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Etc - Sentence-ending abbr Etc - List ender Etc - And so on Etc - Abbr. after a comma Etc - Familiar substitution Etc - And the like Etc - Substitute for the unlisted Etc - Series finale? Etc - And so on, for short Etc - Catchall abbr Etc - And more Etc - Enumeration abbr Etc - Truncation abbreviation Etc - Lister's abbr Etc - Yadda-yadda-yadda... Etc - Abbr. sometimes used twice in a row Etc - All-encompassing abbr Etc - Writing shortcut Etc - Abbr. often repeated after itself Etc - It may be seen briefly at the end of a list? Etc - Last word on a list, sometimes Etc - List abbr Etc - Short space saver? Etc - Enumeration follower Etc - 'yada-yada-yada' Etc - Series ender? Etc - And so forth Etc - List-shortening abbr Etc - List-curtailing letters Etc - List-shortening letters Etc - Listing letters Etc - List-ending abbr Etc - Last of a list Etc - Often-repeated abbr Etc - Plus additional things Etc - Mail boxes ___ Etc - List shortcut Etc - And so forth: abbr Etc - Abbr. akin to 'yadda, yadda, yadda' Etc - And so on: abbr Etc - And such Etc - '... yadda, yadda, yadda' Etc - "you get the idea," briefly Etc - And the rest: abbr Etc - Truncation indication: abbr Etc - And so on (abbr.) Etc - Cousin of et al Etc - Hidden element in this puzzle's theme Etc - "and so forth . . ." Etc - Series ender: abbr Etc - Add-on abbr Etc - End-of-sentence abbr Etc - List ender, sometimes Etc - Odds and ends abbreviation Etc - 'yadda, yadda, yadda' Etc - Tripled, a line from 'the king and i' Etc - And more, for short Etc - List shortener Etc - Writer's shortcut Etc - 'yadda, yadda, yadda,' briefly Etc - '..., ___' Etc - And more (abbr.) Etc - 'blah, blah, blah ...' Etc - Et al. relative Etc - Abbr. sometimes used twice in succession Etc - And others: abbr Etc - Abbreviation after a comma Etc - Time-saving abbr Etc - And rel. stuff Etc - And so on and so forth Etc - List shortener: abbr Etc - List cutter Etc - Et cetera, abbr Etc - "and so it goes . . ." Etc - "yadda, yadda, yadda" Etc - Space-saving letters Etc - Abbr. after a comma, sometimes Etc - List letters Etc - And the like (abbr.) Etc - "yada yada yada": abbr Etc - That sorta thing Etc - Latin list ender Etc - And the rest Etc - What have you, briefly Etc - 'you know the rest' abbr Etc - Common latin abbr Etc - It's seen briefly at the end of a list? Etc - And so on, briefly Etc - Short space saver Etc - List-ending letters Etc - Series finale Etc - Oft-repeated abbreviation Etc - Yadda-yadda-yadda, briefly Etc - The latest thing in lists? Etc - Abbreviation for the rest Etc - "you know the rest" abbr Etc - Series-ending abbr Etc - "blah blah blah" abbr Etc - It may be seen at the end of a list? Etc - "yada, yada, yada" Etc - Space-saving abbreviation Etc - And whatnot, briefly Etc - "... blah, blah, blah" Etc - Brief relative of "yada, yada, yada" Etc - Abbr. akin to "yadda, yadda, yadda" Etc - 'you get the picture...' Etc - 'and so forth...' Etc - [and the list goes on] Etc - Others of the same class Etc - "and so forth" Etc - Series finale?: abbr Etc - "hidden" theme of the puzzle Etc - "... yadda, yadda, yadda" Etc - Plus more: abbr Etc - And more: abbr Etc - Handy abbr Etc - List finish Etc - Brief way to indicate "and so on" Etc - Popular space-saving device Etc - 'and i could go on...' Etc - Series ender Etc - List closer Etc - And so forth, briefly Etc - List's last, often Etc - List truncator Etc - Truncation indication, briefly Etc - Abbr. that may precede an ellipsis Etc - "you know the rest" Etc - '... to name just a few': abbr Etc - Abbr. covering unlisted items Etc - Space-saving abbr Etc - 'and so on,' for short Etc - Sentence ender Etc - Mail boxes, ___ Etc - More of the same, briefly Etc - Series finale, for short Etc - "you get the picture" abbr Etc - Rel. of "yadda, yadda" Etc - 'you get the idea': abbr Etc - Rel. of "blah blah blah" Etc - And others of the same sort: abbr Etc - "the list goes on," briefly Etc - "and all that jazz" Etc - Et al. cousin Etc - Yadda yadda yadda Etc - "yadda yadda yadda": abbr Etc - Things of that ilk: abbr Etc - Mailboxes ___ (former mailing co.) Etc - "yada yada yada" Etc - List shortener hidden in eight long puzzle answers Etc - Letters used to avoid listing Etc - Incl. ending Etc - Condensation indication Etc - Abbr. often repeated Etc - And more, briefly Etc - Latin abbr Etc - Relative of et al Etc - Abbr. often repeated redundantly Etc - "yada yada yada . . ." Etc - List ender: abbr Etc - Oft-used abbr Etc - It's used for shortening: abbr Etc - "... and so on": abbr Etc - "more of the same" letters Etc - Truncation abbr Etc - Sentence shortener, for short Etc - "and the list goes on" abbr Etc - Letters denoting sundry Etc - 'you get my point here' Etc - List ender, for short Etc - Miscellany abbr Etc - And other things: abbr Etc - List ender, briefly Etc - Nonspecific abbr Etc - Abbr. often following a comma Etc - 'you get the picture' Etc - Ink saver of a sort Etc - Catchall abbreviation Etc - Inclusive abbr Etc - List finisher: abbr Etc - Series shortener Etc - "plus a bunch of other stuff" Etc - 'yada yada yada' Etc - "and so on ..." Etc - "blah blah blah" Etc - Mail boxes __ Etc - Last letters on some lists Etc - 'i could go on ... ' Etc - ". . . and so on" (abbr.) Etc - ". . . and so on" Etc - List's last letters Etc - Yadda yadda yadda, in three letters Etc - "yada yada yada" (abbr.) Etc - "... and too many to mention" letters Etc - Ubiquitous abbr Etc - "that kinda thing" Etc - And what have you: abbr Etc - And such: abbr Etc - 'you catch my drift' Etc - 'that sorta thing' Etc - Yadda, yadda, yadda: abbr Etc - "i could go on . . . " Etc - Abbr. for those who didn't make the list Etc - Yada, yada, yada Etc - "and many more" Etc - What an ellipsis may mean: abbr Etc - Abbr. sometimes written twice in a row Etc - Abbr. unlikely to start of a sentence Etc - Last entry in some lists Etc - And so forth, for short Etc - 'i won't bore you with the rest' Etc - So on and so forth Etc - List shortener Etc - 'the list goes on' Etc - And the rest (abbr.) Etc - List-end abbr Etc - Kin of 'et al' Etc - Handy pc. of latin Etc - And so forth (abbr.) Etc - 'yada yada yada' (abbr.) Etc - 'yada, yada, yada' (abbr.) Etc - Kin of 14-across Etc - And the like: abbr Etc - Abbr. after a list Etc - List-limiting abbr Etc - List-finishing abbr Etc - Plus others: abbr Etc - List-curtailing abbr Etc - 'you know the rest...' Etc - Blah blah blah: abbr Etc - 'and the list goes on' abbr Etc - 'plus a bunch of other stuff' Etc - 'blah blah blah' Etc - 'and many more' Etc - 'and so forth' Etc - Abbr. rarely seen at the start of a sentence Etc - That's all you need for a rest, in short Etc - That's the rest of what he'd have cut into Etc - Shortly to have a rest with this Etc - Hing after this for the artist, and all the rest of it Etc - For the rest he'd have drawn this (3) Etc - He'd have drawn this, along with all the rest Etc - How the artist might start to scratch for all the rest Etc - Just a short rest Etc - After the rest of this he'd have scratched Etc - A short rest Etc - That's enough to give you all a rest Etc - Following the rest, he'd have cut in a little Etc - See 21 across Etc - And so on, in brief Etc - 'and the rest, in short (3)' Etc - That's enough to give one a short rest Etc - And the rest, in short Etc - Blah, blah, blah, briefly Etc - Enumeration abbreviation Etc - And so on, and so on Etc - For the rest, he'd have followed this for drawing Etc - This will give you all a short rest Etc - Seems they're all for a short rest Etc - Have a short rest among the vetch Etc - He'd have drawn all the rest of them thus Etc - All a short rest Etc - That's for a short rest Etc - He'd be drawn after all the rest of this Etc - It's all just for a short rest Etc - 'all the short rest, initially (3)' Etc - 'and that sort of thing': abbr Etc - End-of-list abbr Etc - "and i could go on ..." Etc - More quickly? Etc - All for a rest, in short Etc - And all that jazz: abbr Etc - Abbr. after several examples Etc - "and so forth ..." Etc - And so on and so forth, briefly Etc - And the rest, abbr Etc - 'blah, blah, blah ...': abbr Etc - Truncation indication Etc - Timesaving abbr Etc - 'and so on' Etc - And many more: abbr Etc - "and so on" Etc - "and more" abbr Etc - Common list ender Etc - "and more" Etc - "... and so on" (abbr.) Etc - 'too many to list' abbr Etc - ". . . yadda, yadda, yadda" Etc - "yadda, yadda, yadda," briefly Etc - List's last letters, perhaps Etc - "and so on" (abbr.) Etc - And everything else, for short Etc - "and the list goes on" (abbr.) Etc - "and more," in store names Etc - "and that sort of thing" (abbr.) Etc - Letters at the end of some business names Etc - "and so on," for short Etc - "you get the idea . . ." Etc - Abbr. for an unlimited number? Etc - "that sort of thing" Etc - End of the line? Etc - Cousin of "blah blah blah" Etc - Series ender, often Etc - Handy latin abbr Etc - List-condensing abbr Etc - "plus additional things" abbr Etc - "you know the rest," for short Etc - Abbreviation meaning "plus additional things" Etc - And so forth (abbr) Etc - Abbr. usually preceded by a comma Etc - Short stop? Etc - Common abbr. after a comma Etc - Abbr. sometimes seen twice in a row Etc - 'stuff like that' Etc - Subst. for unnamed things Etc - Alternative to an ellipsis, maybe Etc - It can reduce a sentence Etc - List shortcut: abbr Etc - Abbr. used for brevity Etc - Writer's list lopper Etc - Space-saver for writers Etc - Short "and so on" Etc - Sign of condensation Etc - More indicator, briefly Etc - And the like, abbr Etc - End of some lists Etc - Abbr. at the end of a series Etc - "and more" (abbr.) Etc - "no need to elaborate" Etc - "i could go on, but won't" Etc - "you get the idea," for short Etc - Abbr. that saves time and space Etc - Abbreviation meaning "and more stuff like that" Etc - Abbr. of a latin phrase Etc - And more, in brief Etc - "you can guess the rest" Etc - ...: abbr Etc - Series-shortening abbr Etc - It may shorten a sentence Etc - 'i could keep going' Etc - And what have you, briefly Etc - Yadda, yadda, yadda Etc - Enumeration shortcut Etc - Popular space saver Etc - "and what have you," briefly Etc - List shortening abbreviation Etc - The last thing in lists? Etc - Much-used abbreviation Etc - And more of the same: abbr Etc - Common list closer Etc - List ending, often Etc - List-limiting letters Etc - "yada, yada, yada . . ." Etc - Ellipsis alternative, maybe Etc - Etcetera (abbrev.) Etc - Abbreviation for some things in addition Etc - Compression letters Etc - And on and on Etc - 'and stuff' Etc - The last word in lists, sometimes Etc - 'love, ___' (1979 bel kaufman novel) Etc - It means "and the rest" Etc - More to come shortly? Etc - "blah blah blah": abbr Etc - Abbreviation of continuation Etc - And the rest spotted in sketchbook (abbrev Etc - And so forth (abbrev Etc - "too many to list": abbr Etc - Party to nafta: abbr Etc - Frequent list ender Etc - End of many lists Etc - Misc. abbr Etc - 'blah, blah, blah...' Etc - Series finale, of a sort Etc - Ink-saving abbr Etc - Plus more, for short Etc - 'you get the picture' abbr Etc - Series finale, often Etc - And so forth (abbrev) Etc - And the rest spotted in sketchbook (abbrev) Etc - List shortener, for short Etc - Writer's list-lopper Etc - Compression facilitator Etc - Short list shortener Etc - Abbr. for those not mentioned Etc - Listing abbr Etc - Sentence shortener Etc - "yada yada yada" letters Etc - List shortener (abbr.) Etc - Abbr. that can be written with an ampersand Etc - & so forth Etc - "and more" letters Etc - And others (abbr.) Etc - Comprehensive abbr Etc - ". . . yada, yada, yada" Etc - Shortened shortcut Etc - Sequence-shortening letters Etc - Catchall for omitted items Etc - Abbr. that usually follows a comma Etc - "... and you know the rest" Etc - Compression indicator Etc - Plus other things: abbr Etc - And such, for short Etc - Et le reste Etc - Abréviation d'une locution latine Etc - List substitute: abbr Etc - Letters after a comma Etc - "you get the picture" Etc - Comme le reste Etc - Abbr. that saves space Etc - 'and so on' abbreviation Etc - Part of a listing to the right Etc - "and more," in lists Etc - "and stuff like that" Etc - Et cetera Etc - Abbr. from the latin for 'and many more' Etc - Trois lettres pour arrêter les exemples Etc - Besides others: abbr Etc - Space saving abbr Etc - Fin de liste Etc - La suite est semblable Etc - Catchall abbr. for omitted items Etc - And others, for short Etc - Lister's letters Etc - Multi-purpose shortening Etc - Permet d'arrêter d'écrire Etc - C'est l'abréviation de et cetera Etc - Abbr. meaning "and more" Etc - Space-saving abbr. for list makers Etc - "... and so on" Etc - Abbr. for a person running out of list space Etc - "... and on and on" on a list Etc - Écourte l'énumération Etc - Abbr. that can conclude a list Etc - Abbreviated word that abbreviates a list Etc - Letters after a list Etc - Et tout le tintouin Etc - "and what have you" Etc - "and so on" abbr Etc - Pilot's surroundings Etc - Abrège une énumération Etc - Shortened series ender Etc - '... and more' Etc - List-abbreviating abbr Etc - "... and all the rest" Etc - Ellipsis alternative, often Etc - A la fin d'une énumération Etc - "you get the idea" abbr Etc - 'yada yada yada' letters Etc - Et ainsi de suite. Etc - Shortening letters