - One authorised to sell alcohol Licensee - Landlord to tell fib about scene-shifting Licensee - One allowed to sell alcohol Licensee - At the end of the day, calls time on one of those behind bars perhaps Licensee - Large cubes seen floating about in drink he supplies? Licensee - Landlord's broken pleistocene pot went missing Licensee - Troubled client stopped short to meet landlord Licensee - Permit oriental seller of alcohol Licensee - Host bugs new clock Licensee - Person permitted to run pub Licensee - Landlord with infestation seen redeveloping Licensee - One permitted to break silence up to a point Licensee - Publican Licensee - Landlord's worrying silence over second instalment of rent Licensee - Person in charge of pub has insects -- any number, look! Licensee - Person responsible for pub seen scurrying around after insects Licensee - Parasites seen in development by landlord Licensee - Pub landlord Licensee - Authorized vendor Licensee - Seller of tie-in merchandise, often Licensee - Authorized seller Licensee - One holding official permission