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Relax - 'chill'

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Relax - "calm down!" Relax - "calm down" Relax - "chill out!" Relax - "chill!" Relax - "don't sweat it!" Relax - "i have this totally under control" Relax - "just chill!" Relax - "stop worrying!" Relax - "take a chill pill!" Relax - "take it easy!" Relax - "you've got nothing to worry about!" Relax - "you've got nothing to worry about" Relax - "___ and stay a while" Relax - 'calm down!' Relax - 'chill!' Relax - 'chill' Relax - 'cool it!' Relax - 'don't sweat it!' Relax - 'don't worry about it!' Relax - 'easy, boy' Relax - 'it was just a joke!' Relax - 'it's not the end of the world' Relax - 'put your feet up' Relax - 'stop worrying!' Relax - 'take a chill pill!' Relax - 'take it easy!' Relax - 'take it easy' Relax - 'you've got nothing to worry about!' Relax - 1984 hit single by frankie goes to hollywood Relax - Abate Relax - Add vertical line 15 (word 1) and vertical line 1 (word 3) and enter the answer to the resulting clue on this line Relax - Advice to a type-a person Relax - Become less severe or strict Relax - Become less tense Relax - Become less tense or tight Relax - Calm down Relax - Chill Relax - Chill beer by initially rolling bottles over Relax - Chill out Relax - Chill, so to speak Relax - Do this when you finally get dylan's new album Relax - Don't do it, advised frankie goes to hollywood Relax - Don't worry about getting sloppy Relax - Ease Relax - Ease up on Relax - Enjoy some downtime Relax - Even in orwellian times, stay cool! Relax - Frankie goes to hollywood debut single Relax - Frankie goes to hollywood smash Relax - Hang loose Relax - Have break about lake in front of a cross Relax - It¿s about getting to californian airport to take it easy Relax - Kick back Relax - King albert climbing inside to have a hot bath, say Relax - King captures the french with ease Relax - King grabs the parisian female to wind down Relax - King swallows drop of lemsip, catching a chill Relax - King, having captured us city, put feet up Relax - Let go Relax - Loosen Relax - Loosen up Relax - Loosen up, slow down Relax - Loosen up? right! drink up? wrong! Relax - Make (rule) less strict Relax - Make less stringent Relax - Moderate Relax - Moderate roman king captures half the country Relax - Partner of sit back Relax - Physician's advice Relax - Put one's feet up Relax - Put one's feet up with chill? Relax - Put your feet up Relax - Real mad and cross? don't be! Relax - Rest Relax - Rest from chill? Relax - Retiring monarch, say, needs rest Relax - Slacken Relax - Slow down and unwind Relax - Something to do on sabbatical Relax - Stop worrying Relax - Take 10 Relax - Take a break Relax - Take a load off Relax - Take a long bath, say Relax - Take five Relax - Take it easy Relax - Take it easy, don't be so tense Relax - Take one's ease Relax - Take ten Relax - Take things easy Relax - Take to the chaise Relax - Unbend Relax - Untighten Relax - Unwind Relax - Unwind, take it easy Relax - Veg out Relax - What frankie goes to hollywood said to do Relax - Wind down Relax - With race almost finished, vote to take a rest Relax - Writing to english liberal with chill