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Hep - Jitterbug's 'cool'

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  • Hep - Letter on H
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Hep - "are you --- to the jive?" Hep - "cool," once Hep - "in the old grooveroo" Hep - "with it" Hep - 'cool,' once Hep - Au courant Hep - Au courant, once Hep - Aware of what's "in" Hep - Cadence shout Hep - Clued in, once Hep - Cool Hep - Cool like a cool cat Hep - Cool, '50s-style Hep - Cool, 1940s-style Hep - Cool, as a daddy-o Hep - Cool, daddy-o Hep - Cool, decades ago Hep - Cool, in jive talk Hep - Cool, in old parlance Hep - Cool, in old slang Hep - Cool, in the '40s Hep - Cool, in the '50s Hep - Cool, in the 1940s Hep - Cool, like a cat Hep - Cool, man Hep - Cool, old-school Hep - Cool, old-style Hep - Cool, once Hep - Cool, to a 1940s cat Hep - Cool, to a bebopper Hep - Cool, to a cat Hep - Cool, to jazzmen Hep - Cool, to the older cats Hep - Coolly aware Hep - Drill bit? Hep - Drill sergeant's intro Hep - Far from square Hep - Far from square, in old slang Hep - Hardly old-fashioned, in an old-fashioned way Hep - Hardly squaresville Hep - In like an old cat? Hep - In the know Hep - In the know, daddy-o Hep - In the know, in old slang Hep - In, back in the day Hep - Informed Hep - Interjection pour appeler Hep - It was cool in the '40s Hep - Jitterbug's 'cool' Hep - Jivey Hep - Kind of cat? Hep - Knowing (jazz slang); rhymes with dance move Hep - Lead-in for cat Hep - Like jazz musicians Hep - Like '40s boppers Hep - Like a cat of the '40s Hep - Like a cool cat Hep - Like a cool cat of the '40s Hep - Like a jazz cat Hep - Like a zoot-suiter Hep - Like cats, once Hep - Like cool cats Hep - Like jazz cats Hep - Like jazz musicians Hep - Like jazzmen Hep - Like many a 21-down Hep - Like some cats Hep - Like some jazz cats Hep - Like some jazzy cats Hep - Mod Hep - Modern, once Hep - Not at all square Hep - Not some fuddy-duddy, man Hep - Not square Hep - Not square, once Hep - Not square, to a "cat" Hep - Not squaresville Hep - Old-school "cool" Hep - Old-school 'cool' Hep - On to Hep - Onto Hep - Onto the jive Hep - Plugged in Hep - Pour héler Hep - Savvy about (with "to") Hep - Sert à appeler Hep - Sound repeated while marching Hep - Trendy Hep - Tuned in Hep - Up on the latest Hep - Up on things, daddy-o Hep - Up on things, in the '40s Hep - Up on trends Hep - Viral inflammation, informally Hep - What was cool in the '50s? Hep - Wise Hep - Wise to the jive Hep - Wise, man Hep - With it Hep - With it, '40s-style Hep - With it, 50's-style Hep - With it, at one time Hep - With it, baby Hep - With it, in old slang Hep - With it, in the 50's Hep - With it, man Hep - With it, old-style Hep - With it, once Hep - With it, slangily Hep - With-it Hep - With-it, 1940's style Hep - Word before "cat" Hep - Word in a cadence Hep - Zoot-suited, say