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Ages - Grays Ages - 'forever' Ages - Seeming eternity Ages - Dark ___ Ages - Long, long time Ages - Quite a while Ages - Census data Ages - Improves, as cheese Ages - A long time Ages - Mellows Ages - A long, long time Ages - Gets on in years Ages - Many a moon Ages - Ripens Ages - Entries in a family album Ages - Seemingly forever Ages - Gets on Ages - Years and years and years Ages - Long time Ages - Many a year Ages - Stone and iron, for two Ages - Many moons Ages - History makeup Ages - Gets grayer Ages - Dark or middle Ages - Grows wiser Ages - "...for children of all ---!" Ages - Forever, seemingly Ages - "rock of ---" Ages - Stone and iron Ages - Quite a spell Ages - Grows up Ages - Consent and reason, e.g Ages - Golden and bronze Ages - Period between blue moons Ages - Improves scotch Ages - Ice and iron Ages - Eons Ages - Is unlike peter pan Ages - Historical periods Ages - Iron and ice Ages - Gets mellow Ages - Becomes older Ages - Years on end Ages - Cultural periods Ages - Atomic and ice, e.g Ages - Middle and stone Ages - Wrinkles, say Ages - Family data Ages - Mellows, as wine Ages - Stretches Ages - Periods in history Ages - Long stretches Ages - Seasons Ages - Forever and a day Ages - Years and years Ages - Word with dark or middle Ages - Has another birthday Ages - Subjects of white lies, sometimes Ages - Iron and bronze, for two Ages - Gets mellower Ages - Piles on birthdays Ages - Golden and bronze, e.g Ages - Gets better? Ages - Loses immediacy Ages - Word on a toy package Ages - Who-knows-how-long Ages - Sits in the cellar, maybe Ages - Has birthdays Ages - "rock of ___" Ages - Innocence and aquarius Ages - Word of a toy's package Ages - Grows wiser, e.g Ages - Yellows or grays Ages - Nears retirement Ages - They may be checked at the door Ages - Shakespearean septet Ages - Bronze and iron, e.g Ages - Ever so long Ages - Becomes drinkable, perhaps Ages - Grows old gracefully Ages - Iron and bronze, e.g Ages - Mighty long time Ages - They change every year Ages - Iron and stone Ages - Matures, as wine Ages - Matures Ages - Awfully long time Ages - Memorable times Ages - Improves, as some cheese Ages - Big times Ages - Really long time Ages - Innocence and others Ages - Eternity, seemingly Ages - A month of sundays Ages - Pieces of the past Ages - Eras Ages - Many years Ages - Gets older Ages - A lot of time Ages - Mellows, like wine Ages - Yellows, maybe Ages - Very long time Ages - 'it's been ___!' Ages - Long stretch Ages - Candle representations Ages - Census stats Ages - Big stretches Ages - Watches the years go by Ages - Aeons Ages - "... for children of all ___!" Ages - Forever, it seems Ages - Ice and iron, for two Ages - 'it's been ___' Ages - Years Ages - Iron and bronze Ages - Historic times Ages - All-___ (g-rated) Ages - Long wait Ages - Allows to ripen, as cheese Ages - Loses freshness Ages - Times Ages - Stone/ice Ages - Passes the time? Ages - An eternity Ages - Forever Ages - Quite some time Ages - A very long time Ages - G permits them all Ages - Eternities Ages - Grows more antiquated Ages - All ___ (words on a game box) Ages - Times of your life? Ages - Carders' concerns Ages - So, so long Ages - Refines, as wine Ages - Epochs Ages - Sits in a wine cellar Ages - Gets grayer, usually Ages - "fun for children of all ___!" Ages - Mellows or yellows Ages - A long stretch Ages - Allows to ripen Ages - "haven't seen you in ___!" Ages - Improves in the wine cellar Ages - Important periods Ages - ". . . and children of all ___!" Ages - Long stretch of time Ages - A g rating admits them all Ages - Ripens, as cheese Ages - Quite a long time Ages - Memorable time periods Ages - Numbers in photo album captions Ages - "now he belongs to the ___" Ages - Jazz and bronze Ages - Wises up, supposedly Ages - Grows older Ages - "middle" period Ages - Dating service data Ages - Adds another candle to the cake Ages - D_ting concerns Ages - Improves, as wine Ages - Turns yellow or mellow Ages - Gets along in years Ages - Grows old Ages - Almost forever Ages - Shakespearean seven Ages - A really long time Ages - Census statistics Ages - Shakespeare's seven Ages - Periods of time Ages - Reacts to time Ages - Census numbers Ages - Shakespeare wrote of seven Ages - Stats in a big family Ages - With 37-down, way back when Ages - With 46-down, well in the past Ages - Gets old Ages - Candle counts Ages - Is that what a pill robs you of this time? Ages - If you have a pill as many times as this it only robs you Ages - Pass the times for the corridors Ages - Long for time Ages - The band gets around to times like these Ages - How man copes with the times Ages - Channels might pass the time like this Ages - The ways one might pass the time like for a long time Ages - Pass the time with them in the narrow way Ages - Given time, man copes with them Ages - They long for the times Ages - Historic periods or prolonged time Ages - Prolonged periods of time Ages - Given time, man copes with this Ages - Grows old like sage Ages - There are ways and times for them to follow 32 down Ages - 'rock of ... ' (hymn) Ages - What seems like forever Ages - Rock of ... Ages - Mellows, in a way Ages - Historic periods Ages - Month of sundays Ages - Improves, as whiskey Ages - Man copes with times such as these Ages - Passover for them would take lots of time Ages - A pill robs one this long time Ages - Man may get them for a long time but copes Ages - Piles up birthdays Ages - "... and children of all ___!" Ages - With 19-across, far back Ages - Mellows, maybe Ages - Improves in the cask Ages - Gets older iron, and space-ice perhaps? Ages - Ice and stone, e.g Ages - 'rock of --' Ages - Census information Ages - Gets better, like wine Ages - Earnings do not begin for a long time Ages - See 1 Ages - Only odd anglers read the times Ages - A long time providing sage stuffing Ages - Many years can be over, say, in a second Ages - Gets on with odd anglers Ages - How long it takes to boot up games software? Ages - Carries on without leader a long time, however short (as 13) Ages - ... of man, according to wb yeats Ages - Donkey's years Ages - (what seems) a very long time Ages - Game-box info Ages - Gains maturity Ages - Shakespearean septet in "as you like it" Ages - Many, many years Ages - "for children of all ___!" Ages - Personal numbers? Ages - A blue moon, so to speak Ages - Yellows or grays, perhaps Ages - It¿s a long time between being five and 25 years old Ages - Has birthday after birthday Ages - In america, doing these crosswords, ultimately grows old Ages - Celebrates a birthday Ages - Yellows, or mellows Ages - Yellows or grays, say Ages - Times and guardian editors selected leaders therefrom Ages - An awfully long time Ages - ". . . for children of all ___!" Ages - Turns mellower Ages - Long time period Ages - "rock of __" Ages - Yonks Ages - Puts on years Ages - Eon segments Ages - Many months Ages - It's a long time Ages - Biographical data Ages - Sage (anag) Ages - Prolonged periods Ages - A rather long time Ages - See 41-down Ages - Mellows with time Ages - Refines wine Ages - Carries on losing head for a long time Ages - Indefinitely long time Ages - Attendants lacking power for a very long time Ages - Wise men don't start being so for years Ages - Wise people putting out leader for the times Ages - Man leaving runs for a very long time Ages - Wise men having no leader for years Ages - Isn't getting any younger Ages - "forever" Ages - Becomes ripe Ages - '___ 8 and up' Ages - The 13 of pg-13 and 17 of nc-17 Ages - Seasons, as wood Ages - A long time (colloq.) Ages - Guru lowers head for a long time Ages - Agrees about being dropped as one grows older Ages - A good point! safety first means a long time Ages - A long time to answer good points Ages - Rock of - - (hymn) Ages - Wise men denied leader for a long time Ages - Long periods Ages - A long time to get salary topped Ages - Carries on without wife for a long time Ages - Periods in which tangiers's characters regularly go out Ages - What anglers now and again spend on the riverbank Ages - Games maker backed for a long period Ages - Losing head, is angry for a long time Ages - Gets older and agrees about being dropped Ages - Agrees about lost times Ages - Agnes loses heart and grows old Ages - Sits in a cellar, say Ages - Won't get any younger on the banks of 18 across Ages - ___ 10 and up (info on a game box) Ages - Found in dagestan quite a while ago Ages - Accumulates birthdays Ages - Numbers for your children? Ages - Makes wine better Ages - A very long time ... or a hint to the starts of the answers to the five starred clues Ages - Board game information Ages - Muddled sage grows old Ages - Succumbs to the eternal, unrelentless flow of time Ages - Game box specification Ages - Antiques Ages - Rather long time Ages - ___ 8 and up (game specification) Ages - Language skills must take a long time Ages - Seasons with sage dressing Ages - Adds a candle to the cake Ages - Pretty long time Ages - Turns gray, perhaps Ages - Dmv wait, seemingly Ages - Elements in vital statistics Ages - Some census data Ages - Yonks! Ages - 'now he belongs to the ___' Ages - Birthday topics Ages - Consent and reason, for two Ages - Is getting on with cut from pay Ages - Piles up years Ages - Lifetimes Ages - Starts acting grumpy every session like four- and five-year-olds Ages - Improves, as wine or cheese Ages - Keeps having birthday parties Ages - Indeterminate long time Ages - Is infuriated to lose leader for a long time Ages - Gets more mature Ages - Def leppard "rock of ___" Ages - Timeless music is popular for ___ Ages - What even the prettiest pop star does Ages - "new dark ___" bad religion Ages - What springsteen played for, in the day Ages - Christian metalcore band war of ___ Ages - R.e.m. "___ of you" Ages - "rock of ___" gillian welch Ages - Johnny cash "rock of ___" Ages - Historical eras Ages - Hardly a short spell Ages - Qui ne sont plus jeunes Ages - Stone, bronze and iron Ages - Celebrates birthday after birthday Ages - Marks another birthday Ages - Becomes dated Ages - Gets 16-across Ages - Matures a long time Ages - Stores in an oak cask, say Ages - Vieux Ages - Makes wine "fine" Ages - Numbers on some birthday cards Ages - Long period of time Ages - Improves, as steak Ages - Gets ripe Ages - It's been a long time since know-alls lost the head Ages - 10 and 8 for bart and lisa simpson, respectively Ages - Seasons, as firewood Ages - Numbers in family-photo captions, maybe Ages - Numbers on educational toys Ages - Improves naturally, as wine Ages - Real long time Ages - Some census numbers Ages - A long time! Ages - Tried to abandon tragedies for a long time Ages - Many moons, so to speak Ages - Some game-box parameters Ages - Like, forever Ages - Little league maxima and minima Ages - Gets closer to retirement Ages - "rock of ___" grant lee buffalo Ages - Dorian gray's portrait does it Ages - Plus jeunes Ages - Particular periods Ages - Gets on stage, scared to undress Ages - Figures on toy boxes Ages - Birthday figures Ages - Price-of-admission factors, often Ages - Gets on, so to speak Ages - Acquires wrinkles
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'forever' (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - 'forever'. word on "A". 1 - st. letter A. 2 - st. letter G. 3 - st. letter E. 4 - st. letter S.

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