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Bask - Sit in the sun

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Bask - Sit in the sun Bask - Soak up some sun Bask - Soak up some rays Bask - Enjoy the sun Bask - Luxuriate Bask - Enjoy the beach Bask - Enjoy the limelight Bask - Soak up Bask - Try to tan Bask - Revel, in a way Bask - Take great pleasure (in) Bask - What to do in glory Bask - Soak up the sun Bask - Catch rays Bask - Lounge in the sun Bask - Revel Bask - Sunbathe Bask - Catch some rays Bask - Enjoy, as sunshine (with "in") Bask - Leisurely catch rays Bask - Soak in the glory Bask - Savor, with "in" Bask - Soak up rays Bask - Enjoy the sun deck Bask - Catch some sun Bask - Lie in the sun Bask - Take pleasure (in) Bask - Luxuriate at the beach Bask - Luxuriate in the sun Bask - Lie about in sunshine Bask - Enjoy a pleasant situation Bask - Lie out in the sun Bask - Lie in sunshine Bask - Sun oneself (like a kind of shark?) Bask - Take in some sun Bask - Indulge oneself in blessed question Bask - Graduates near kampuchea enjoy warmth and light Bask - Enjoy the moment Bask - Savor the sun Bask - Take the heat? Bask - Lie like a lizard Bask - Take delight (in) Bask - Take pleasure, as in one's glory Bask - Luxuriate (in) Bask - Lie in sun Bask - Soak up sun whilst engrossed in book Bask - Bill opened with request for lounge Bask - Lie in warmth Bask - Lie poolside Bask - Soak in the sun Bask - Relish Bask - Revel (in) Bask - Sit back and enjoy Bask - Savor the sunshine Bask - Get some rays Bask - Enjoy a warm feeling Bask - Soak in some rays Bask - Expose in the sun bank's bankruptcy risk Bask - Luxuriate in Bask - Risk being burned, in a way Bask - Warm oneself in the sun Bask - Warm oneself in the sun