Iliad - War story, greek-style

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  • Iliad - Letter on I
  • 1 - st. word I
  • 2 - st. word L
  • 3 - st. word I
  • 4 - st. word A
  • 5 - st. word D

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Iliad - War story, greek-style Iliad - Troy story Iliad - Trojan war epic Iliad - Story of achilles Iliad - Story of a siege Iliad - It ends with hector's funeral Iliad - It begins 'sing, goddess, the wrath of ...' Iliad - Tale of the 34-down Iliad - Poem about paris? Iliad - Trojan war story Iliad - Homer opus Iliad - War story Iliad - Tale of the wrath of achilles Iliad - Work often read before the 'odyssey' Iliad - Homer epic Iliad - Trojan saga Iliad - Hector dies in it Iliad - Epic starring achilles Iliad - Long series of woes Iliad - Tale of troy Iliad - Homeric epic Iliad - Homer's epic poem Iliad - Old war story Iliad - Pitt movie inspiration Iliad - Story of troy Iliad - It's divided into 24 books Iliad - Ancient greek class reading Iliad - Homer's work Iliad - Heroic tale including 48-across Iliad - 24-book greek epic Iliad - Siege of troy epic Iliad - Epic that ends with hector's funeral Iliad - War epic Iliad - Epic poem Iliad - Classics 101 text (with "the") Iliad - Homer's first episode Iliad - Twenty-four-book greek epic Iliad - Precursor of the 'odyssey' Iliad - Troy story? Iliad - Epic featuring the catalogue of ships Iliad - Homer hit Iliad - Ancient greek epic Iliad - Greek epic Iliad - Homeric work Iliad - High-school reading Iliad - It begins 'sing, goddess, the wrath of peleus' son …' Iliad - Homeric saga Iliad - It's a long story Iliad - Homeric poem Iliad - Greek masterwork Iliad - Trojan war saga Iliad - Classics 101 text Iliad - Homer classic Iliad - Epic tale by homer Iliad - Classic epic Iliad - Poem in 24 books Iliad - Poem about paris, in part Iliad - Noted war poem Iliad - Achilles vs. hector epic Iliad - 24-part epic Iliad - Poem that ends with the funeral of hector Iliad - Its first word translates as 'wrath' Iliad - Classic with achilles Iliad - Work that begins 'sing, goddess, the wrath of peleus' son ...' Iliad - Tale with a memorable horse Iliad - Epic centered on achilles Iliad - Trojan war chronicle Iliad - 24-book epic Iliad - 24-part classic Iliad - Tale of the trojan war Iliad - One of homer's epics Iliad - Epic that includes the teichoscopia Iliad - Epic poem with about 16,000 lines Iliad - Epic poem in dactylic hexameter Iliad - Greek epic poem Iliad - Literary work in which paris is featured Iliad - Tale of troy's siege Iliad - Inspiration for 'troilus and cressida' Iliad - Classic war story Iliad - Homer's trojan war epic Iliad - Poem with approximately 16,000 lines Iliad - Poem whose first word is 'wrath' Iliad - Epic involving paris Iliad - Epic about the trojan war Iliad - Epic translated by alexander pope Iliad - Homeric war epic Iliad - Tale of an ancient siege Iliad - Collection of 24 books Iliad - Tale of achilles Iliad - Achilles spiel? Iliad - Epic work with a “kleos” (glory) theme Iliad - 24-book poem Iliad - Trojan war tale Iliad - Homer work Iliad - Series of epic exploits Iliad - Homeric narrative Iliad - Epic poem by homer Iliad - It ends with hector being burned on a pyre Iliad - Long enough for one to get a boy about one from greece Iliad - I return to the house in dublin with the help of homer Iliad - Dial one for an epic Iliad - From homer one gets up to the lower house Iliad - Homer for one boy among eleven Iliad - Homer's great poem Iliad - That's how i get the lower house up in epic form Iliad - It's a long story how i got back to the house in dublin Iliad - Homer's epic account of the trojan war Iliad - Tale about paris, et al Iliad - Great poem by homer Iliad - Homer's epic poem on the siege of troy Iliad - Homer's greek epic Iliad - One gets back from a house in ireland to greece Iliad - I get up to the house from homer Iliad - Narrative set in the bronze age Iliad - There's an epic one before 51 ad Iliad - Epic featuring agamemnon Iliad - Saga reflected in the mirror and other dailies Iliad - Most newspapers mostly back a poem Iliad - Paper detailed one uplifting epic Iliad - Painter turned up, engrossing one in a long story Iliad - Work i mislaid Iliad - Part of 14 and of elevated newspapers Iliad - 1 laid off in 1 Iliad - Long story, one having cover with adult content Iliad - One cover binds a long story Iliad - Irish house knocked over by irish premier - it's a long story Iliad - Epic film, extremely lacking, upset man of harlech? Iliad - Homer's epic Iliad - Poem by 4 across Iliad - Greek epic about the siege of troy Iliad - Epic greek poem Iliad - Book about the trojan war Iliad - First parliament backing epic Iliad - Poem written by pigeon writer Iliad - Poem describing the siege of troy Iliad - Greek epic poem describing the siege of troy Iliad - It ends '...and peaceful slept the mighty hector's shade' Iliad - "troilus and cressida" source, in part Iliad - Homerian work Iliad - Epic including the trojan horse Iliad - Epic with more than 15,000 lines Iliad - Tale of paris? Iliad - Paris is in it Iliad - Epic poem attributed to homer Iliad - Epic poem set in anatolia Iliad - Poem in which paris plays a prominent part Iliad - Epic poem in which one macho man eclipses another one Iliad - Ancient epic Iliad - Greek epic poem about the siege of troy Iliad - It covers hector's death Iliad - Required reading for a classics major Iliad - Paris is featured in it Iliad - Irish politicians i sent up in classic work Iliad - One needs government backing - the old, old story Iliad - One thousand missing church epic Iliad - Losing final directions, papers rejected epic work Iliad - Poem all bar two newspapers rejected Iliad - Poem i put down having got confused in the middle Iliad - Epic poem from virgil i adapted Iliad - Homer trojan war epic Iliad - One house in ireland turning up in epic Iliad - Epic work, one written at length at start of our era? Iliad - Rothschild girl seen at round table Iliad - Greek epic poem about troy Iliad - War poem papers set up, missing a couple of points Iliad - Epic, one framed by rising artist Iliad - Greek poem on the siege of troy Iliad - Greek epic poem about a siege Iliad - No short tale? i had to entertain storyteller endlessly! Iliad - Work domestics rejected, lacking directions Iliad - Epic work i frequently read up without reaching the end Iliad - Story of city investment one foreign parliament backed Iliad - One young man takes in one long story Iliad - Backward papers ignoring french art and greek poem Iliad - Homer's tale Iliad - Back in canada i liked heroic work Iliad - I cover over a set of books Iliad - The -, homeric epic Iliad - Every other character to kill wizards in ancient tale Iliad - Siege story now coming back in the dailies Iliad - Died next to bones - the story of war Iliad - Long homeric poem Iliad - Weighty epic. troy weighty Iliad - Work on war papers covering trouble after revolution Iliad - War tale in 24 parts Iliad - Literary source for broadway's 'the golden apple' Iliad - Greek epic poem about the trojan war Iliad - Achilles epic Iliad - Tale of achilles and agamemnon Iliad - Greek epic poem attributed to homer Iliad - A work by 7 Iliad - A story of heroes coming back in all the national dailies Iliad - Independent irish parliament's return is epic Iliad - Homer's poem Iliad - Epic account, one revolutionary parliament supported Iliad - Epic's title i said regularly Iliad - Epic story i cover, penning article Iliad - Poem one read in youth, beyond one? Iliad - Epic illustration initially kept by painter put up Iliad - A long story of unity among current youth Iliad - Incredibly long, incredibly ancient description initially Iliad - Poem i set down with a twist in it Iliad - Irish politicians i sent up in long poem Iliad - It concludes with hector's funeral Iliad - Alexander pope translation acclaimed by dr. johnson Iliad - Epic in dactylic hexameter Iliad - Homer output Iliad - Epic poem in 24 books Iliad - Classic written in dactylic hexameter Iliad - Homeric classic Iliad - When many trojans were used as protection Iliad - Work hinted at by the starts of 17-, 26-, 42- and 56-across Iliad - Epic in which hector is slain Iliad - Old battle story Iliad - Cressida i liked rather in comeback for epic Iliad - Epic with a very big horse Iliad - Classic tale of troy Iliad - Long narrative in detail i advanced Iliad - Classic in dactylic hexameter Iliad - Paris fights in it Iliad - 24-book classic Iliad - Epic including the catalogue of ships Iliad - Epic of troy Iliad - Greek epic spanning 24 books Iliad - Work set in troy Iliad - Epic from homer Iliad - Homer's epic about troy Iliad - Epic relating the siege of troy Iliad - Epic tale of troy Iliad - Trojan war classic Iliad - Story featuring paris Iliad - Homer's ancient greek epic Iliad - Zeus remains largely neutral during its narrative Iliad - Epic poem of the trojan war Iliad - Epic one put down with heart flipping Iliad - Homer's war epic Iliad - Work by homer Iliad - House rises after one long story Iliad - Long, old yarn Iliad - Epic poem written in homeric greek Iliad - Epic with achilles Iliad - 'king priam' is based on it Iliad - "king priam" is based on it Iliad - Venerable war story Iliad - Troy's saga Iliad - Epic poem about the trojan war Iliad - Epic poem about the trojan war
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War story, greek-style (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - war story, greek-style. word on "I". 1 - st. letter I. 2 - st. letter L. 3 - st. letter I. 4 - st. letter A. 5 - st. letter D.

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