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Swat - Double or triple, possibly

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Swat - Double or triple, possibly Swat - Quite a hit Swat - Try for a fly Swat - Acronym on some jackets Swat - Thwack Swat - Cuff Swat - Kind of team Swat - Police jacket letters Swat - A type of team Swat - Babe ruth's 'sultanate' Swat - Shot block, in hoops-speak Swat - Flatten a fly Swat - Quick hit Swat - Police team Swat - Hit the buzzer? Swat - Hostage situation acronym Swat - Go after flies Swat - Hit like ruth Swat - Sultan of ___ (babe ruth) Swat - Acronym on a police jacket Swat - Swing at a fly Swat - Elite police team Swat - The babe's sultanate Swat - Police group Swat - Babe ruth's "sultanate" Swat - Police unit Swat - '70s police drama Swat - Whack Swat - Smack a fly Swat - ___ team Swat - Ruth, "the sultan of ___" Swat - Babe's sultanate Swat - Hostage crisis group Swat - Belt Swat - Big blow Swat - Part of ruth's nickname Swat - Try to hit, as a housefly Swat - ___ team (police group) Swat - Police crisis acronym Swat - Big baseball hit Swat - Certain police team Swat - Blow Swat - Swing that rips the leather off the ball Swat - Specialized police team Swat - Ruth's "sultanate" Swat - Hit hard Swat - Attack, as a fly Swat - Go after, as flies Swat - Sharp blow Swat - Knock out of the park Swat - Hard-hitting team? Swat - Hit flies? Swat - Heavy blow Swat - Hit, as a fly Swat - Nail, as a fly Swat - With 61 down, repel Swat - Police-jacket letters Swat - De-bug? Swat - Fly's undoing Swat - Smack Swat - Go after a fly Swat - Certain crisis team Swat - The sultan of ___ (ruth's moniker) Swat - Go for, as a fly Swat - End of a fly? ... or the start of one? Swat - Powerful blow Swat - Hit swiftly Swat - Team letters Swat - Specialized police-team acronym Swat - Acronym on some police jackets Swat - Ruth's sultanate Swat - Attack flies, perhaps Swat - Fend off flies Swat - Slap Swat - Hit sharply Swat - Police-team acronym Swat - Smack, as a fly Swat - Mighty blow Swat - Swing at a mosquito Swat - Police jacket acronym Swat - Whack, as a fly Swat - Hit, as a mosquito Swat - Clock Swat - Smack hard Swat - Kill flies, in a way Swat - Bat a gnat Swat - Elite police squad Swat - "the sultan of ___" (babe ruth) Swat - Team acronym Swat - Hit Swat - Sacrifice fly? Swat - Strike Swat - Hostage-rescue acronym Swat - The sultan of ___ (babe ruth) Swat - Try to hit Swat - Hit at Swat - Spank Swat - Police vest initials Swat - Whack at 9-across Swat - Swift, sharp blow Swat - 'hit swiftly, a fly perhaps (4)' Swat - Hit with something flat, as with fly Swat - Hit swiftly, a fly perhaps Swat - Letters on some police jackets Swat - 'twas quite a smack Swat - Twas something of a blow Swat - .`twas quite a blow Swat - Try to flatten a fly Swat - Hit hard, say fly, with something flat Swat - The way to fly at the fly Swat - Strike, as a mosquito Swat - Babe ruth's sultanate? Swat - Fly-killer was making time Swat - Smart hit given to kid that's too smart, say Swat - Hit (flies, etc) Swat - Strike sharply (at fly?) Swat - Hit (insect) sharply Swat - Hit (a fly) Swat - Deal a quick and effective blow (to) Swat - Smack (a fly?) Swat - Bat a fly Swat - Hit a fly Swat - Hit flies Swat - __ team: police crisis unit Swat - Do in, as a fly Swat - Babe ruth was its "sultan" Swat - Big baseball blow Swat - Police crisis squad Swat - Whack sharply Swat - Police crisis unit Swat - Attack, as a gnat Swat - Performer of high-risk operations Swat - Strong blow Swat - Hit with a rolled-up newspaper, maybe Swat - Can¿t say blow won¿t hurt a fly? Swat - Special police team Swat - Pitcher's woe Swat - Good whack Swat - Team letters? Swat - Sultan of ___ (nickname for 15-across) Swat - Kill (fly) Swat - Directions with a tin-opener - strike smartly Swat - Hit and crush (a fly) Swat - Crush (eg, a fly) Swat - Pull back strap and land crushing blow Swat - District of pakistan; sharp blow Swat - Crush (a fly) Swat - Team seen in the "ocean's eleven" remake Swat - Police crisis unit acronym Swat - Can't say blow won't hurt a fly? Swat - Rescue acronym Swat - Strike for the return of some marbles Swat - Hit smartly Swat - Second rebel gets hit Swat - Head of wikileaks in examination of strike on pakistani valley Swat - Police crisis team Swat - Make like babe ruth Swat - Hit with a sharp blow Swat - Crushing blow Swat - Hit a baseball long and far Swat - Belt out of the park Swat - Try to beat the buzzer? Swat - Go after a mosquito Swat - Sounds like keen student to hit a fly Swat - Dispatch a fly Swat - Go after, as a fly Swat - Type of police team Swat - Attempt to debug? Swat - Police dept. unit Swat - Whack with a newspaper, perhaps Swat - Strike, as at a mosquito Swat - Crisis team acronym Swat - Letters on a police jacket Swat - Leaders of social workers are threatening strike Swat - American police team positioned to apprehend women Swat - Police team acronym Swat - Wallop Swat - Housefly's undoing Swat - Sultan of __: babe ruth Swat - Babe ruth, the sultan of ___ Swat - To kill flies is heartless hard work Swat - With 13 down, its work may be stunning Swat - Smack a baseball Swat - Acronym on some lvmpd jackets Swat - Rescue-squad acronym Swat - Short-lived 1970s cop show Swat - ___ team (police unit) Swat - Whack, as a baseball Swat - Heads of senior whigs and tories hit sharply Swat - Blast, as a baseball Swat - Big hit Swat - Blast a fly or baseball Swat - Law enforcement jacket letters Swat - Bat at a gnat Swat - __ team Swat - Slugger's swing Swat - Law enforcement "team" Swat - Law enforcement "team" Swat - Housefly's demise Swat - Housefly's demise Swat - Letters on some bulletproof vests